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  January 17, 2006

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Chinese Growth Could Be Fatal For Earth - SpaceDaily  The pace of China's economic growth poses a dire threat for the planet unless Beijing and other industrial countries change their outdated model of production and consumption, an environmental activist warned. As China surpasses the United States in the consumption of most basic resources, economists must grasp the need to restructure the "old economy," said Brown during a presentation on his new book, "Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble." China already consumes almost twice as much meat as the United States (67 million tons compared to 39 million tons), and more than twice as much steel (258 million tons compared to 104 million tons), Brown said, citing figures compiled by his institute. "There go the world's forests," he said.   
Long-lost Phoenician ports found  - Nature  Thanks to political tensions easing in Lebanon, archaeologists have finally managed to locate the sites of ancient Phoenician harbours in the seaports that dominated Mediterranean trade thousands of years ago. The modern cities of Tyre and Sidon on the Lebanese coast were once the major launching points of the seafaring Phoenicians. They were to the ancient world what Venice, Shanghai, Liverpool and New York have been in later times: some of the greatest of the world's ports, and crucial conduits for trade and cultural exchange. From the harbours of the Phoenician cities, ships carried precious dyes and textiles, soda and glass throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. Tyre, which was once an island, has been joined up to the mainland by silting

Strong Magnetism Creates 2D Superconductivity - SpaceDaily  A University of Arizona physicist recently showed that it should be possible to restrict electrons to two dimensions in space by placing conducting materials within strong magnetic fields. The fundamental discovery is important because it says that superconductivity is stable in this strongly magnetic environment. "My work may definitely lead to superconductivity that survives at ultra-strong magnetic fields because superconductivity is not destroyed by currents in the two-dimensional world. Two-dimensional superconductivity will be stable at extremely high currents and magnetic fields," he said.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

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Climate, Environment:
1/17/2005:Chinese Growth Could Be Fatal For Earth - SpaceDaily
1/17/2005:Game Year in Review: 2010  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Coal takes centre stage at climate change conference ... - FirstScience
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1/17/2005:Jobs Introduces New MacBook Pro  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Sound start: Hi-tech fair gives a glimpse of the future of digital music  - BBC
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1/17/2005: Sewing Up the iPod Market - Business Week
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1/17/2005:US judge approves Sony settlement  - BBC
1/17/2005:Newsmaker: Is it safe yet? Not really  - C/Net

1/17/2005:World's big polluters to fund cleaner fossil fuels  - C/Net
1/17/2005:Can IBM help cut your energy bill?  - C/Net



1/17/2005:UN warning over Turkey bird flu  - BBC
1/17/2005:Holiday health: When should you start thinking about having injections?  - BBC
1/17/2005:Business 'should give HIV care'  - BBC


1/17/2005:Food fads 'spark allergy fears'  - BBC
1/17/2005:Fears raised over diuretic drugs  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/17/2005:Long-lost Phoenician ports found  - Nature

1/17/2005:What a Long, Strange Trip ...  - Wired News
1/17/2005:NASA chief says science funds will be tight ... - MSNBC
1/17/2005:Body scanner unveiled at station  - BBC
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1/17/2005:Can offshore outsourcers end reign of Big Six-  - C/Net
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1/17/2005:Film ready for dual theater-DVD release  - C/Net
1/17/2005:Photos: Popping with 'Bubble'  - C/Net
1/17/2005:Toshiba 62-inch HDTV for $2,200  - C/Net
1/17/2005:FTC fights terms of Netflix settlement  - C/Net
1/17/2005:The ongoing allure of outsourcing  - C/Net
1/17/2005:Microsoft drops hotel in English Channel  - C/Net
1/17/2005:Sinister goings-on at UK map operation  - C/Net


Physics and Astronomy:
1/17/2005:Strong Magnetism Creates 2D Superconductivity - SpaceDaily
1/17/2005:01.10.06 - NASA Honors Astronomer With Medal ...
1/17/2005:01.10.06 - Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies ...
1/17/2005:Chandra finds black holes stirring up galaxies ...
  - Physics Org
1/17/2005:Monster black holes grow after galactic mergers ...
  - Physics Org
1/17/2005:Planetary systems can form around binary stars ...
  - Physics Org
1/17/2005:Images: Traveling inside Orion's sword
  - C/Net




1/17/2005:The Ultimate Geek Car?  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Bus Data Detects Traffic Snarls  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Navy Tests Look-to-Talk Device  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Giving Eyes to the Blind Spots  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Better Helmets, Fewer Concussions  - Wired News
1/17/2005:Tracking devicesfor the dead  - C/Net
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1/17/2005:Images: The 21st-century taxicab
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