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  January 19, 2005

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New Clues Found In Ongoing Mystery Of Giant Galactic Blobs - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image composite shows a giant blob (red, left) and the three merging galaxies NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope discovered within it (yellow, right). Visible light images like the one shown on the left reveal the vast extent of blobs, but don't provide much information about their host galaxies. Using its heat-seeking infrared eyes, Spitzer reveals three monstrously bright galaxies, trillions of times brighter than the Sun, in the process of merging together. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.  "It is possible that extremely bright galactic mergers lie at the center of all the mysterious blobs, but we still don't know how they fuel the blobs themselves," said Dr. Harry Teplitz, Spitzer Science Center, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., co- author of the new research. Blobs were first discovered about five years ago with visible-light telescopes. They are located billions of light-years away in ancient galactic structures or filaments 
GMC Graphyte Hybrid future: Why US car makers now acknowledge global warming  - BBC  Ford unveiled a hybrid version of its Escape sports utility vehicle - an sports utility vehicle (SUV) powered by a "hybrid" engine that can switch between petrol and electricity as a fuel source, so economising on the burning of gasoline. Thad Malesh of the Automotive Technology Research Group said he expected as many as fifty hybrid models on the US market by 2010. The research firm, JD Power and Associates, sees hybrid sales of over 500,000 vehicles by 2010, or nearly 3% of the overall US market.    

2df telescope (AAO)

Sky surveys reveal cosmic ripples  - BBC  The unimaginably big of today has its explanation in the fantastically small of 13 billion years ago. Astronomers have shown how the present pattern of galaxies in the cosmos grew from tiny fluctuations in the density of matter just after the Big Bang. "It's an amazing new insight into how the Universe works," said Prof Carlos Frenk, of the University of Durham, UK. Now, statistical analysis of these map data has revealed how this distribution of matter has taken a particular course that was influenced by forces that were at work at the dawn of time.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/19/2005:UCLA-VA Study Names India Dietary Staple As Potential Alzheimer's Weapon - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Alzheimer's drug for brain injury
  - BBC

1/19/2005:Weizmann Institute Scientists Show One Way That Evolving Organisms Beat The Evolutionary Stakes - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Drilled Shells Show Extinction's Lasting Effects
 - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Biotech Crop Harvest Comes Amid Discord ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Yarra eel deaths heighten fears over pollution ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Groups Cite Sprawl as Threat to 1,200 Rare Plants, Animals ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Tracking reveals albatross habits  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
1/19/2005:OSU Researchers Helping China Reduce Soil Erosion - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Help Reconnect Asia's Tsunami-Displaced People  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005:Forecasts Catching Lightning  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Sky Blue Muddies the Waters  - Wired News
1/19/2005:4 Endangered Whales Found Dead in 6 Weeks ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Annan calls for decisive measures on climate change ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Annan: Tsunami Damage Gives Clues to Climate Peril ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:French Satellite Data Reveal New Details Of Tsunami ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Fisheries 'devastated' by tsunami  - BBC

1/19/2005:Windows worm travels with Tetris  - BBC
1/19/2005:World tour for top video gamers  - BBC
1/19/2005:News Corp eyes video games  - BBC

1/19/2005:Souped-up wi-fi is on the horizon
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Misguided rules on spectrum use are thwarting opportunities for U. S. innovation
 - Business Week
1/19/2005:Anti-wardriver paint coats Wi-Fi leaks
  - C/Net
1/19/2005:BT broadband glitch hits business
  - BBC

1/19/2005:Samsung develops digital TV receiver chip - Silicon Strategies

1/19/2005:Smaller Not Necessarily Better  - Wired News

1/19/2005:Rings of steel combat net attacks  - BBC
1/19/2005:Putting XML in the fast lane  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Google still on top of heap  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Isle of Man will take some online bets from U.S.  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Napster touts subscriber growth  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Advertisers on Google are told to keep it proper  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Isle of Man will take some online bets from U.S.
  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Harry Potter and the new Internet scams
  - C/Net
1/19/2005:Google Sets Sights on Bigger Piece of Business Software Market
  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005:Anti-Phishing Verbal Signatures Get Thumbs Up
  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Blogger Sacked for Sounding Off
  - Wired News
1/19/2005:US state acts to stop 'spammers'
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Man accused of 'zombie' web blitz
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Caught in the net Columnist Bill Thompson likes having the net all around
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Amateur video Asian tidal wave spurs video bloggers to action
  - BBC

1/19/2005:New Linux bid for Red Hat  - C/Net
1/19/2005:The open-source revolution  - C/Net
1/19/2005:South Korean Court Finds Operators of Song-Sharing Web Site Not Guilty  - Technology Review 

1/19/2005:Hybrid future: Why US car makers now acknowledge global warming  - BBC
1/19/2005:Cold Fusion Gains Respect: August 2004 Cover Story ...  - Popular Mechanics

1/19/2005:Blood chemical is a stroke risk  - BBC
1/19/2005:High blood pressure set to soar  - BBC

1/19/2005:New Test Possible Aid To Overcoming Barriers To Colon Cancer Screening - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Long-term High Consumption Of Red And Processed Meat Linked With Increased Risk For Colon Cancer - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Dr. Nanotech vs. Cancer  - Technology Review 

