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  January 19, 2004

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Getting Man Back To Luna Let Alone Mars Will Need More Than Rhetoric - SpaceDaily  If George W. Bush, in an announcement likely to be made next Wednesday, intends to put an American on Mars, the endeavour will require commitment that endures way beyond his presidency, a gamble on technology and buckets of dollars. Sources in the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) say the Bush scheme entails scrapping the ageing shuttle fleet by the end of this decade, pulling back from the International Space Station (ISS) a few years later and ploughing resources into lunar and then interplanetary manned missions. Trips to the Moon, where Man last set foot more than 31 years ago, would resume around 2015, providing the experience and expertise for a later mission to Mars, according to these sources. 
Is Gusev Crater The Site Of An Ancient Martian Lake? - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image shows the martian terrain through the eyes of the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's mini-thermal emission spectrometer, an instrument that detects the infrared light, or heat, emitted by objects. The different colored circles show a spectrum of soil and rock temperatures, with red representing warmer regions and blue, cooler. A warm and dusty depression similar to the one dubbed Sleepy Hollow stands out to the upper right. Scientists and engineers will use this data to pinpoint features of interest, and to plot a safe course for the rover free of loose dust. The mini-thermal emission spectrometer data are superimposed on an image taken by the rover's panoramic camera. Image credit: NASA/JPL/Arizona State University/Cornell University "We came [to Gusev] looking for carbonates," said Phil Christensen, payload instrument lead for Spirit's mini-thermal emission spectrometer (Mini-TES). "And we have found carbonates." 

Mr Wang on the Rad2Go

Stand by for the attack of the Segway scooter clones - BBC  You could soon see a lot more people zipping around on stand-up Segway-type electric scooters. A US company has come up with an imitation of the invention that was supposed to revolutionise transport. The Rad2Go Q electric scooter looks like a Segway, but has four wheels and costs a quarter of the price. "The Segway is a marvellous invention," said Rad2Go President John Wang, "but for me it is too much technology for moving from point A to point B." The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter which sells for $4,495 on Amazon. Just a quick glance at the Q reveals that it is no Segway. For its part, the Q stands on four wheels as there is no sophisticated built-in gyroscope. The device is also significantly cheaper, costing between $1,000 and $1,500, depending on the model. The Q has two 150 watt motors built into the wheels, powered by a 24 volt battery that lasts for between 10 and 15 miles. It can reach a top speed of 10mph, which is comparable to the Segway. The scooter also comes with a throttle controlled by the thumb, brakes, a headlamp and even indicator lights. Mr Wang said they had sold thousands of units in just a few days, with people taking advantage of a discounted price of $800.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/19/2004: GM experts cautious on maize crop  - BBC
1/19/2004: Bird-friendly GMs: Experts say some GM crops could be good for farmland wildlife
  - BBC
1/19/2004: Hawaiian squid carries built-in light - MSNBC
1/19/2004: Green light for transgenic crop  - Nature
1/19/2004: UK on brink of growing first GM crops - New Scientist
1/19/2004: Genetically engineered crops up 15 percent worldwide - Seattle Times

Climate, Environment:
1/19/2004: Calif. Budget Woes Stall Marine Plan - ABC
1/19/2004: Feds Delay Gray Wolf Protection Decision - ABC
1/19/2004: Climate battle: US environmental polices generate a heated debate  - BBC
1/19/2004: Poor areas 'have more pollution'  - BBC

1/19/2004: Hewlett-Packard: No WMA for IPod  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Gadget Jacket Charged by the Sun  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Olympians of games world take Vegas  - BBC
1/19/2004: Japan's latest gadget - a sweet dream machine  - BBC
1/19/2004: Apple + HP = iPod Forever - Business Week
1/19/2004: A Charged-Up Consumer Electronics Show - Business Week

1/19/2004: Demo: Wireless for the Disabled - Technology   - Wired News
1/19/2004: Parents Spy on Teens by Phone
1/19/2004: Mobile phones 'appear to be safe'  - BBC
1/19/2004: Flaws threaten VoIP networks  - C/Net

