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  January 14, 2006

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Living Forever - SpaceDaily  Kurzwell's latest futuristic tome is the sequel to his last bestseller, "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," which posited that the ever-accelerating rate of technological change would lead to computers that would rival the full range of human intelligence. He now takes his readers to the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the fusion of human brain and machine. Thus, "the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will merge with the vastly greater capacity, speed and knowledge-sharing ability of our own creations." Kurzweil is in the National Inventors Hall of Fame,     
Convergence Comes To China - SpaceDaily  A number of converged network communications projects are expected to move forward in China this year -- with wired and wireless elements -- spanning from Shanghai to Beijing, experts tell United Press International's Networking. One of the biggest networking projects is China's landmark west-east gas pipeline project (WEPP), which has selected an IP-based converged networking solution from Nortel to power voice and multimedia communications, both wired and wireless, along its 4,200-kilometer route. Operated by PetroChina Company Ltd., a subsidiary of the state-owned China National Petroleum Corp.     

Flat-screen marvels to show at CES  - C/Net  From big-screen flat-panel televisions that can simultaneously display four high-definition videos to a small dual-lens digital camera for wide-angle photography, this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will not be short on new gadgets. "Sling Media's Slingbox takes us closer to our overall goal, which is to turn every display that a consumer interfaces with into not only TV or some video source but turn it into the TV that you love the most, which is your living-room TV," said Blake Krikorian, CEO of Sling Media. Other electronic gizmos that will be shown off this week include Kodak's Easyshare V570 digital camera, which has two lenses that work together to mimic a wide-angle lens camera. The new compact 5-megapixel camera allows the photographer to capture a bigger chunk of the subject without having to stand farther back. It will be priced at $399 when it hits store shelves later this month, the company said. One company will claim its flat-panel television will have one of the highest resolutions. Westinghouse is expected to unveil a 56-inch LCD that contains 8 million pixels. That's enough resolution to display four high-definition videos at the same time, said Rey Roque, vice president of marketing. Also, at 56 inches, it will be among the largest LCD displays to be available this year, Roque said. "This will have 23 times higher picture quality than images from standard DVDs," he said. The price is not set yet, but it will be ready for sale in the second half of the year, he said 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/14/2005: Study Reveals Classic Symbiotic Relationship Between Ants, Bacteria - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Researchers Find Link Between Social Behavior, Maternal Traits In Bees
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Tandem Transcripts Team Together - Science Daily
1/14/2005: On The Loose: Urban Coyotes Thrive In North American Cities - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Newfound Eye Cells Sense Night and Day - Live Science
1/14/2005: Ants Use Antibiotics to Fight Pests - Live Science
1/14/2005: Research Tracks Whales By Listening To Sounds - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Science takes stock after clone row ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: S.Korea Science Fraud Leaves Sponsors in Limbo ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
1/14/2005: Logging May Hinder Forest Regeneration, Increase Fire Risk - Science Daily
1/14/2005: How Marine Reserves Are Giving Coral Reefs A Helping Hand - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Satellites Capture First-ever Gravity Map Of Tides Under Antarctic Ice - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Europe Moves Ahead With Weather Satellite Blacklist - Space.com
1/14/2005: Indian Small EO Satellites To Study Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Space Imaging Get Extra $24M From Pentagon - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: EGNOS Demonstration In South Africa - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Radar Sat Checks Stability Of Artificial Hole - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Delhi Gets First Winter Ice In 70 Years - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Many heavy metals are toxic to the environment or to humans. Legal limits for these pollutants in drinking wat ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Whalers ram Greenpeace ship ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Gov's plan to cut mercury emissions fuels criticism- Industry, lawmakers question feasibility and cost of prop ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Greenpeace wages war on high seas ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Making trap for greenhouse gas ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Commission tightens up car pollution limits ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Experts to Study Nica Volcanoes ... - FirstScience

1/14/2005: Multimedia on demand dominates electronics show - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Highlights from CES  - Technology Review 
1/14/2005: Battle of the Big-Ass TVs  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Gadgets Galore at CES  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Game Year in Review: 2010  - Wired News
1/14/2005: High-Def DVD Shows Off at CES  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Xbox 360 Killer App: Deep Throat
  - Wired News

Convergence Comes To China - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Choosing Mobile TV Channels
  - Technology Review 
1/14/2005: Stern Puts Sat Radio Into Orbit
  - Wired News


1/14/2005: Rumors of Revamped Apple Laptops  - Wired News

1/14/2005: Diary of an Expat Downloader  - Wired News
1/14/2005: U of Texas E-Mail Ban Upheld  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Google Goes for Web Video Gold  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Page Layout Got You Down?  - Wired News

1/14/2005: Semantic Descriptors To Help The Hunt For Music - Science Daily

1/14/2005: New Research To Help Guarantee Future Of Oil Supplies - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Tiny Crystals Promise Big Benefits For Solar Technologies - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Portable Fuel Cell-Based Power Pack For Battlefield - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Energy Crisis Drives Europe To Nuclear & Green - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Oil Still A Lucrative Business - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Behind Russia's Gas Policy - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: EU officials urge governments to look at renewable energy and nuclear power ...
 - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Avista seeks out more renewable energy; Utility predicts energy shortage by 2010, looks for additional sources ...
 - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Nuclear update ...
 - FirstScience

