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  January 18, 2005

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Astronomers Confident: Planet Beyond Solar System Has Been Photographed -   Astronomers are highly confident that they've taken the first photograph of a planet outside our solar system. Make that two photographs. A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope confirms with a high degree of confidence a picture made previously by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and reported by in September.   
Going Beyond Einstein: Spacetime Wave Orbits Black Hole - SpaceDaily  Left:  Astronomers have discovered evidence for physics beyond Einstein's general relativity. This artist's conception shows a galactic black hole being orbited by a ripple in spacetime--a distortion in the fabric of space itself. Credit: Dana Berry (CfA/NASA).  Astronomers Jon Miller (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) and Jeroen Homan (MIT) have seen evidence of hot iron gas riding a ripple in spacetime around a black hole. These observations confirm one important theory about how a black hole's extreme gravity can stretch light. The data also paint an intriguing image of how a spinning black hole can drag the very fabric of space around with it, creating a choppy spacetime sea.   

Chandra Finds Evidence For Swarm Of Black Holes Near The Galactic Center - SpaceDaily  A swarm of 10,000 or more black holes may be orbiting the Milky Way's supermassive black hole, according to new results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This would represent the highest concentration of black holes anywhere in the Galaxy. These relatively small, stellar-mass black holes, along with neutron stars, appear to have migrated into the Galactic Center over the course of several billion years. Such a dense stellar graveyard has been predicted for years. At this rate, about 10,000 black holes and neutron stars would have been captured in a few billion years 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/18/2005: Stem Cells Could Reveal Secrets Of Illness In Later Life - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Ancient DNA Helps Solve The Legend Of Giant Eagles
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Stowers Researcher Answers Fundamental Question Of Cell Death - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Sea Squids Owe Their Glow To Molecule Previously Linked To Whooping Cough - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Turkish Plant Oils Are Lethal To Vegetable Pest - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Densovirus offers hope for biological control of Egypt's major cotton pest ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Crows have natural tool-making ability - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Dolphins fix their roles in hunts  - Nature
1/18/2005: Rats learn to distinguish between languages - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Deaths Thin Ranks of Imperiled Right Whales  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Cumulative Sperm Whale Bone Damage And The Bends - Science Daily
1/18/2005: 'Casanova' Field Crickets - Live Fast, Die Young - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Fundamental Finding Yields Insight Into Stem Cells, Cancer; Opens Door To Drug Discovery - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/18/2005: Tsunami Earthquake Location Included In Forecast - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Environmentalists Protest Apple's 'iWaste' ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Watching Earth's Climate Change in the Classroom ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Climate Change Desiccating the Planet, Researchers Conclude ...  - Scientific American
1/18/2005: NASA Details Earthquake Effects on the Earth ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: UN assesses tsunami food shortages ... - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Indian Ocean to get tsunami warning system by next year - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Small islands press for action on climate change - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Changing weather hits Himalayan skating rink - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: NASA Details Earthquake Affects On Earth - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: China Speeds Up Building Of Disaster Warning, Relief Network - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Satellites recorded swell before tsunami - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Tsunami: Will we be ready for the next one? - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Asian Tsunami Disaster - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Quake Lifted Earth's Surface Around Globe
1/18/2005: Graphic: The Earth's Movement  - NY Times

1/18/2005: IPod Shuffle Sparks Stampede  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Add-ons kick-start PC, console games  - CNN

1/18/2005: SBC readies Net phone service
  - C/Net
1/18/2005: For Wireless, the Beginnings of a Breakout
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Wireless Industry Shows Off Its Plans for Cellphones
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: A More Capable Generation of Handsets for What's Out There
  - NY Times

1/18/2005: Dai Nippon Printing has screen for moving-mirror mini-TV - Silicon Strategies
1/18/2005: Improved image-shrinking technology claimed - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Light trap heralds optical revolution - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Stopping light gives atoms a memory - New Scientist

1/18/2005: Apple goes "mini" with Mac, tiny iPod - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: It's a Small Macworld  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Mac Mini a maxi deal- Depends what you want  - C/Net
1/18/2005: Macworld- Meet Mac Mini, do the iPod Shuffle  - C/Net
1/18/2005: Behold the $55,000 PC  - C/Net
1/18/2005: Blu-ray discs go into the lead - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Crisp, Bright Images on Flat-Panel Screens
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Slide Show- Flat-Panel Monitors
  - NY Times

1/18/2005: South Korean Court Finds Operators of Song-Sharing Web Site Not Guilty  - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Firefox: The ultimate test for open source?  - C/Net

1/18/2005: Is It Ethical To Use Enhancement Technologies To Make Us Better Than Well? - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Patently Open Source  - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Wanted: Organic Apple  - Wired News

1/18/2005: GM Joins With Sandia To Advance Hydrogen Storage - Science Daily


1/18/2005: New Family Of Genes Could Serve As A Potential Cancer Marker - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Getting Cancer Therapy Into The Bones - Science Daily
1/18/2005: U-M Scientists Find Genes That Control Growth Of Common Skin Cancer - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Small Band Of Nurses Plays Key Role Keeping Germ Threats At Bay - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Canada discovers its third mad cow - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Discovery Of Key Protein's Shape Could Lead To Improved Bacterial Pneumonia Vaccine - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Penn Study May Lead The Way For First Medication To Treat Cocaine Addiction - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Study Touts Non-narcotic Medication For Migraines - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Bioactive Dressing Surface Has Great Potential For Healing Wounded Soldiers, Cops - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Cumulative Sperm Whale Bone Damage And The Bends - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Can belief in God relieve pain? - MSNBC

