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  January 14, 2005

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US West Coast Tsunami Dangers - SpaceDaily  The type of devastating tsunami that struck the southern coast of Asia is entirely possible in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but might not cause as much loss of life there because of better warning systems, according to experts at Oregon State University. As the death tolls rises into the tens of thousands in Asia and the number of homeless above one million, OSU experts say many of the same forces that caused this disaster are at work elsewhere on the Pacific Ocean "ring of fire," one of the most active tectonic and volcanic regions of the world. This clearly includes the West Coast of the U.S. and particularly the Pacific Northwest.    
Researchers Discover Humans Are Of A 'Privileged' Evolutionary Lineage - SpaceDaily  Left:  'Generally speaking, the higher up the evolutionary tree, the bigger and more complex the brain becomes (after scaling to body size). But this moderate trend became a huge leap during human evolution. The human brain (pictured) is exceptionally larger and more complex than the brains of nonhuman primates, including man's closest relative, the chimpanzee.'  "Humans evolved their cognitive abilities not due to a few accidental mutations, but rather, from an enormous number of mutations acquired though exceptionally intense selection favoring more complex cognitive abilities," said lead scientist Bruce Lahn, an assistant professor of human genetics at the University of Chicago.  

High-Flying Observatory Reveals Land Changing To Desert - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image shows how spectral data, information contained in reflected light, obtained from the NASA Airborne Visible and Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) is organized into "data cubes." It also shows what the reflecting light reveals as the sensor collects data from the canopy to the soil. The different types of vegetation are grasslands, transition areas, and desert shrublands in the Northern Chihuahua region of New Mexico. Image courtesy: Global Change Biology.  The study, to be published in the January 2005 issue of Global Change Biology, is a milestone both for the new methods employed and for understanding what is happening as agricultural and grazing lands change into desert--a top environmental worry of the United Nations.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/14/2005: Researchers Discover Humans Are Of A 'Privileged' Evolutionary Lineage - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: New Protein Holds Promise For Use In Medicine And Nanoscience
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: UCSD Discovery Shows How Embryonic Stem Cells Perform 'Quality Control' Inspections - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Spiders Watch Their Diets Too - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/14/2005: Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution ...  - Nature
1/14/2005: New protein may aid drug therapy  - BBC
1/14/2005: Stem Cell Committee Expects to Award First Grants in May  - Technology Review

Climate, Environment:
1/14/2005: High-Flying Observatory Reveals Land Changing To Desert - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: US West Coast Tsunami Dangers - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Subduction Zone, Shallow Depth Make Lethal Mix In Earthquake That Triggered Asian Tsunami - Science Daily
1/14/2005: 'Emotional pollution has spoiled nature' ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Changes in Earth's shape tied to climate ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: India, Pak fail to break dam on Baglihar project ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: EBay Attacks 'E-Waste' with Electronics Recycling Program ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Science Safari: Tsunamis and Other Natural Hazards ... - Science News
1/14/2005: World's islands seek help to tackle nature's wrath - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Maldives seek 1.5 billion dollars to regain paradise - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: More Than 2,500 Aftershocks In Wake Of Asia Tsunamis - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: CSIRO Points The Way To Seafloor Riches - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: 'Chain reaction': Can earthquakes really trigger volcanic eruptions?
  - BBC

1/14/2005: EBay, Intel Launch Initiative to Recycle Used Electronic Gadgets  - Technology Review
1/14/2005: Eco-friendly construction practices stressed ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Environmentalists, feds face off over wilderness lawsuit ... - FirstScience

1/14/2005: CES Celebrates Gadget Gluttony  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Garmin Launch New StreetPilot Navigators - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Thales Unveils Three New Magellan eXplorist Palm-Size GPS Handhelds - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Digital everything, for everywhere - Seattle Times



1/14/2005: Apple Bites the Fans That Feed It  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Hitachi drives get bigger--and smaller  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Hitachi Boosts Hard Drive Line  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Tiny hard drives get bigger capacities at CES  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Hitachi to unveil 500-gig hard drive  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Hitachi Plans Big Boost for Small Drives  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Toshiba ships 2-Gbyte hard drive for mobile devices
 - Silicon Strategies

1/14/2005: Bashing Google  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Report: Schools wired, but still not Internet savvy  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Looking up old friends? Be polite - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Four Sydney High School Students Charged with Global Internet Scam, Police Say  - Technology Review