1/19/2005:Brown calls for 5.5bn Aids fund  - BBC
1/19/2005:Jim fixes it for aromatherapy tests into killer bug  - BBC

1/19/2005:Child obesity diabetes risk probe  - BBC

1/19/2005:Women Seeking Treatment For Even Minimal 'Male-Type' Hair Growth Need Endocrine Evaluation - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Discovery Shows New Vitamin C Health Benefits - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Birth shock: Giving birth is still a shocking ordeal for many women  - BBC
1/19/2005:McMaster Researchers Develop Test For Rare Bleeding Disorder - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Implant Helps Injured Children To Smile Again  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Hair cell hope for hearing loss  - BBC
1/19/2005:Drug safety: Are the checks that our drugs undergo rigorous enough?  - BBC
1/19/2005:Hidden treasures: The history of how doctors helped women give birth revealed  - BBC
1/19/2005:Twice the joy?What you can expect if you discover you're carrying twins
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Death data 'cuts risky surgery'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/19/2005:Drilled Shells Show Extinction's Lasting Effects - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Ancient Mammal Dined on Dinosaur  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Ancient rock carvings go online  - BBC

1/19/2005:Public turning to self-help books  - BBC
1/19/2005:IBM's Way to Hammer at Windows - Business Week
1/19/2005:Ridge wants fingerprints on passports  - C/Net
1/19/2005:New FBI Software May Be Unusable - L. A. Times
1/19/2005:Have investors learned their lesson from the bubble? Maybe not. - Seattle Times
1/19/2005:Apple earnings quadruple - Seattle Times
1/19/2005:U.S. Commerce secretary mixes sweet and sour in China - Silicon Strategies
1/19/2005:China's fixed-exchange rate poses threat to US economy - Silicon Strategies
1/19/2005:'Silicon Valley' Sensibilities at Play in Race for Democrats' Chairman  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005:Brave New Era for Privacy Fight  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Heartaches of Journalist Bloggers  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Technology and the Democrats  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Can Polling Be Fixed?  - Wired News
1/19/2005:DNA tests to search for foreigners:- ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:The U.S. Coast Guard Re-Equips For Nuclear Attack ...  - Popular Mechanics
1/19/2005:Information Fusion Research Simulates Disasters to Manage Emergency Response ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Genome fully mapped for potential biological weapon ... - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Urban underground 'faces risks'  - BBC
1/19/2005:Design for life: How a new breed of consumer is changing the face of UK design  - BBC
1/19/2005:Public turning to self-help books
  - BBC

1/19/2005:Sudden Death From Stress Linked To Wonky Signals In The Brain - Science Daily
1/19/2005:The Unobservable Mind  - Technology Review 
1/19/2005:The future of lying: What does a lie look like? A new detector maps brain activity  - BBC
1/19/2005:Pet therapy 'helps schizophrenia'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
1/19/2005:Sky surveys reveal cosmic ripples   - BBC
New Clues Found In Ongoing Mystery Of Giant Galactic Blobs - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:Galaxy Survey Reveals Missing Cosmic Link
 - Science Daily
1/19/2005:All change for stellar evolution
 - PhysicsWeb
1/19/2005:American Physical Society March 2004 Meeting ...
  - Popular Mechanics
1/19/2005:Astronomers take revealing peek at star factory ...
 - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Hubble finds infant stars in neighbouring galaxy ...
 - FirstScience
1/19/2005:NYU physicist isolates first source ...
 - FirstScience



1/19/2005:How 'SpaceShipOne' Nabbed The X Prize ...  - Popular Mechanics
1/19/2005:Space Tourism Not Yet Routine ...
  - Popular Mechanics
1/19/2005:'Cassini' Finally Circling Saturn ...
  - Popular Mechanics
1/19/2005:Russia to Launch 6 Spacecraft to ISS in 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Russian Space Agency approves plan for Jan-March space launches ...
 - FirstScience
1/19/2005:Into the unknown: Experts aim to unravel mysteries as probe lands on Saturn moon
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Probe pictures show wind and rain on Saturn's moon
  - BBC
1/19/2005:Huygens finds solid ground on Titan
  - Nature
1/19/2005:A Look Around Titan
  - NY Times
1/19/2005:Titan's Big News
  - NY Times
1/19/2005:Photos & Audio From Titan (  - NY Times
1/19/2005:Saturn Probe Photographs Titan ...
 - Discover
1/19/2005:A Lakefront Landing On Titan
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:Media Left Lost On Titan
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:ISS crew 'on alert' for magnetic storm
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:Scientists ecstatic at result of Titan probe
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:Expedition 10 Prepare For Spacewalk, Upgrade Software
 - SpaceDaily
1/19/2005:Canyons, rivulets- scientists give first impression of Titan photos
 - SpaceDaily

1/19/2005:Transistor Genetics: Scientists At The Weizmann Institute Use DNA To Assemble Nanosized Electronic Parts - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Novel Zigzag Shape Gives Sensors Magnetic Appeal - Science Daily
1/19/2005:Russia's Boost to Tech Sector  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Boeing Bets Big on a Plastic Plane  - Wired News
1/19/2005:Ground-breaking holographic technology will power a new generation of pocket-sized digital video projectors
1/19/2005:Projecting onto thin air
1/19/2005:World's Largest 21-inch OLED for TVs from Samsung


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