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  January 13, 2005

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Inexpensive, Mass-Produced Genes At Core Of Synthetic Biology Advances At UH - SpaceDaily  Devices the size of a pager now have greater capabilities than computers that once occupied an entire room. Similar advances are being made in the emerging field of synthetic biology at the University of Houston, now allowing researchers to inexpensively program the chemical synthesis of entire genes on a single microchip. Xiaolian Gao, a professor in the department of biology and biochemistry at UH, works at the leading edge of this field. Her recent findings on how to mass produce multiple genes on a single chip are described in a paper titled "Accurate multiplex gene synthesis from programmable DNA microchips," appearing in the current issue of Nature, the weekly scientific journal for biological and physical sciences research. "Their organization is very complex, even in simple organisms."    
Clusters Of Earthquakes Yield An Ominous Scenario - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California. It separates the Juan de Fuca and North America plates. New ocean floor is being created offshore of Washington and Oregon. As more material wells up along the ocean ridge, the ocean floor is pushed toward and beneath the continent. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is where the two plates meet.  According to scientists at Oregon State University, this subduction zone has just experienced a cluster of four massive earthquakes during the past 1600 years, and if historical trends continue, this cluster could be over and the zone may already have entered a long quiet period of 500 to 1,000 years  

Deep Impact Set For Launch But Scientists Must Wait Six Months For Main Event - SpaceDaily  If all goes as planned, Deep Impact will become the first mission to slam into a comet, giving astronomers worldwide something far better than any other fireworks show on July 4, 2005 ­ the first look inside a comet at the most primitive material left in the solar system. "Other comet-rendezvous missions have proposed sampling less than a foot into the upper surface. But that doesn't get at the ices in the interior, which scientists believe are early solar system materials that have been kept in the deep freeze for the past 4.5 billion years."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/13/2005: Inexpensive, Mass-Produced Genes At Core Of Synthetic Biology Advances At UH - SpaceDaily
1/13/2005: How your nose is more complex than a 747
1/13/2005: Dog epilepsy gene study could aid humans - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Tortoise keeps baby hippo company - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Microbes found in Earth’s salty extremes - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Bacteria adapt to eat varieties of sludge - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Insects manage to follow a balanced diet - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Microbes brave briny basins  - Nature
1/13/2005: Animal Studies Show Stem Cells Might Make Biological Pacemaker - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Synthetic Biology- Researchers Mass Produce Genes On A Chip - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/13/2005: Clusters Of Earthquakes Yield An Ominous Scenario - SpaceDaily
1/13/2005: Scientists chart global disaster hot spots - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Congress to weigh global tsunami system - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Experts fear tsunami damage to reefs - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Cosmic Log: More before-and-after views - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Mass graves not necessary for tsunami victims  - Nature
1/13/2005: Carbon trading grows into new year  - Nature
1/13/2005: Tsunami survivors face pneumonia threat  - Nature
1/13/2005: Tsunami could dredge up new diseases - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Radar satellites capture tsunami wave height - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Tsunami's Ripples, Unnoticed, Washed Along Atlantic Coast  - NY Times
1/13/2005: Graphic: Even in the Atlantic  - NY Times
1/13/2005: UCSC Geophysicist Creates Computer Simulation Of Indian Ocean - Science Daily Tsunami

1/13/2005: Week in review: Video goes Vegas
1/13/2005: Photos: CES gadget glitz
1/13/2005: Photos: TVs of tomorrow  - C/Net
1/13/2005: SanDisk unveils SD flash card with USB connectivity  - C/Net
1/13/2005: Image: SanDisk's flash has USB connections  - C/Net
1/13/2005: Favorites at CES
1/13/2005: Gallery
  - CNN
1/13/2005: Video
  - CNN
1/13/2005: Mitsubishi takes wraps off 'Pocket Projector'
  - El. Engr. Times
1/13/2005: Supernatural powers become contagious in PC game
 - New Scientist

1/13/2005: Deploy first, says FCC's Powell, ask questions later
  - El. Engr. Times
1/13/2005: 'Conclusive' study of cellphones fuels controversy
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Power Line Data Transmission Capacity- Bigger Than DSL Or Cable
 - Science Daily

