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  January 2, 2005

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Rover Eyes Mangled Hardware on Mars -  "Ironically, we have never been able to absolutely prove that our models that predict how much charring occurs during a Mars entry are correct. An observation of the cross-section of Opportunity's heat shield material would help us confirm our models," Manning explained. "If we are successful, this will be the first time we have ever directly seen how well heat shields have worked at Mars," Manning said.     
Russia Vows To Keep Its Nuclear Superpower Status - SpaceDaily  Russia will keep pace with the United States in nuclear weapons technology but not in the size of its strategic arsenal, Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said Friday according to Interfax news agency. Ivanov also said new long-range, nuclear-capable cruise missiles would be purchased for the country's air force next year. Moscow has said the new missiles would be in service by January 2006 and, with a range of 10,000 kilometres, would be able to penetrate anti-missile defences.     

France Places $4 Billion Nuclear Ballistic Missile Order With EADS - SpaceDaily  Left:  In July French prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin justified the M51 programme, saying: "The nuclear deterrent remains the fundamental element of French independence. The M51 missiles fired from a submarine will be at the forefront of modern technology."  The M51 missile, capable of carrying six nuclear warheads, is to replace from 2010 the M45 missile on four nuclear-armed submarines in the strategic ocean force capable of launching new-generation missiles. The cost of producing the missiles is 3.0 billion euros and the total cost of developing the programme is 5.0 billion euros, the defence ministry has said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/2/2005: Kinder, Gentler Procedure Gives Superior Results For Stem Cell Transplants - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Research Led By UGA Professor Reports First Routine Tool Use By Wild Capuchin Monkeys
 - Science Daily
1/2/2005: After Combing The Scientific Literature, Researchers Conclude Head Hair And Fur Aren't The Same - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Common Perfumes May Harm Marine Life ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Snow leopard project faces finish  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
1/2/2005: Global Warming, Pollution Add to Coastal Threats ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: EPA says it removed radioactive capsule from defunct company site ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Coral reefs lost forever ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Ozone serves legal notice on HLL over Anti-marks ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: 12.23.04 - Polluted Clouds Hold Less Moisture A NASA study found some clouds that form on tiny haze particles ... - NASA
1/2/2005: Ice Cores Disagree On Origin Of White River Ash Deposit - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Satellites Plus Software Equal Best-ever Mediterranean Heat Map - Science Daily
1/2/2005: EU puffs launch of greenhouse gas market - SpaceDaily
1/2/2005: Maldives loses 42 islands as tsunami toll hits 117 - SpaceDaily
1/2/2005: Taiwan's space programme offers tsunami satellite images to aid relief - SpaceDaily
1/2/2005: Modern Technology, Scope of Tragedy Makes Tsunami Seem Closer to Home  - Technology Review
1/2/2005: How Did Animals Escape Tsunami?  - Wired New
1/2/2005: Warming, pollution add to coastal threats ... - MSNBC
1/2/2005: Tribes, environmentalists in Oregon clash over plan ...  - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Governor likely to veto landfill restriction bill ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Alaskan oil spill 8 times worse than thought: official ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Smog- Rome, In 2005 Alternate Plates & Electric Buses ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Kansas is Proving Ground for Federal Conservation Program ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Notes from Anna- Organic Jazz, and More Food For The Spirit ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Gov't To Link Environmental Protection And ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Tsunami Threatens Survival of Indian Tribes ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: India's last active volcano erupts on Andamans ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: 'Clusters' of earthquakes yield an ominous scenario ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Did animals have quake warning?
  - BBC
1/2/2005: Wiped out- Mystery over fate of tribes in the tsunami hit Andaman islands
  - BBC
1/2/2005: Tectonic shift The Asian earthquake may have 'moved' some islands
  - BBC


1/2/2005: Wireless Advances, Web Make Car-Sharing Easy
  - Technology Review
1/2/2005: Cheap Cell Calls Have a Price
  - Wired New



1/2/2005: Web helps collect aid donations  - BBC
1/2/2005: Blogs take on the mainstream  - BBC

1/2/2005: Fast-food diabetes link warning  - BBC
1/2/2005: New foundations: 2004 was a significant year for the health service  - BBC

1/2/2005: NUCLEAR WASTE Cost spike Utilities face escalating storage costs for spent nuclear fuel with Congress stalemat ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Efficiently Organic: Researchers Use Pentacene To Develop Next-generation Solar Power - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Lithuania shuts down atomic unit  - BBC


1/2/2005: Scientists have identified genes that promote the growth and recurrence of skin cancer ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: CT Imaging Can Help Diagnose And Define Occult Recurrent Cancer - Science Daily
1/2/2005: False Positive Screening For Cancer Found To Be Frequent And Costly - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Doctors Link Common Chemotherapy Drug To Jawbone Necrosis - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Purdue Scientists Hunt For 'Secret X' To Treat Liver Cancer - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Vitamin E In Plant Seeds Could Halt Prostate, Lung Cancer, Says Purdue Scientist - Science Daily

1/2/2005: Million Grant From Gates Foundation Brings Together Unique Collaboration For Antimalarial Drug - Science Daily
1/2/2005: MOT your bodyHow to boost your immune system and fight illness  - BBC

1/2/2005: A Genetic Difference At The Opiate Receptor Gene Affects A Person's Response To Alcohol - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Genes Tied To Abnormal Immune Response In Mice With Lupus - Science Daily

1/2/2005: UCSB Makes Important Advances In Studies Of Retinal Detachment - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Stanford Study Questions Accuracy Of Ads For Body Scans - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/2/2005: Evidence that human brain evolution was a special event ... - FirstScience

1/2/2005: Russia Vows To Keep Its Nuclear Superpower Status - SpaceDaily
1/2/2005: France Places $4 Billion Nuclear Ballistic Missile Order With EADS - SpaceDail
1/2/2005: Toys With A Switch: Barney, Elmo And Others Repaired, Modified For Kids With Disabilities By Case Engineers - Science Daily
1/2/2005: The Human Eye Cannot Spot The Offside Rule - Science Daily
1/2/2005: The Invisible Fighter  - Technology Review
1/2/2005: our wish list ...  - Nature
1/2/2005: Journal hands over Prozac papers  - BBC
1/2/2005: New foundations 2004 was a significant year for the health service  - BBC

1/2/2005: Thanks For The Memories: Cinematic Portrayal Of Amnesia Is Profoundly Misleading - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/2/2005: NASA, WMAP and Hubble closer to Theory of Two Big Bangs ... - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Researchers Control Chemical Reactions One Molecule At A Time
 - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Scientists link common reality to quantum physics-- ...
 - FirstScience



1/2/2005: Rover Eyes Mangled Hardware on Mars -
1/2/2005: Quiz: Top Astronomy Stories of 2004 ...
1/2/2005: Space Scientist Proposes New Model For Jupiter's Core - Science Daily
1/2/2005: Russia wants US to pay for astronaut flights to Space Station
 - SpaceDaily
1/2/2005: NASA Workshop on Granular Materials in Lunar and Martian Exploration ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: NASA Selects Investigations for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Temperature, Winds and Chemicals of Saturn ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Space scientist proposes new model for Jupiter's core ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: NASA Selects Investigations for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ...
 - FirstScience
1/2/2005: Space News Headlines for December 30, 2004 - Weekend Edition ...
 - FirstScience

1/2/2005: UCSC Engineers Develop Assistive Technologies For The Blind - Science Daily


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