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  January 18, 2006

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Merkel Bashes Guantanamo Ahead Of US Trip - SpaceDaily  Angela Merkel kicked up political dust by saying the U.S. should close down their military prisons in Guantanamo Bay, just days before her first official trip to Washington as Germany's new chancellor. "An institution like Guantanamo can and should not exist in the longer term. Different ways and means must be found for dealing with these prisoners," Merkel told German news magazine Der Spiegel in its latest issue, published on Monday. Merkel, 51, goes to Washington Thursday for a three-day visit to the United States -- it is her first trip to the U.S. since she was elected Germany's first female chancellor last November.    
Mystery Solved: High-Energy Fireworks Linked To Massive Star Cluster - Science Daily  Left:  Supporting evidence for the hefty weight of this cluster is the presence of 14 red supergiants, hefty stars that have reached the end of their lives. They bloat up to about 100 times their normal size before exploding as supernovae. This image shows the star-studded region surrounding the massive star cluster. The bluish cluster is inside the white box. A close-up of the cluster can be seen in the inset photo. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech, D. Figer (Space Telescope Science Institute/Rochester Institute of Technology), E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and the GLIMPSE Legacy Team)  Call it the Bermuda Triangle of our Milky Way Galaxy: a tiny patch of sky that has been known for years to be the source of the mysterious blasts of X-rays and gamma rays. Now, a team of astronomers has solved the mystery

Image: NGC1097 black hole

Black holes aren't speedy eaters ... - MSNBC  The one-way journey from the heart of a galaxy into the oblivion of a black hole probably takes about 200,000 years, astronomers said Monday. By tracking the death spiral of cosmic gas at the center of a galaxy called NGC1097, scientists figured that material moving at 110,000 miles (176,000 kilometers) an hour would still take eons to cross into a black hole. The team managed to observe behavior 10 times closer to the black hole than ever before, Fathi said, seeing clouds of material within 10 light-years of the galactic core, where the black hole is believed to reside.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/18/2005: Taiwan breeds fluorescent green pig - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Whale calf dies; ship suspected
1/18/2005: Stem cell scientist apologizes - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Ants help each other as teachers and pupils - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Frog deaths tied to warmer Earth - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Global warming boosts fungal epidemic in frogs - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Doomsday vault to avert world famine - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Live cells jetted with electric fields - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Hedgehog Protein Blocks Fat Production, Produces More Bone - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Deciphering The Mystery Of Bee Flight - Science Daily
1/18/2005: 2005 a banner year for biotech crops - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: More Frogs Dying as Planet Warms - Live Science
1/18/2005: Extinctions Linked To Climate Change - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Global Warming Driving Amphibians' Epidemic - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: "Doomsday Vault" To House World's Seeds - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: 'Darwinian Debt' Explains Poor Fish Stock Recovery - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: The State of Stem Cells, 2006  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Walk-in DNA test centre offers face-to-face paternity results ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/18/2005: Alaska's Augustine Volcano erupts - MSNBC
1/18/2005: The lungs of the planet are belching methane - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Report Shows Deforestation Threatens Brazil's Pantanal - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Rewriting Glacial History In Pacific North America - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Caltech Researchers Invent New Technique For Studying The Thermal History Of Rocks - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Could Forests Worsen Global Warming - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: The Forgotten Methane Source - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Deep-Rooted Plants Big Impact On Climate - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Asia-Pac Presses Business For Climate Change Cash - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Toxin Level In Chinese River Still Unsafe - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: NZAF Monitoring Antarctic Whaling Clashes - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Pollution's Big Six Endorse Gas Plan ... - CBS
1/18/2005: INTERVIEW-India says will not agree to emissions caps ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: U.S., Australia Back Global Warming Plan ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: China's home appliance makers to pay for waste recycling ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Labor appears split on greenhouse gas ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Asia-Pacific Partnership sets world up for massive global warming ... - FirstScience

1/18/2005: IPod add-ons on display  - CNN
1/18/2005: New products announced at Macworld  - CNN
1/18/2005: Review: Treo Smartphone a winner  - CNN
1/18/2005: PlayStation 3 may cost nearly $500  - CNN
1/18/2005: Rugrats Invade Macworld  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Nikon's Focus Turns to Digital  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Game + Art = Musical Fish

1/18/2005: Optical Wireless And Broadband Over Power Lines- High Speed, Secure Wi-Fi Alternative
 - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Entangled photons seen as route to secure opto nets  - El. Engr. Times
1/18/2005: Fujitsu invests $1 billion for 65nm production  - El. Engr. Times
1/18/2005: Nanoscale magnets promise more-shrinkable chips - New Scientist 

1/18/2005: Apple unveils new Intel-based Macs  - CNN
1/18/2005: Macintel - Technology Review 

1/18/2005: Why AOL Matters - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Anonymity Won't Kill the Internet  - Wired News
1/18/2005: IWeb Promises Blogs for All  - Wired News

1/18/2005: Lifespan for CD-Rs Around Two Years - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: A Window into Vista - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Lifespan for CD-Rs Around Two Years - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: [5 Comments] - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: And Now for a Little Mozart  - Wired News

1/18/2005: Solar to surpass ICs in poly consumption  - El. Engr. Times
1/18/2005: Project turns on technology to save energy - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: Review: Mini solar panels need direct sun - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: Europe Debates Nuclear Energy - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: It Pays to Drive Hybrid  - Wired News