History, Anthropology:
1/18/2005: Shakespeare’s Writings Indicate He May Have Had Syphilis - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Queen’s Discovery Sheds New Light On Ancient Temperatures - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Evidence That Human Brain Evolution Was A Special Event - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Mammal snacked on dinosaur - MSNBC
1/18/2005: Prehistoric badger had dinosaurs for breakfast  - Nature
1/18/2005: Large mammals once dined on dinosaurs - New Scientist
1/18/2005: When Dinosaurs Ruled, a Mammal Ate (a Little) One
  - NY Times

1/18/2005: Stun-gun maker defends stock sales - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: Pension reform makes business leaders wary - Seattle Times
1/18/2005: Sony Says Creation Box Makes Old TVs Good as New -- at a Price  - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Microsoft to Digitize Indian Maps  - Technology Review 
1/18/2005: Sniffing Out Things That Go Boom  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Videos Quick, Easy and Automatic  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Japan Eyes Smaller Spy Satellite - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: 'Glitch' caused missle defense test failure  - CNN
1/18/2005: Even cheap love tokens can buy sex - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Hockney 'was wrong' over art copying claim - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Internet noise threatens emergency radio - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Need A Solution? In Your Dreams - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Later Entry Into Grade 1 Boosts Self-esteem Later In Life, Study Shows - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Scientists Discover Genetic Basis For Individual Variations In Pain Perception And A Common Chronic Pain Condition - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Human See, Human Do: Ballet Dancers' Brains Reveal The Art Of Imitation - Science Daily
1/18/2005: First 'Atlas' Of Key Brain Genes Could Speed Research On Cancer, Neurological Diseases - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/18/2005: Astronomers Confident: Planet Beyond Solar System Has Been Photographed -
Going Beyond Einstein: Spacetime Wave Orbits Black Hole - SpaceDail
Chandra Finds Evidence For Swarm Of Black Holes Near The Galactic Center - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Galaxy surveys put cosmology on sound footing ...
 - PhysicsWeb
1/18/2005: Unit of Measurement for Expanding Universe ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Spitzer Reads Solar System's 'Rosetta Stone' ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: 'Cosmological Ruler' Helps Measure the Universe ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Deep Down Things by Bruce Schumm
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: 2005 preview- The International Year of Physics
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: 2005 preview: Monster cosmic rays
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Chandra Finds Evidence For Swarm Of Black Holes Near The Galactic Center
 - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Scientists Discover The Cellular Roots Of Graying Hair - Science Daily

1/18/2005: Ethics for the Robot Age  - Wired News

1/18/2005: Suicide probe takes Saturn mission to climax - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Sedna May Have Formed Far Beyond Pluto
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: VIMS Shows Iapetus Surface Composition
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Hubble's Infrared Eyes Home In On Suspected Extrasolar Planet
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Team Me Up, Scotty
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: AMC-12 Satellite Arrives In Kazakhstan
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Study links sickness to Russian launch site  - Nature
1/18/2005: Salt-loving bugs could survive on other worlds
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Scientists Ecstatic At Result Of Titan Probe
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Hovering Near Heat Shield And A Holey Rock
 - SpaceDaily
1/18/2005: Titan mission 'resounding success'  - BBC
1/18/2005: A glimpse into the unknown
  - BBC
1/18/2005: See how the Huygens probe descended to Titan
  - BBC
1/18/2005: In pictures- Titan landing
  - BBC
1/18/2005: The Open University- Stardate - Mission to Titan
  - BBC
1/18/2005: Cassini-Huygens, Nasa JPL
  - BBC
1/18/2005: Cassini-Huygens, Esa
  - BBC
1/18/2005: Huygens sends postcards and sounds from Titan
 - New Scientist
1/18/2005: Titan's Big News: A Mysterious Shoreline
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Photos & Audio From Titan
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Scenes From a Space Thriller
  - NY Times
1/18/2005: Huygens Probe Lands On Saturn's Moon Titan
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft On Its Way To Encounter With Comet Tempel 1
 - Science Daily
1/18/2005: Opportunity Spots Curious Object On Mars
1/18/2005: Huygens Makes Good! ESA Probe Successfully Lands on Titan
1/18/2005: Huygens Probe Returns First Images of Titan's Surface
1/18/2005: 2005 Preview- Night Sky Highlights -
1/18/2005: Huygens Loses Communication Line With Cassini Spacecraft
1/18/2005: Mars Rover Inspects Intriguing Rock – A Meteorite?
1/18/2005: New Titan Photos Reveal Surface
  - Wired News
1/18/2005: Federal Space Agency to sign accords with ESA ...
  - BBC
1/18/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day- Layers in Candor ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Probe opens a new window to interstellar space ...
 - FirstScience
1/18/2005: Intelsat spacecraft a goner after electrical failure ...
 - FirstScience

1/18/2005: Nanotubes Form Along Atomic Steps - Science Daily


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