1/14/2005: Bringing Hearts Back To Life: After Cardiac Arrest, Children Fare Better Than Adults, Landmark Study Shows - Science Daily

1/14/2005: Dogs as good as screening for cancer detection - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Loss Of Caspase-8 Makes Neuroblastoma More Aggressive - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Loosen Leash On Cancer Protein 'Watchdog,' Researchers Say - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Abdominal Chemo Boosts Survival In Ovarian Cancer Patients - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Cell Stress Protein Linked To Aggressive Breast Cancer - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Hopkins Researcher Links Gene Mutation With Poor Outcomes In People With Most Common Thyroid Cancer - Science Daily

1/14/2005: Special feature: The bird flu threat - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Human bird flu cases spread in Turkey - New Scientist
1/14/2005: New Vaccine For Condition That Kills 500,000 Children A Year - Science Daily

1/14/2005: Viral Infection At Birth Linked To Cerebral Palsy - Science Daily

1/14/2005: Could organ transplants use a dose of teen hormones? - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Down Syndrome And Cleft Lip, Palate Most Prevalent Birth Defects - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Questions Over 'Healing Effect' Of Magnets - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Biomarker For Age-related Macular Degeneration Found - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Turn Down That Radio! Years Of Loud Noise May Lead To Tumor - Science Daily
1/14/2005: University Of Alberta Researcher Unveils World's Largest Drug Database - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Exercise Helps Speed Wound Healing In Older Adults - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Caffeine May Boost Female Sex Drive - Live Science

History, Anthropology:

1/14/2005: Born free, shot for sport - New Scientist
1/14/2005: India is missing 10 million daughters - New Scientist
1/14/2005: SUVs No Safer Than Passenger Cars For Children, New Study Finds - Science Daily - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Dogs Keep Dying: Many Owners Unaware Of Toxic Dog Food - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Dow closes above 11,000 for first time since before 9/11 attacks - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: E-mails give legs to myths - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Putting myself on the line with 2006 predictions - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: VoiceBox knows what you're talking about - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Iraq's Dark Realities - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Taiwan Produces 3 Cruise Missile Prototypes - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: BMDS Sensor Netting & Integration - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: "Bigfoot" Excitement Mounting In Malaysia - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Sino-India Trade To Reach New High - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: The Great Chinese Experiment  - Technology Review 

1/14/2005: Study Suggests That Heritability Of Major Depression Is Higher In Women Than In Men - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Scientists, Linking Gene With Serotonin And Depression, Offer Insights To New Treatments - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Nobelist Discovers Antidepressant Protein In Mouse Brain - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Chemical Signaling Helps Regulate Sensory Map Formation In The Brain - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Man's Best Friend: Study Shows Lonely Seniors Prefer Playtime With Pooch Over Human Interaction - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/14/2005: How the universe's first magnetic field formed - New Scientist
1/14/2005: 'Mild' collision spawned Earth's moon
 - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Hubble reveals Pole Star's closest companion
 - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Perspectives: Unifying the universe
 - New Scientist
1/14/2005: A medium-sized black hole?
 - PhysicsWeb
1/14/2005: Integral Identifies Supernova Rate For Milky Way
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Physicists Capture Small Numbers Of Atoms In Laser Traps
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Milky Way's Warp Explained
 - Space.com
1/14/2005: Chemists Calculate Structure Of Puzzling 'Scrambler' Molecule
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Vanishing Gas Confirms Black Hole Event Horizons
 - Space.com
1/14/2005: North Star's Unseen Companion Photographed
 - Space.com
1/14/2005: UI Researchers Discover Star Orbiting A Medium-Sized Black Hole
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: One-way trip into black hole takes 200,000 years ...
 - ABC

1/14/2005: Living Forever - SpaceDaily


1/14/2005: What we learned on Mars - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Official: Genesis Pre-Launch Test Skipped
 - Space.com
1/14/2005: NASA Had No Choice But To Buy Soyuz Flights
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: 2007 Moon Rocket Production Kicks Off
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Stardust On Route For Sample Return To Earth
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Comet Dust Brought Back To Earth: Paving The Way For Rosetta
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Last Hours of Stardust Mission Filled With Milestones
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: First Galileo Signals Transmitted By GIOVE-A
 - SpaceDaily

1/14/2005: Suffocation leaves a mark in the genes - New Scientist
1/14/2005: Breathing in oceans full of air - New Scientist
1/14/2005: 'Quiet' Mach 6 Wind Tunnel At Purdue Helps Shape Future Aircraft - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Honda car, truck win top awards - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Military Sensor Hears Through Walls - Live Science
1/14/2005: Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser Tests Well - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Solid-State Laser Tech For Mil Apps
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Global Hawk UAV Passes 5,000 Flight Hours
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: LM- Sensor Array For Advanced Development UUV
 - SpaceDaily


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