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  January 12, 2006

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Stepping Back To The Moon - Space.com   "While obviously updated with new composite materials and vastly improved computing power, the new moonships specified by the likely contractors are, as new NASA chief Mike Griffin recently stated: like ‘Apollo on steroids’. As we approach this still highly risky endeavor, we should resort to established and proven technology to get there… as well we might have used had we chosen to continue our brilliant course moonward and beyond in the 1970’s," Pyle stated.     
Past gives clue to climate impact  - BBC  The reason why temperatures shot up during the Permian-Eocene Thermal Maximum are unclear; but carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere appear to have been extremely high, about a thousand times higher than currently. The suspicion is that some kind of feedback mechanism may have been involved. One theory is that an initial warming changed the distribution of heat in the oceans so that deposits of gas hydrates on the sea floor were released, with carbon dioxide and methane rising to the surface and entering the atmosphere, causing further greenhouse warming.    

Getting A Handle On Minimal Surfaces - Science Daily  Left:  The top image is a traditional helicoid. The bottom one has a hole in it that would become a handle if the shape were completely untwisted into a flat surface. (Image courtesy of Indiana University)  A twisted soap bubble with a handle? If you find that hard to visualize, it's understandable. Experts had thought for more than 200 years that such a structure was not even mathematically possible. But no longer. In a paper published in the Nov. 15 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mathematicians Matthias Weber of Indiana University, David Hoffman of Stanford University, and Michael Wolf of Rice University presented a proof of the existence of a new minimal surface they call a genus one helicoid. "This proof tells us that our intuition was not quite right about what is possible and what is not possible," Weber said. "Probably one reason it was not discovered sooner is that no one imagined that something like this could exist."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/12/2005: Gold Nanoparticles, Radiation Combo May Slow Alzheimer's - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Blood Flow In Brain Takes A Twist, Affecting Views Of Alzheimer's
 - Science Daily

1/12/2005: Storm-displaced dolphins get new home - MSNBC
1/12/2005: Panel set to issue verdict on cloning fraud
1/12/2005: Lawsuit over sand dune butterfly - MSNBC
1/12/2005: New cat family tree tracks global feline success - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
1/12/2005: Past gives clue to climate impact   - BBC
1/12/2005: Scientists to track hurricane survivors - MSNBC
1/12/2005: U.S. tsunami centers set for 24/7 schedule - MSNBC
1/12/2005: Diversity Of Marine Life In Gulf Of Maine Much Greater Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Tiny Marine Organisms Reflect Ocean Warming - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Global Warming Can Trigger Extreme Ocean, Climate Changes, Scripps-led Study Reveals - Science Daily

1/12/2005: In Vegas, it's all about CEXXX  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Week in review: Glitches, gadgets rule  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Week in pictures: CES, tech excess  - C/Net
1/12/2005: German court backs Apple against "Spod"  - C/Net
1/12/2005: iPod rivals ready for prime time at last?  - C/Net
1/12/2005: 39 comments  - C/Net
1/12/2005: MP3 players to select tunes to your taste
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Gates and Ballmer: What's on their Xboxes:-- Friday, Jan 6, 2006
  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Five buzzworthy products from CES
  - CNN
1/12/2005: Show-stopping gadgets at CES
  - CNN
1/12/2005: Buying tips from CNET's Brian Cooley
  - CNN
1/12/2005: Cool health and fitness gadgets to help shed those extra pounds
  - CNN
1/12/2005: MP3 players to select tunes to your taste
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: USAF Ready For Space Wars Game
 - Space.com

1/12/2005: Your phone records are for sale
  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Tiny-screen video gets its own festival circuit
  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Wi-Fi run by cities: Yea or nay?
  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Mobile viruses- If not now, soon
  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Yahoo expands from Web to phones
  - CNN


1/12/2005: HP Livestrong 14-inch notebook for $899  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Laptops get instant-on makeovers  - CNN
1/12/2005: Lenovo launches 11-hour laptops  - El. Engr. Times
1/12/2005: Dell takes aim at PC game market  - El. Engr. Times

1/12/2005: DivX partners with Google Video, Pioneer  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Google's not-so-hot video premiere  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Florida spammer faces $11 billion fine  - C/Net
1/12/2005: E-mail gets an upgrade  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Google announces video expansion (video)  - CNN

1/12/2005: Apple enters legal battle with Burst.com  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Windows 98, ME users left vulnerable to WMF bug?  - C/Net
1/12/2005: 37 comments  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Gates shows off Vista in CES keynote  - C/Net
1/12/2005: 75 comments  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Beating Microsoft to the punch  - C/Net
1/12/2005: 49 comments  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Windows 98, ME users left vulnerable to WMF bug?  - C/Net
1/12/2005: 37 comments  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Oracle database worm mutates  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Users pushed Microsoft to release patch  - CNN
1/12/2005: Google co-founder's speech fails to match all the hype - Seattle Times

