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  January 16, 2005

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Biggest Space Explosion Creates Giant Bubbles -  The largest explosion ever seen in space reveals black holes to be more influential than expected, perhaps sometimes stifling star formation in a galaxy while gobbling up trillions upon trillions of tons of gas. The eruption has been ongoing for some 100 million years, astronomers said Wednesday. The outburst is orchestrated by a supermassive black hole that anchors a distant galaxy sitting amid a tight cluster of galaxies.
The Bear's Lair: Zero Growth Is Too High - SpaceDaily  Left:  Could a zero-growth population policy be enforced and exchanged for preferential trading status?  The Indian Ocean tsunami tragedy, and its 150,000 casualties, reminds us fortunate Westerners that too many of the world's people live in places and conditions that we would consider intolerable. The problem is not the world economy, it's world population, which has doubled in the last 50 years. The Zero Population Growth campaign of the 1970s was misguided in one respect: zero growth is too high, we need a reduction! With a world population of 6.4 billion and rising, concentrations of huge numbers of people in unsafe and squalid conditions are inevitable. With the United Nations forecasting world population increasing to 9.1 billion in 2050, almost all of the increase coming in poor countries, this problem is only going to get worse.     

Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Demand To Reach 4.5 Million Units in 2013 - SpaceDaily  Worldwide demand for light hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) is forecast to advance rapidly, reaching 4.5 million units in 2013. HEVs are expected to represent over six percent of world light vehicle demand that year due to two primary stimulants: rising energy costs and increased emissions regulations. Cost disparities between HEVs and conventional light vehicles - currently estimated at between $600 and $4,000 per vehicle, depending on type of hybrid technology used - are expected to decline significantly as production volumes increase. The primary markets for HEVs are expected to be within Triad countries. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/16/2005: Sperm magnet to help infertile men - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Plague Ants, Plantains and Scorched Plantations
  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Q & A: Flight of the Hummingbird  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Observatory: Eat or Be Eaten (but Eat Right)  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Facing Biotech Foods Without the Fear Factor  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Hurricanes May Have Spared Manatees  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Is It Dutch: Japanese: Why Not Ask the Rat-  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Gene Sequencing Explains Why Natural Bioremediation 'Bug' Has Big Appetite For Chlorinated Pollutants - Science Daily
1/16/2005: DNA Movement Linked To Formation Of Antibody Genes - Science Daily
1/16/2005: MSI Releases 'Moleculizer': A New Approach To Simulation Of Intracellular Biochemical Networks - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Agricultural Research Service Diversifies Sunflower Traits - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Scientists Discover Unique Microbe In California's Largest Lake - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/16/2005: Asian Tsunami Disaster - New Scientist
1/16/2005: 2005 preview: 'Global crude death rate' to rise - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Soaked Hill Gives Way, Killing 3 in California  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Science Panel Issues Report on Exposure to Pollutant  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Thai Tsunami Forecaster Was Clairvoyant  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Graphic  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Complete Coverage  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Living Near the Jaws of the Sea  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Pinatubo's Rivers Show The Danger Isn't Over When Volcanic Eruption Ends - Science Daily
1/16/2005: To Understand Earth's Magnetic Field, Wisconsin Scientists Study Ball Of Molten Metal - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Most Changes In The Earth's Shape Are Tied To Climate Swings - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Activities Of Subseafloor Life More Diverse Than Expected - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Backcountry Water Quality Tests Are Good News For Campers - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Hurricane Intensity Predictions Take Into Account Effect Of Large Eddies On Wind Speed - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Rocky Mountain glaciers showing effects of climate change ... - FirstScience
1/16/2005: Environmental damage overlooked ... - FirstScience
1/16/2005: Pollution from ships among key environmental threats to Caribbean Islands ... - FirstScience
1/16/2005: Global Warming Linked to Increasing Drought ... - FirstScience

1/16/2005: Entrepreneurs Pump Up Couch-Potato Technology to Promote Fitness  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Sony Research's Parisian Play Station  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Feelings, Wo, Wo, Wo, 'Filn'  - Wired News

1/16/2005: Comcast unveils phone service
 - Seattle Times

1/16/2005: Scientists Make Magnetic Silicon, Advancing Spin Based Computing - Science Daily


1/16/2005: Microsoft browser bugs 'extremely critical' - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Encrypt This  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Yahoo Unveils Software for Searching Computer Hard Drives  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Feds Can X-Rated Spam  - Wired News
1/16/2005: Verizon's E-Mail Embargo Enrages  - Wired News

1/16/2005: IBM Gives Open Source Developers Free Access to 500 Patents  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Emulators Answer the Call  - Wired News
1/16/2005: Spoonfuls of Honey Make Dieting Easy  - Wired News

