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  January 15, 2005

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Finding Other Worlds -  Since the 1992 announcement of pulsar planets by Alex Wolszczan, more than 130 giant (Jupiter and Saturn size) planets in orbit about nearby stars have been discovered using ground-based telescopes. In 2007, NASAís Kepler Mission will begin the space-based search for extrasolar planets. Over its planned observing lifetime, Kepler is likely to discover many hundreds of extrasolar planets both large and small.      
Evidence For Sun-Climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists - SpaceDaily  A team led by University of Maine scientists has reported finding a potential link between changes in solar activity and the Earth's climate. The authors also point to data from Greenland and the Canadian Yukon that suggest similar relationships between solar activity and the atmosphere in the northern hemisphere. They focus on years since 1400 when the Earth entered a roughly 500-year period known as the Little Ice Age. The researchers' goal is to understand what drives the Earth's climate system without taking increases in greenhouse gases into account, says Mayewski.

Climate: The Debate Is Changing - SpaceDaily  The global warming debate will shift in the United States in 2005 because evidence that the phenomenon is real has reached a crescendo. The catalyst for the shift is not some esoteric discovery by an atmospheric scientist, but a fairly simple paper by a history professor, Naomi Oreskes of the University of California, San Diego. Oreskes has found there is a "scientific consensus" on global warming - that is, it is real and it is being caused by humans. Oreskes' paper's strength is its simplicity. It is something everyone can understand, without knowing the chemistry of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/15/2005:†Amazon angst Brazil's farmers and environmentalists at loggerheads  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Animal odd couple make friends
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†GM firm fined for bribery  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Even rats have an ear for language - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Wolves thrive decade after reintroduction - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Swordfish heat their eyes for better vision  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
1/15/2005:†Evidence For Sun-Climate Link Reported By UMaine Scientists - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005:†Climate: The Debate Is Changing - SpaceDaily
1/15/2005:†Paradise lost: Some Maldivians face evacuating their islands forever  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Tsunami's salt threat to islands  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Giant ice slabs set for collision
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Paradise waits Indian islands' tourism hopes when tsunami shock recedes  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Amazon angst Brazil's farmers and environmentalists at loggerheads  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Satellites measured killer tsunami  - CNN
1/15/2005:†Cities studied as designer ecosystems - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Retro classics Can Nintendo titles be revived for the GameBoy Advance?
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Gadget market 'to grow in 2005'  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Bloopers bedevil Gates at CES  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†A blizzard of gadgets at CES 2005  - CNN
1/15/2005:†'Exergaming' courts couch potatoes  - CNN
1/15/2005:†Cosmic Log: How much did Earth move? - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Tsunamiís roots go back millions of years - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Killer waves were sometimes†inches high - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†U.S. tried to bury pollutant study, group says - MSNBC
1/15/2005:†Final images released in NASA mapping mission  - Nature
1/15/2005:†Forces gather behind proposal for a natural-disaster agency  - Nature

1/15/2005:†'Best in show' The tech causing a stir at the world's biggest gadget show  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Gadget market 'to grow in 2005'  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Grand Theft Auto planned for PSP  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Retro classics: Can Nintendo titles be revived for the GameBoy Advance?  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Media gadgets get moving  - BBC

1/15/2005:†Child warning over mobile phones
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Mobile phones: Does making too many calls pose a risk to our health?
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Health study urges caution with cell phones
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Cell phone virus turns up the heat
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†U.S. broadband A-OK
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Comcast to launch IM with video
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Expert: Keep children from cell phones
  - CNN
1/15/2005:†Lucent and the crash of the telecom industry
1/15/2005:†Cellphones 'should not be given to children'
 - New Scientist

1/15/2005:†Parallel processor firm pitches core at video apps  - El. Engr. Times
1/15/2005:†Laser demos silicon-opto convergence  - El. Engr. Times

1/15/2005:†Macworld '05: A New Direction?  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Macworld '05: A New Direction? - Business Week
1/15/2005:†100-Gbyte mini drives debut  - El. Engr. Times