1/14/2005: Sumitronics Grabs Music While You Sleep  - Wired News
1/14/2005: TiVo surfs Internet for new service  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Good DVD software player can grab movie screenshots - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Printing photos can be tricky - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: Microsoft's Gates Touts 'Digital Lifestyle,' Despite Technical Bugs  - Technology Review
1/14/2005: The Legal Peers  - Technology Review


1/14/2005: Size Of Myocardial Infarct Measured Using MRI - Science Daily


1/14/2005: 'Jumping Gene' Helps Explain Immune System's Abilities - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Study Finds Herpes Virus In 98 Percent Of Healthy Participants - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Hospital Epidemiologists Trace Outbreak Of Antimicrobial Resistant Organism To Commonly Used Wound Care Equipment - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Genetic HIV Resistance Deciphered  - Wired News
1/14/2005: 'I live in a world of uncertainty'  - BBC
1/14/2005: Doubt over superbug measures  - BBC


1/14/2005: New Painkiller Was Born In Utah: Undergrad Discovered Natural Form In Venomous Snails - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Blood test could spot liver harm  - BBC
1/14/2005: A fresh start: What are detoxification diets and do they really work?  - BBC
1/14/2005: Research Offers Hope Of New Treatments For Liver Damage 'Plague' - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

1/14/2005: Why Is Mona Lisa's Smile Cracking? - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Injury Toll In U.S. Homes Tops 12 Million Yearly: UNC, Other Experts Call For Action - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Vaporware Phantom Haunts Us All  - Wired News
1/14/2005: It Pays to Trust Your Gut  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Straining for Novel Positions  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Don't Call, I'm on the TV  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Jeff Bezos on the Zen of Sales  - Wired News
1/14/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News
1/14/2005: Nuclear Proliferation Scandal Raises Questions of Pakistan Military's Involvement ... - FirstScience
1/14/2005: North Korea Unveils New War Plan Focusing On Defense: Report - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Motorola gears up for home networking  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Tech jobs at your service  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Watch 'Regis and Kelly' while trekking in Nepal  - C/Net
1/14/2005: TI Sees High-End TV Prices Going Way Down  - C/Net
1/14/2005: Researchers Develop New Tool To Detect Agents Of Bioterrorism - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Labor report: Hiring in '04 highest in years - Seattle Times
1/14/2005: It's Time to Spray DDT ...  - NY Times

1/14/2005: Faces Must Be Seen To Be Recognized - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Zebrafish May Hold Key To Understanding Human Nerve Cell Development - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Shepherds Whistle While They Work And Brains Process Sounds As Language - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Proof That Smoking Cannabis Can Make You Psychotic  - Wired News
1/14/2005: Scientists Uncover New Mechanism For The Amygdala In Fear Recognition - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/14/2005: Elegant Shape Of Eiffel Tower Solved Mathematically By University Of Colorado Professor - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Year of physics 2005: Focus on young theorists ...
  - Nature
1/14/2005: Hubble Robot Repair Deal Given to Canadian Firm
1/14/2005: First Detection Of Magnetic Fields In Central Stars Of Four Planetary Nebulae
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Swift catches first cosmic blasts
  - BBC
1/14/2005: NASA Swift Mission Turns On And Sees A Blast Of Bursts
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Maui Recommended for Site of Solar Scope ...
 - Washington Post
1/14/2005: Hubble-bubble...silver hookahs not a thing of past ...
 - FirstScience

1/14/2005: Riverside Professor Receives First Age-Reversal Prize - Science Daily


1/14/2005: Hubble: Keep both options open ... - Astronomy
1/14/2005: NOVA: Welcome to Mars ...
 - FirstScience
1/14/2005: Elements In Place For Return To Flight
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: Space Watch: Bush 43 Vs Bush 41 In Space
 - SpaceDaily
1/14/2005: NASA's Improved Shuttle External Tank Begins Journey To Launch
 - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter On Schedule ...
 - FirstScience

1/14/2005: Flame Retardant Exposure Linked To House Dust - Science Daily
1/14/2005: 6.7 Million For Bionic War On Disabilities - Science Daily
1/14/2005: EPA Study Aims At Healthy Indoor Climate - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Tiny, Atom-based Detector Senses Weak Magnetic Fields - Science Daily
1/14/2005: Satellites to Predict Landslides, Plan Highways  - Wired News
1/14/2005: TiVo to Launch Video Recorder that Integrates Cable Box  - Technology Review
1/14/2005: Digital Audio Aims for the Mass Market
  - Technology Review


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