1/16/2005: Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Demand To Reach 4.5 Million Units in 2013 - SpaceDaily 
1/16/2005: U.S. Allows a Reactor to Restart Despite Flaw  - NY Times
1/16/2005: CO2 Injection Boosts Oil Recovery, Captures Emissions - Science Daily

1/16/2005: Regimens: Cause, Effect and Vegetables  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Vital Signs: Measurements: Home Care, This Time for Blood  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Protein's Link to Heart Disease Is a Mystery  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Editorial: The New Heart Disease Threat  - NY Times

1/16/2005: Colorectal Cancer Screening Underutilized - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Jefferson Scientists Find Zinc May Help Prevent Esophageal, Oral - Science Daily Cancers
1/16/2005: Penn Researchers Find That Residual Tumor Cells Are A Barrier To Targeted Cancer Therapeutics - Science Daily
1/16/2005: neu Breast Cancer - Science Daily

1/16/2005: AIDS Risk - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Development Of Portable Infectious Disease Detector - Science Daily

1/16/2005: The Claim: Eating Poppy Seeds Can Make You Fail a Drug Test  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Vital Signs: At Risk: Tobacco and Cervical Cancer  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Vital Signs: Prevention: A Drink of Healthy Bacteria  - NY Times
1/16/2005: A Biomarker To Predict Osteoarthritis - Science Daily

1/16/2005: In a New Map, Radon Looks Less Risky for Many  - NY Times
1/16/2005: URI Researcher To Test 'Non-Dieting' Approach To Reducing Weight Gain Among Young Adults - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Workers With Carpal Tunnel Find Relief With Night-time Splinting - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Sleeping Less May Be Related To Weight Gain - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Weight Loss Strategies Work In People With Pre-diabetes - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/16/2005: Quakes left Cretan civilisation high and dry - New Scientist

1/16/2005: The Bear's Lair: Zero Growth Is Too High - SpaceDaily
1/16/2005: Europe fights tide of absurd patents - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Westminster diary - New Scientist
1/16/2005: 2005 preview: 'Global crude death rate' to rise - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Letters  - NY Times
1/16/2005: The Secret Lives of Just About Everybody  - NY Times
1/16/2005: European automakers to introduce new models - Seattle Times
1/16/2005: White House proposes rules to address pension shortfall - Seattle Times
1/16/2005: Digital Audio Aims for the Mass Market  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Will We Ever Learn?  - Wired News
1/16/2005: IBM Heads to Open Source  - Wired News
1/16/2005: Wikipedia Faces Growing Pains  - Wired News

1/16/2005: The Secret Lives of Just About Everybody  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Graphic: Four Men, Nine Lives
1/16/2005: Mutations In Transporter Protein Shed Light On Neurodegenerative Disorders - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Mayo Clinic Study Suggests No Link Between Autism And Immunizations - Science Daily
1/16/2005: New System May Help Babies Avoid Brain Damage - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/16/2005: Biggest Space Explosion Creates Giant Bubbles -
1/16/2005: 3 Giant Stars May Point the Way to Our Sun's Destiny
  - NY Times
1/16/2005: X-ray satellite chalks up black hole first
 - PhysicsWeb
1/16/2005: Why stalactites are all similar
 - PhysicsWeb
1/16/2005: Hydrated Electrons Can Take More Than One Guise
 - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Hubble’s Infrared Eyes Home In On Suspected Extrasolar Planet
 - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Astronomers Find Evidence For Tens Of Thousands Of Black Holes
 - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Astronomers Spot Colossal Stars
  - Wired News


1/16/2005: Research On Artificial Muscles Could Lead To Advanced Limbs For Amputees, Robots - Science Daily

1/16/2005: 2005- a tough year ahead for NASA - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Sensor glitch caused failure of huge rocket
 - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Saturn's moon reveals bulging equator - New Scientist
1/16/2005: Space shuttle mapping mission ends down under - New Scientist
1/16/2005: In the Search for Life on Titan, the Challenge Will Be Recognizing It  - NY Times
1/16/2005: Saturn's Moon Iapetus Shows A Bulging Waistline - Science Daily

1/16/2005: Nanotubes respond to gas attacks - PhysicsWeb
1/16/2005: Making microscopes go faster - PhysicsWeb
1/16/2005: Low-Drag Trucks: Aerodynamic Improvements & Flow Control System Boost Fuel Efficiency In Heavy Trucks - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Nanotechnologists' New Plastic Can See In The Dark - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Technology Can Protect Water Supply - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Scientist 'Dream Team' Assembles With Goal Of Capturing And Displaying Gigapixel-sized Images - Science Daily
1/16/2005: Lasers are Regulated, but Powerful Versions are Available Online
  - Technology Review 
1/16/2005: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  - Wired News


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