1/13/2005: Toshiba CompactFlash cards reach multigig memories  - C/Net
1/13/2005: EE Times -Smart Storage - Google

1/13/2005: Sony Begins Mass Production of OLED Displays - Google
1/13/2005: Toshiba Begins Mass Production of .85 Inch ... - Google
1/13/2005: Software firms want copyright change  - CNN
1/13/2005: eBay to recycle, resell old PCs  - CNN

1/13/2005: Photos from 9/11 ruins going online  - CNN
1/13/2005: Voicemail software recognises callers' emotions - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Simple programs make file sharing inevitable - New Scientist



1/13/2005: Reduced Progression Of Atherosclerosis Tied To Statin Drugs Lowering Fats, Protein - Science Daily

1/13/2005: 'Smart bombs' to deliver fatal blast to tumours - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Secondhand Smoke Linked To Cervical Cancer - Science Daily
1/13/2005: New CAD System Detects Colon Polyps In Colons Previously Obscured By Contrast-Enhanced Fluid - Science Daily
1/13/2005: More Precise Radiation Therapy Lets Prostate Cancer Patients Avoid Erectile Dysfunction - Science Daily

1/13/2005: Gene fights off HIV  - Nature


1/13/2005: Doctors Must Consider Potentially Inappropriate Medications When Treating Elderly - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Hershey Medical Center To Participate In Study Of Blood Substitute For Trauma Patients - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Outlook Is Bleak For The Smallest Premature Babies: 80 Percent Have Impairment - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Building A Tool To Examine Bone Quality For Space And Earth-based Diagnosis - Science Daily
1/13/2005: New UCSD Research Shows Deadly Drug Mistakes Spike At The Start Of Each Month, Suggests Pharmacy Errors - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/13/2005: Legend of ‘mummy’s curse’ reawakened - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Hawaiian temples tell tale of social change - MSNBC
1/13/2005: Amateur spots dinosaur footprints - MSNBC

1/13/2005: Oracle takeover- It's a wrap  - C/Net
1/13/2005: Tsunami forces high-flying India to look in the mirror  - El. Engr. Times
1/13/2005: U.S. official- hike in H-1B visas to Indian workers likely  - El. Engr. Times
1/13/2005: School district defends intelligent design - MSNBC
1/13/2005: ARCHIVE: More science news - MSNBC

1/13/2005: Antibiotics Protect Nerves In Mice By Turning On Genes - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Scents And Emotions Linked By Learning, Brown Study Shows - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Exploring The Brain's Internal Stopwatch - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/13/2005: Swift mission sees its first gamma ray bursts - New Scientist
1/13/2005: 2005 preview: Monster cosmic rays
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: 2005 preview: The International Year of Physics
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Cool ball of metal hunts for gravity waves
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Evolving Cosmos, by Govert Schilling
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Most Powerful Eruption In The Universe Discovered
 - Science Daily



1/13/2005: Deep Impact Set For Launch But Scientists Must Wait Six Months For Main Event - SpaceDaily
1/13/2005: Comet smasher nears launch
  - Nature
1/13/2005: Titan's first visitor nears touchdown
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: 2005 preview: Unleashing the comet smasher
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: 2005 preview: Shuttle to save the space station
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: 400-metre wide asteroid to miss Earth
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Comet probe prepares for lift-off
  - BBC
1/13/2005: Final descent As Huygens heads for Titan, what do the scientists hope to find?
  - BBC
1/13/2005: Deep Impact is ready for take-off
 - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Huygens Sets Off With Correct Spin And Speed
 - Science Daily
1/13/2005: Huygens Is Go For Final Titanic Descent
1/13/2005: ESA Says Huygens Got a Good Start

1/13/2005: Baking by bar code  - C/Net
1/13/2005: Photos: Now we're cooking  - C/Net
1/13/2005: Schools still trying to catch up with technology  - CNN
1/13/2005: Scanner creates perfect-fit jeans  - CNN
1/13/2005: Flexible scanner works on curved surfaces - New Scientist
1/13/2005: Nanotubes respond to gas attacks - PhysicsWeb
1/13/2005: Convention Center Implosion Site For Radio Experiments
 - Science Daily


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