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  January 19, 2006

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Magellanic Clouds, Dark Matter Warping Milkyway - SpaceDaily  Left:  A still from the video shows how the Magellanic Clouds (yellow bead) produce the warp observed in the hydrogen gas layer of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is in the middle. The position of the sun is about half way out in the picture of the galaxy along the line marked X. The cross-hatched area represents the warped hydrogen layer at the present time. The looping line is the orbit of the Magellanic Clouds and the position of the bead on the line represents the location of the clouds at the present time. The orbital period is about 1.5 billion years. (Credit: Martin Weinberg/Leo Blitz).  After nearly 50 years,astronomers have figured out what causes the mysterious and periodic warping of the structure of the Milky Way galaxy: The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are interacting with the galaxy's dark matter halo to magnify their gravitational influence, creating the warps as they orbit their parent in a cycle that takes about 1.5 billion years. Though dark matter remains undiscovered via conventional observation, its effect on the gravitational dynamics of galaxies now is widely accepted. the key.   
Rewriting Glacial History In Pacific N America - SpaceDaily   Although the story on glacier fluctuations in northwestern North America over the last 10,000 years has remained largely unchanged for decades, new evidence discovered by a University of Alberta researcher will rewrite that glacial history and offer clues about our climate history during the last several thousand years. Alberto Reyes, a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and his research team have found evidence for a regionally-extensive glacier expansion in the first millennium AD, suggesting that climate during the last several thousand years may have been even more variable than previously thought.    

Outside View: India's Huge Challenges - SpaceDaily  The big question for India's economy remains: "How long will the party last?" This was the headline of an in-depth economic survey published in "India Today," on Nov. 28, 2005). The analysis was based upon the conclusions and recommendations of the "Board of India Today Economists" -- experts from various institutes and organizations. On the flip side of the coin, we see the darker elements: Shortage of skilled workforce, rising salaries, rising inflation rates, poor governance in the Federal State of India and in many provinces and slow administration combined with corruption as well as poor infrastructure and unequal education.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/19/2005: Insight into mystery of antlers  - BBC
1/19/2005: Korean fallout: Could the cloning scandal have been picked up earlier?
  - BBC
1/19/2005: Journal retracts Hwang research  - BBC
1/19/2005: New smear test 'no more reliable'  - BBC
1/19/2005: Stem cell research retracted  - El. Engr. Times
1/19/2005: Live cells jetted with electric fields - PhysicsWeb
1/19/2005: Climate Change Drives Widespread Amphibian Extinctions; Warmer Temperatures Enhance Growth Conditions Of Fatal Fungus - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Why animal eggs could soon be used to host human cells (video)  - BBC
1/19/2005: Stem-cell group seeks more cooperation in research  - C/Net

Climate, Environment:
1/19/2005: Rewriting Glacial History In Pacific N America - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: Phone wars How mobile phone firms are clashing in the Caribbean  - BBC
1/19/2005: Report Studies Impact Of Massive Turnover Of Timberland In New England's Northern Forest - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Green Party election platform to include support for open source ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand sign oil spill response pact ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Sun Pushes Eco-Friendly Tech with SWaP MetricAs part of its eco-friendly technology campaign, Sun hopes its SW ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: The Toxic 20- Many of our legislators still don't get it when it comes to the Houston area's toxic emissions ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: U.S., Australia Back Global Warming Plan ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Greenpeace rejects 'prolonging death' claims ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Union supports Greenpeace ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Pollution suit costs Boeing $30 million ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Alaska's Augustine Volcano erupts ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Alaska Volcano Threat Level Downgraded ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Earth union How organised labour can build a greener planet  - BBC
1/19/2005: Going Dutch: Netherlands flood barriers could be model for New Orleans  - BBC

1/19/2005: iTunes change stirs privacy worries - C/Net
1/19/2005: Latest Macworld coverage - C/Net
1/19/2005: Google does gadgets; Blodget gets bearish - C/Net
1/19/2005: Closer to heaven: Hi-tech giants scrap over the future of TV and movies at CES  - BBC
1/19/2005: Plankton players A round-up of some popular, and odd, handheld games  - BBC
1/19/2005: Video games 'motivate pupils'  - BBC
1/19/2005: Go Digital podcastA special edition from the huge Consumer Electronics Show
  - BBC
1/19/2005: Satellite radio leaves the car
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: U.S. video game sales up in 2005, masking risks
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Macworld 2006: All iPod all the time
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: U.S. video game sales up in 2005, masking risks
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Searching for ways to get video on the iPod
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Macworld, CES double-booked for 2007
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: iPod add-ons: 1,000 accessories in your pocket
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Photos: iPod add-ons abound
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Video: Macworld is iPodworld in 2006
  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Groups set to approve next-gen Wi-Fi spec
  - El. Engr. Times

