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  January 15, 2006

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Taikonauts On Moon A Far Off Dream For China Yet - SpaceDaily   A one-year lunar fly-by mission may start in April 2007 in China, but a manned flight to the Earth's neighbour may be a long way away, a chief lunar exploration scientist said last night. But the country is planning to develop even more powerful rockets in the future, he added. With project funds of only 1.4 billion yuan (US$173 million), just enough to build 14-kilometre top-grade highway in some regions, scientists have tried to utilize the country's tested space technology for the programme, he said. the spacecraft that will orbit the Moon, will be based on China's Dongfanghong III satellite platform and its launcher, Long March 3-A rocket, both are tried and tested products, he said. This mission will be followed by the landing of an unmanned vehicle on the Moon in the second stage by 2010, and collecting samples of lunar soil with an unmanned vehicle by 2020, according to earlier reports. The thrust of our rockets at present is not strong enough," Luan Enjie, commander-in-chief of the country's lunar exploration programme, said jokingly.
Microbes Survive Firey Plunge By Columbia - SpaceDaily  On board the Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-107, researchers were studying the growth and reproductive behavior of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, but the mission ended in tragedy in 2003 when the shuttle broke up during reentry. Remarkably, the worms, housed in specially designed canisters, survived the virtually unprotected reentry into the Earth's atmosphere and were recovered alive during the extensive recovery effort following the crash. "This is a very exciting result. It's the first demonstration that animals can survive a reentry event similar to what would be experienced inside a meteorite.    

Tomato Trek Yields Chilean Treasure - Science Daily  Tomorrow, superb tomatoes for full-bodied soups or perhaps for salads of crisp greens may owe some of their pedigree to the rarest of Chile's wild tomatoes. The Chilean specimens of Lycopersicon chilense, L. peruvianum, Solanum sitiens, and S. lycopersicoides that the scientists collected as seed bear bright-yellow or yellow-white flowers. The hardy plants may harbor valuable genes not found in other Chilean specimens at Davis. Those genes may enrich the nutritional value of tomorrow's supermarket and backyard garden tomatoes, L. esculentum, or perhaps boost resistance to its formidable insect and disease enemies. Now, at Davis, plants are being grown from the wild tomato seed.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/15/2005: Alzheimer Patients Treated With Testosterone In UCLA-led Study Show Improved Quality Of Life - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Tomato Trek Yields Chilean Treasure  - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Scientist's embryo cloning faked  - BBC

1/15/2005: • Crossing the Gene Barrier - Business Week
1/15/2005: • Transgenics: What's Ethical? - Business Week
1/15/2005: Probe slams stem cell scientist - MSNBC
1/15/2005: Dolphins know how to 'count' (video)'
1/15/2005: Hwang faked all research on human stem cells - New Scientist
1/15/2005: Faults In Newly Discovered Breast Stem Cells May Lead To Tumors - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Don't Blame The Big Bad Wolf - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Zebra Finches Remember Songs Dad Sang - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Scientists Finally Figure Out How Bees Fly - Space.com
1/15/2005: Frisky Ferrets Bouncing Back - Space.com

Climate, Environment:
1/15/2005: First meeting for 'Kyoto rival'  - BBC
1/15/2005: Broken ice dam blamed for 300-year chill - New Scientist
1/15/2005: Experts Urge Action To Protect Istanbul From Earthquake - Science Daily
1/15/2005: ?Poseidon Oceanography Mission Ends - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Researchers Confirm Role Of Massive Flood In Climate Change - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Tech meets porn: Gareth Mitchell on the joys of the world's biggest gadget fest- BBC
1/15/2005: • Staying Connected on the Slopes - Business Week
1/15/2005: • GameTap Taps into Intel's Viiv - Business Week
1/15/2005: Apple to sell Saturday Night Live skits for iPods- C/Net
1/15/2005: Photos: Macworld, shrouded in secrecy- C/Net
1/15/2005: All things Apple  - CNN
1/15/2005: Apple's impact on CES  - CNN

1/15/2005: The Apple elephant at CES  - CNN
1/15/2005: Rumours fly about Apple's plans
  - BBC
1/15/2005: Live from Macworld
  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Digital video makes big splash at CES
  - CNN
1/15/2005: Review: 'Prince of Persia' sequel deliciously dark
  - CNN
1/15/2005: Cool gadgets, but no consumers (video)
  - CNN

1/15/2005: Verizon's music service disables MP3s -- Monday, Jan 9, 2006- C/Net


1/15/2005: Is Java gettingbetter with age?- C/Net

1/15/2005: Expectations for Google- C/Net
1/15/2005: Google mulls online book future  - BBC
1/15/2005: Web giants show way in Vegas  - BBC

1/15/2005: Microsoft launches bug hunt- C/Net
1/15/2005: IBM taps open source to improve patent quality- C/Net
1/15/2005: ISPs asked to help clean up Sober worm- C/Net
1/15/2005: Microsoft shares tools for unlocking customer data- C/Net
1/15/2005: McAfee president jumps to Websense  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Cool your PC with 8 gallons of cooking oil  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Play that funky music, Yahoo  - C/Net

1/15/2005: Lithuania plea for nuclear plant  - BBC
1/15/2005: Photos: Peugeot downsizes the fuel cell  - C/Net