1/12/2005: In L.A., the hybrid is, like, so last year  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Tiny Crystals Promise Big Benefits For Solar Technologies - Science Daily

1/12/2005: UCSD Laser Technique Sheds Light On Strokes - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Treating Gum Disease May Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease - Science Daily

1/12/2005: Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Not Associated With Reduced Colorectal Cancer Risk - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Can Dogs Smell Cancer? - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Immune Substances May Help Antibody-based Drugs Fight Cancer - Science Daily

1/12/2005: Bird flu takes lives in Turkey  - Nature
1/12/2005: Special feature: The bird flu threat - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Structure Of Viral Harpoon Protein Reveals How Viruses Enter Cells - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Cyclosporine Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus In Vitro - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Jefferson Researchers Building A Better Rabies Vaccine - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Drug-resistant Bacteria Patterns In Intensive Care Units Changing Nationally - Science Daily

1/12/2005: New Pathways Link Liver Disease To Changes In The Central Nervous System - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Something In The Air: ESA Service Warns Asthma Sufferers By Mobile Phone - Science Daily

1/12/2005: Men inherit hidden cost of dad's vices - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Could organ transplants use a dose of teen hormones? - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Variation In Genetic Make-up Determines Each Person's Reaction To Popular Painkillers - Science Daily
1/12/2005: New UCSF Study Finds That Obesity Is A Risk Factor For Kidney Failure - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Promising New Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis Sufferers - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Not So Different After All: Mysterious Eye Cells Adapt To Light - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Genes' Influence On Common Drugs May Affect Health-care Quality, Cost - Science Daily
1/12/2005: UCLA Paper Examines How One Disease May Prevent Another - Science Daily
1/12/2005: New Generation Clinical Trials Could Save Time And Money, Improve Patient Care
 - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Smoking While Pregnant Causes Finger, Toe Deformities
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
1/12/2005: Earliest Mayan writing found in pyramid - MSNBC
1/12/2005: Interview: Digging through the differences - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Creationists seek a redesign - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Redating Of The Latest Neandertals In Europe - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Researchers Discover Greek Temple In Albania Dating Back To 6th Century B.C. - Science Daily

1/12/2005: Capitol Hill cookie caper  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Dots don't connect for Walmart.com  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Congress' hands caught in the cookie jar  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Infographic: Caught with hands in the cookie jar  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Fearless forecasts for 2006  - El. Engr. Times
1/12/2005: Singapore sets up national research unit  - El. Engr. Times
1/12/2005: Congo crisis is deadliest since second world war   - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Collapse by Jared Diamond - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Editorial: Celebrating 50 years of New Scientist    - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Blogger in China silenced by Microsoft over politics - Seattle Times
1/12/2005: HDTV finally gets the sound it deserves - Seattle Times
1/12/2005: Report: Japan to Launch Two Spy Satellites by March 2007 - Space.com

1/12/2005: Discovery challenges view of brain function - MSNBC
1/12/2005: Mysterious Condition Still More Prevalent Among Persian Gulf Vets - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/12/2005: Getting A Handle On Minimal Surfaces  - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Cosmic Log: Hyperspace hyped
1/12/2005: Hyperspace Article
1/12/2005: AIAA Prize-Winning Hyperspace Paper
1/12/2005: How the universe's first magnetic field formed
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Supernovas detonate in Milky Way every 50 years
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Giant gas 'superbubble' opens wide
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: Cosmic magnetism revealed
 - PhysicsWeb
1/12/2005: Brookhaven Lab Chemists Probe Combustion Process
 - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Measuring Charon: Astronomers Seize Rare Opportunity
 - Science Daily


1/12/2005: Better robots could help save disaster victims - New Scientist

1/12/2005: Stepping Back To The Moon - Space.com
1/12/2005: Longest laser link bridges the gulf of space
 - New Scientist
1/12/2005: What we learned on Mars - New Scientist

1/12/2005: Philips: 3D TV to appear in 2008  - C/Net
1/12/2005: Ames Lab Alloy Could Boost Next Generation Jet Fighter - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Study Of Nanoscale Gold Could Lead To Optical Chips - Science Daily
1/12/2005: A New Family Of Self-Assembling Nanolattices - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Experiments Help Explain Mysterious 'Floppy' Space Molecule - Science Daily
1/12/2005: 'Keep Cool To Reduce Friction,' Suggests Study Of Nanoscale Water Condensation - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Electronic Nose Could Spell The End Of Landfill Pongs
 - Science Daily


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