1/19/2005: Changing times for chipmakers  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Mac's Faith-Based Initiative  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005: Devotees Make Hajj to 'Macca'  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Windows On Macs: Money In Microsoft's Pocket - Google
1/19/2005: Will Your Intel-Based Mac Run Windows? - Google
1/19/2005: Week in review: Seeds of Apple's speed  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Spammer faces up to two years in jail - C/Net
1/19/2005: Microsoft nearing ad system for MSN searches - Seattle Times
1/19/2005: Online chatting leads to virtual wedding - Seattle Times
1/19/2005: UN prepares to set up net group  - BBC

1/19/2005: Ask the industry Put your digital music questions to key industry figures  - BBC
1/19/2005: False alarm on end to XP support - C/Net
1/19/2005: Screenshots: Policy FAQ - C/Net
1/19/2005: False alarm on end to XP support
1/19/2005: Screenshots: Policy FAQ - C/Net
1/19/2005: Music stops for Mac Windows Media Player - C/Net
1/19/2005: Challenge to big Microsoft settlement dismissed - C/Net
1/19/2005: Anti-spyware guidelines get final version - C/Net
1/19/2005: XM Radio Set To Battle Apple's Ipod - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: Music stops for Mac Windows Media Player  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Newsmaker- Intel's traveling salesman  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Tension grows between labels and digital radio  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Digital DJs 'unaware of copy law'
  - C/Net
1/19/2005: XP support: Extension or communications mixup?
- C/Net
1/19/2005: U.K. judge frowns on software patents
  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Calif. solar energy plan approved - C/Net
1/19/2005: California bets on solar  - El. Engr. Times
1/19/2005: Turning up the heat on hybrid cars  - C/Net



1/19/2005: Pandemic plans: How would the UK stop thousands dying from human bird flu:  - BBC
1/19/2005: Infection-fighting Protein Could Be Key To Autoimmune Disease, Say Scientists - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Bird Flu Control Price Tag To Cost Billons - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: Vaginal washing 'raises HIV risk'  - BBC
1/19/2005: Zinc good for children with HIV  - BBC
1/19/2005: EU pledges $100m to bird flu fund  - BBC
1/19/2005: Clinton brokers Aids drug deal
  - BBC


1/19/2005: Premature birth drug fears  - BBC
1/19/2005: Olive oil sales boom in UK shops  - BBC
1/19/2005: Sex diseases 'not PCT priority'  - BBC
1/19/2005: Most Behaviors Preceding Major Causes Of Preventable Death Have Begun By Young Adulthood - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Trusted Head Injury Prevention Technique Debunked - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Upside Down: Space Turns CPR On Its Head
1/19/2005: Striking oil: Olive is queen of the edible oils. What does that say about the UK-  - BBC
1/19/2005: Premature birth drug fears  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/19/2005: Millions of Jews traced to four women - MSNBCs
1/19/2005: Doubt cast on Donner family cannibalism - MSNBC
1/19/2005: Evidence Of Asteroid Impact Under Chesapeake Bay - SpaceDaily

1/19/2005: Outside View: India's Huge Challenges - SpaceDaily 
1/19/2005: Fossett's record breaking challenge to fly from Florida to Kent  - BBC
1/19/2005: Congress looks askance at firms that bow to China - C/Net
1/19/2005: 'Play' Model Of Information System Design Makes Teammates Of Users And Designers - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Ford fights to salvage credibility as market share, debt rating fall - Seattle Times
1/19/2005: The Polarization Of The Pacific - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: The Patent Office's Fix  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005: Military Women Can Hack It  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Pardon, Your Dress Is Singing  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Science In 2006: Reading The Tea Leaves For The Year Ahead ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Fossett set for next record bid  - BBC
1/19/2005: Snooping fears plague new iTunes  - BBC
1/19/2005: iTunes change stirs privacy worries  - C/Net
1/19/2005: Soderbergh does a DVD-theater release combo  - C/Net
1/19/2005: E-passport test takes flight  - C/Net
1/19/2005: How Ken Lay uses Net as defense tool  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Why The Brain Has 'Gray Matter' - Science Daily
1/19/2005: New Insights Into Neural Tube Defects - Science Daily
1/19/2005: When computer games make kids smarter  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:
1/19/2005: Math Will Rock Your World - Business Week
1/19/2005: Hubble Panoramic View Of Orion Nebula Reveals Thousands Of Stars
 - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Cosmic Battle Creates Milky-Way Sized Tunnel
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: UC Berkeley Astronomers Find Magnetic Slinky In Constellation Of Orion
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: Fossil Galaxy Reveals Clues To Early Universe
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005: Planet Finding Instrument Should Allow Many Discoveries ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Hubble reveals star formation in Orion Nebula ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: The Next Orion Nebula ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Magnetic Slinky in Space ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Dark Matter Galaxy? ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Planet Finding Instrument Should Allow Many Discoveries ...
  - Wired News



1/19/2005: Europeans And Australians Make Space Propulsion Breakthrough - Science Daily
1/19/2005: Spacecraft to Pluto to Carry 435,000 Names ...  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Trip to Pluto to Take at Least 9 Years ...
  - Wired News
1/19/2005: Photos: We are stardust, we are golden
  - C/Net

1/19/2005: Regulating Nano  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005: Teens and Technology  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005: New for old: Why new technology is not just about tiny, shiny gagdets  - BBC


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