1/15/2005: Eating veg 'cuts blood pressure'- BBC
1/15/2005: Stem cells treat blood disorder- BBC
1/15/2005: Soy Diet Worsens Heart Disease In Mice, Says University Of Colorado At Boulder Study - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Doubt over prostate cancer test- BBC
1/15/2005: Cancer Researchers Describe Gene That Halts Spread Of Aggressive Childhood Cancer - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Breast Cancer-causing Gene Predicts Shorter Survival - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Underutilized Treatment For Advanced Ovarian Cancer Found To Significantly Improve Survival - Science Daily

1/15/2005: HSBC sees bird flu hitting staff- BBC
1/15/2005: Bird flu cases 'under-estimated'- BBC
1/15/2005: Turkish bird flu 'under control'  - BBC
1/15/2005: Toward a Better Understanding of Human Prion Diseases - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Genetic Clues To Sodalis Deepens Knowledge Of Bacterial Diseases - Science Daily


1/15/2005: Doctors trained in spotting abuse- BBC
1/15/2005: Taking a nap: How long should your baby sleep for during the day?- BBC
1/15/2005: Why travelling by taxi may not be good for your lungs  - BBC
1/15/2005: Cough medicines 'of little help'  - BBC
1/15/2005: Battle Of The Bulge: Why Losing Weight Is Easier Than Keeping It Off For Good - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Research Provides More Evidence That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Legitimate Medical Condition - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/15/2005: On This Day 1985: Sinclair C5 sparks safety fears in first day on the road- BBC
1/15/2005: Scientists dig into Mongolia’s mysteries - MSNBC

1/15/2005: Iran ups the ante: Tehran's new nuclear move brings censure by the West nearer
1/15/2005: Bemused boffins: Why does the old stereotypical image of scientists persist?
1/15/2005: Have Your Say: Your comments on India's "girl deficit"- BBC
1/15/2005: The Booming Biz of ID Protection - Business Week
1/15/2005: • S&P Cuts Sandisk, Alcatel - Business Week
1/15/2005: Patriot Act defender touts 'safeguards'- C/Net
1/15/2005: Video: Guy Kawasaki's newest love? C/Net
1/15/2005: Photos: Skydivers set a record- C/Net
1/15/2005: Panasonic to emphasize cameras, plasmas -- Monday, Jan 9, 2006- C/Net
1/15/2005: Apple juggernaut shows no sign of waning  - CNN
1/15/2005: London bombs Specialist services are easing trauma symptoms  - BBC
1/15/2005: Silicon Valley dusts off help wanted sign  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Perspective: The next Sarbanes-Oxley?  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Chips, flat screens to drive up Samsung profit  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Matsushita to build $1.6 billion plasma plant  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Oracle to raise India headcount by 1,400  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Indian team of 500 helped Intel design Yonah  - El. Engr. Times
1/15/2005: Calculating People Passing By - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Drug to trigger DIY nerve repair- BBC
1/15/2005: Eyes Wide Shut- Surprising Findings About How Brain Builds Visual Circuits - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Researchers Develop Mouse Model For Genetic Mental Retardation Syndrome - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Eye Cell Implants Improve Motor Symptoms For Parkinson Patients - Science Daily
1/15/2005: Computers Estimate Emotions - Science Daily
1/15/2005: New University of Washington Study Offers Strategy For Treatment Of Fatal Nervous System Disorder - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/15/2005: Rapid Rotation Distorts Bright Star Vega - Space.com
1/15/2005: Milky Way's Warp Explained
 - Space.com
1/15/2005: Large Survey Of Galaxies Yields New Findings On Star Formation
 - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005: Scientists Probe Black Hole's Inner Sanctum
 - SpaceDaily

1/15/2005: Measuring Mortality In Developing Countries - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Robots Can Travel More Safely With New Software - Science Daily

1/15/2005: Taikonauts On Moon A Far Off Dream For China Yet - SpaceDaily
Microbes Survive Firey Plunge By Columbia - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005: Cosmic Log: Spaceman on ‘Survivor’
1/15/2005: US warns world of Pluto probe's nuclear payload - New Scientist
1/15/2005: Internet users will hunt for Stardust@home
 - New Scientist
1/15/2005: Gilat Provides 2,400 Site VSAT Network For Major Brazilian Cosmetics Chain
 - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005: CAGW Criticizes Subsidies For ULA Satellite Launches
 - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005: Stardust capsule set for return
  - BBC
1/15/2005: Recruits needed to sift stardust
  - BBC
1/15/2005: Stardust comet mission
  - BBC
1/15/2005: First Galileo signals received
  - BBC
1/15/2005: NASA’s Pluto Probe Set for Flight
 - Space.com
1/15/2005: Back-Up Plan for Stardust Mission a Three-Year Detour
 - Space.com
1/15/2005: Brazil's First Astronaut, Next ISS Crew Ready for Flight
 - Space.com
1/15/2005: EU Space Agency to sign Galileo contract on Jan. 19 ...
 - FirstScience

1/15/2005: Showdown: Hi-def DVD players- C/Net
1/15/2005: Photos: Old-school looks- C/Net
1/15/2005: A DVD combo: Don't hold your breath  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Photos: Hot cars and a cool massage  - C/Net
1/15/2005: Computer chips get under skin of enthusiasts  - CNN
1/15/2005: Invention: Spy-diver killer - New Scientist
1/15/2005: Airbus Looks To Lightweight Future
 - SpaceDaily


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