1/15/2005:†How did the web help turn a napkin into an elven boot?  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Alert over Harry Potter web scam  - BBC
1/15/2005:†BBC web search aids odd queries  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Yahoo moves into desktop search  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Locked out: A father's fight to see his dead son's e-mails. But who owns them-  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Microsoft, Siemens push to collaborate  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Yahoo joins desktop search fray  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Images: Yahoo's desktop search  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Sex spammers targeted by feds  - CNN
1/15/2005:†Simple snoop-proof email launched - New Scientist
1/15/2005:†Voicemail software recognises callers' emotions - New Scientist

1/15/2005:†'No dad, press Esc': As parents go online their kids are being treated as IT support  - BBC
1/15/2005:†IBM frees 500 software patents
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Insecurity: An inside job  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Hackers raising hackles  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Researcher faces jail for finding bugs  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†HP's media hub sneak peek  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Security in year of 'BUT'  - C/Net


1/15/2005:†Heart deaths could be cut in half  - BBC

1/15/2005:†Olive oil acid 'cuts cancer risk'  - BBC

1/15/2005:†Super microbe's life code cracked  - BBC
1/15/2005:†HIV discrimination 'rife in UK'  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Caution raised over SARS vaccine  - Nature

1/15/2005:†Smokebusters: Policing Italy's new smoking ban is no easy task  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Allergens reveal common contours  - Nature

1/15/2005:†Gene 'raises osteoarthritis risk'  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Parents of China's 1.3 billionth baby refuse to milk son's birth  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/15/2005:†1985: Sinclair C5 hits the road - Electric trike sparks safey fears  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Da Vinci gadgets  - CNN

1/15/2005:†In pictures: Highlights of the Detroit Motor Show  - BBC
1/15/2005:†TV future in the hands of viewers  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Crematoria warned over mercury  - BBC
1/15/2005:†What HDTV Is Missing- HD Content  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Only known portrait found of 'greatest black Briton in history'
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Disaster victims: How do we grieve for friends and family if there's no body?  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Asia Is Stem Cell Central - Business Week
1/15/2005:†Your rants on hold will be monitored  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Apple suit tests First Amendment  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Why China lags in IT  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Real world doesn't use a joystick  - Wired News
1/15/2005:†The five stages of a turnaround  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Enron's Lay pays for search engine listing - USA Today
1/15/2005:†Don't blame trade for U.S. job losses  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†The call of the wild, again, in Internet funds  - NY Times

1/15/2005:†Bedtimes could pinpoint the end of adolescence - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
1/15/2005:†Finding Other Worlds -
1/15/2005:†Three largest stars identified
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Possible planet caught on film ... again
1/15/2005:†Light shed on black-hole masses
  - Nature
1/15/2005:†First direct sighting of an extrasolar planet
 - New Scientist

1/15/2005:†Heart 'key' to women's longevity  - BBC

1/15/2005:†Robot revamped: Popular toy gets overhaul in time for Christmas 2005  - BBC

1/15/2005:†Iapetus moon bulges at the sides  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Europe's 'super rocket' to launch
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Why Titan could be so revealing about life on earth
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Watch how the Cassini mission to the ringed planet will unfold
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Animated guide to the mission
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Science hopes ride on Huygens
  - BBC
1/15/2005:†Space probe phones home from Titan
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†Photo: First image from Titan
  - C/Net
1/15/2005:†PLAY VIDEO
  - CNN
1/15/2005:†Huygens at Titan's doorstep
  - Nature
1/15/2005:†European Spacecraft Enters Saturn Moon's Hazy Atmosphere
  - NY Times

1/15/2005:†Renaissance: How technology is bringing priceless art back to life  - BBC
1/15/2005:†The Shape of Tech This Year
 - Business Week
1/15/2005:†1 Tech Stocks' Date with Reality - Business Week
1/15/2005:†2 VCs Shuck Their Shellshock - Business Week
1/15/2005:†3 Tech Hiring: An Oxymoron No More - Business Week
1/15/2005:†4 Turning Wi-Fi Into a Must-Have - Business Week
1/15/2005:†5 High-Tech TVs for Everyman - Business Week
1/15/2005:†6 A Software Merger Reality Check
 - Business Week
1/15/2005:†7 Here Comes China, the Chipmaker
 - Business Week
1/15/2005:†From Octopus Eye to Tiny Camera
 - Business Week


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