1/19/2004: Samsung to spend $1 billion on flash, DRAM, says report - Silicon Strategies
1/19/2004: Three-year lithography project kicks off in Europe - Silicon Strategies
1/19/2004: Is this finally the year for low-k materials? - Silicon Strategies
1/19/2004: Intel to chip away at Itanium prices  - C/Net

1/19/2004: Simple Computers for Hard Lives  - Wired News

1/19/2004: Random Acts of Spamness  - Wired News
1/19/2004: No Safety Net for Programmers - Salon
1/19/2004: My So-Called Blog  - NY Times
1/19/2004: Worsening spam epidemic chokes the net - New Scientist

1/19/2004: An ACLU For Linux  - Wired News
1/19/2004: UK song-swappers 'could be sued'  - BBC
1/19/2004: Cash fund for Linux legal defence  - BBC
1/19/2004: Microsoft takes on Linux with free tools  - C/Net


1/19/2004: Herbal diet drug 'is heart risk'  - BBC

1/19/2004: Antibiotics May Help Stop Stomach Cancer - ABC
1/19/2004: Cancer linked to faulty healing  - BBC

1/19/2004: Guns, Germs and Software  - Wired News
1/19/2004: U.S. Imposes Ban on Import of Civet Cats - ABC
1/19/2004: U.N. Team Returns to China in SARS Probe - ABC
1/19/2004: Challenges Remain for Containing SARS - ABC
1/19/2004: Bird flu 'may be worse than Sars'  - BBC
1/19/2004: Bird flu linked to new human deaths - New Scientist


1/19/2004: Medicine Goes to the Dogs  - Technology Review 
1/19/2004: Blood Banks Appeal for Donations - ABC
1/19/2004: Mass. Panel to Probe Obesity Surgery - ABC
1/19/2004: Study Tells Overweight Adults to Walk - ABC
1/19/2004: Warning over Caesarean births  - BBC
1/19/2004: Cardinal's condom move praised  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/19/2004: Mammoth Skull Discovered Near Gulf Coast - ABC
1/19/2004: Outlaw tale takes a new twist - MSNBC

1/19/2004: Stand by for the attack of the Segway scooter clones - BBC
1/19/2004: Bush Unveils Deeper US-India Space, Nuclear Cooperation - SpaceDaily
1/19/2004: Asian nations agree to fight digital divide - SpaceDaily
1/19/2004: India urges low-key action against western outsourcing protectionism - SpaceDaily
1/19/2004: Opening Up Online Education - Technology Review 
1/19/2004: CAPPS II Stands Alone, Feds Say  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Microsoft Retail Project Taps into RFID  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Professor Lives Life as a Cyborg  - NY Times
1/19/2004: Facing facts: Do biometric passports herald the start of sci-fi security?  - BBC
1/19/2004: An equation for attraction  - Nature
1/19/2004: Former Enron executives said to OK guilty plea - Seattle Times
1/19/2004: People gaga over Google IPO prospects - Seattle Times
1/19/2004: SEC to propose new mutual-fund disclosure rules - Seattle Times
1/19/2004: Poor sales lead Kodak to shutter production of APS cameras - Seattle Times

1/19/2004: Monkey morality  - Nature
1/19/2004: Disgust is good for you, shows study - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:


1/19/2004: Next-generation robots take the plunge  - BBC

1/19/2004: Getting Man Back To Luna Let Alone Mars Will Need More Than Rhetoric - SpaceDaily 
Is Gusev Crater The Site Of An Ancient Martian Lake? - SpaceDaily
1/19/2004: Bush Policy to Retire Shuttle Begs Additional Details
1/19/2004: Industry Lobbyists, Space Advocates Eager to Hear Bush’s New Vision - Space.com
1/19/2004: Commentary: The Reasonable Cost of Putting Humans on the Moon and Mars - Space.com
1/19/2004: The Moon: NASA's Proving Ground for Mars Missions and Beyond - Space.com
1/19/2004: Beagle 2: A Fortunate Failure - SpaceDaily
1/19/2004: Mars Rover, Send Wheels on Over  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Price tag detailed for space initiative - MSNBC

1/19/2004: Pressure Shapes Plastic - Technology Review 
1/19/2004: Keen Eye for the Nano Guys  - Wired News
1/19/2004: Kodak embraces digital revolution  - BBC


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