1/18/2005: Medication Plus Beta-blocker Helps Prevent Shocks From Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Mental Stress May Lead To Heart Disease - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Obesity In Middle Age Raises Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk In Older Age - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Tumor Cells That Border Normal Tissue Are Told To Leave - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Mayo Clinic Finds Aggressive Surgery Best Option For Advanced-stage Ovarian Cancer Patients - Science Daily
1/18/2005: St. Jude Projects 90 Percent Cure Rate For Childhood Cancer Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Viral 'Fitness' Explains Different Resistance Patterns To AIDS Drugs - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: New Technique For Detecting Ability Of Flu Viruses To Infect Humans - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Researchers Develop New Vaccine Candidate Against Hepatitis C - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Yale Study Explains Complex Infection Fighting Mechanism - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: New Insight Into Machinery Of Immune Cells' 'Tentacles' - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Turkey Battles Bird Flu Amid New Deaths In China - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Less Threatening Bird Flu
 - SpaceDaily

1/18/2005: Taking A Taxi Could Increase Your Exposure To Pollution - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Anthroposophic Lifestyle Reduces Risk Of Allergic Disease In Children - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: 15 Percent Of U.S. Employees Work Under Influence Of Alcohol - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Brain Plays Key Role In Diabetes Therapy - Science Daily
1/18/2005: ICS Most Effective For Persistent Asthma In Children - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Medications And Cough Syrups May Cause Cavities - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Advanced Genomics And Proteomics Improve The Diagnosis And Treatment Of A Deadly Lung Disease - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/18/2005: Were human ancestors hunted by birds? - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds - Live Science

1/18/2005: Merkel Bashes Guantanamo Ahead Of US Trip - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Apple's oversized influence  - CNN
1/18/2005: Study: Teens optimistic about innovation  - CNN
1/18/2005: China and India 'hold the world in balance' - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Practice Makes Deadly Perfection, FSU Suicide Researcher Says - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Trade surplus triples for China - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: 3rd key manager at MSN Microsoft will be leaving - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: The Decline And Fall Of North Korea - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Iran Nukes Biggest Political Risk In 2006 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Israel 'Can Destroy' Iran Nukes - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: World Powers Threaten Iran Over Nukes - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Blair Threatens Iran With U.N. Action - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: US- Iran Nuke Row Coming To A Head - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Canada Seeks International Pact Banning Space Weapons - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Missile Defense Program Moves Forward - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Million Dollar Baby  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Network Babel in the Living Room  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Fight back begins against Blair's nuclear plans ... - FirstScience

1/18/2005: Big brains are not crucial to teaching - New Scientist
1/18/2005: New gene linked to bipolar disorder - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Morning Grogginess More Debilitating Than Sleep Deprivation, According To CU-Boulder Study - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Experimental Economists Find Brain Regions That Govern Fear Of The Economic Unknown - Science Daily
1/18/2005: The Journey of a New Brain Cell - Live Science

Physics and Astronomy:
1/18/2005: Black holes aren't speedy eaters ...  - MSNBC
Mystery Solved: High-Energy Fireworks Linked To Massive Star Cluster  - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Is dark energy changing?
  - Nature
1/18/2005: Einstein's 'spooky action' seen on a chip
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Mini-galaxies may reveal dark matter stream
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Fast-spinning neutron star smashes speed limit
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Gamma-ray burst study may rule out cosmological constant
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Perspectives: The Om of physics
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Magnetism Flicks Switch On 'Dark Excitons'
 - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Monster Black Holes Grow After Galactic Mergers
 - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Astronomers Provide New Insights Into Massive Black Hole At Center Of The Milky Way And Surrounding Region
 - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Scientists Find Black Hole's 'Point Of No Return'
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: NASA'S Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Planet Finders Use Much Faster Instrument To Discover Distant Planet
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Worlds With Multiple Suns Abundant
 - Space.com
1/18/2005: The Splendor of Orion- A Star Factory Unveiled
 - Space.com
1/18/2005: Astronomers See 'Star Formation on Steroids'
 - Space.com
1/18/2005: Cartwheel Galaxy Makes Waves In New NASA Image
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Magnetic Reconnection Region Larger Than 2.5 Million Km Found In The Solar Wind
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Hubble shows Orion Nebula's 'Bustling Cauldron' ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Spinning Black Hole Leaves Dent in Space-Time ...
 - FirstScience



1/18/2005: Cosmic Log: Last call for Pluto - MSNBC
1/18/2005: New model accurately simulates Titan's clouds
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Virtual Microscope Allows Public To Search For Dust Grains In Stardust Detectors - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Mercury a Possible Hit-and-Run Planet
 - Space.com
1/18/2005: NASA Refines Design For Crew Exploration Vehicle
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Venus Express Passive Cruise Phase Begins
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Don't swat that fly. It's a spacecraft! ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Pluto mission ready for lift-off
  - BBC
1/18/2005: Mission guide: New Horizons
  - BBC
1/18/2005: Stardustís pristine capsule set to be opened
 - New Scientist

1/18/2005: Apple in the driver's seat  - CNN
1/18/2005: Clever car keeps an eye on stray pedestrians - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Featherweight Metal - Science Daily
1/18/2005: MRIs Better At Diagnosing Needs For 'Bionic Ear' Implants - Science Daily
1/18/2005: AP Exclusive: National ID, state nightmare - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: Wood Plastics Composites--Science, Technology, Markets ... - FirstScience


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