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  January 12, 2005

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Parachuting Into Titan - SpaceDaily  Left:  An artists' concept of Huygens floating in a liquid methane sea. On Jan. 14, 2005, the European Space Agency's Huygens probe will descend to the surface of Saturn's largest moon.  Two hours. That's how long it will take the European Space Agency's Huygens probe to parachute to the surface of Titan on January 14th. Descending through thick orange clouds, Huygens will taste Titan's atmosphere, measure its wind and rain, listen for alien sounds and, when the clouds part, start taking pictures. No one knows what the photos will reveal. Icy mountains? Liquid methane seas? Hot lightning? "It's anyone's guess," says Jonathan Lunine, a professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona and a member of the Huygens science team. "We might not even understand what we see, not immediately." Such is Titan - the biggest mystery in the solar system.
The State Of Weapons Proliferation In 2004 - SpaceDaily  Part 1 - Nuclear. During the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign both President George Bush and his opponent, Senator John Kerry, said nuclear proliferation is the single greatest global threat. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France - all possess nuclear weapons. India, Pakistan and Israel have them as well. The devastating results of chemical weapons use were first seen during World War One, when Germany used poisonous chlorine gas against opposing forces in the trenches, destroying their respiratory systems on contact.     

Satellite Images Boosting Asian Tsunami Aid Efforts - SpaceDaily   Left:  Ikonos images of Indonesia Aceh. Full size and official release caption - click here, or visit Consolidated Imagery service. Tsunami in Southern Asia, Tsunami in Sri Lanka, Tsunami Indonesia & Thailand  Satellites are playing a key role in helping rescue and reconstruction efforts in the Indian Ocean, beaming down images from space of areas worst-affected by the earthquake and tidal waves.The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is assisting U.S. government agencies in their effort to assess the extent and scope of damage caused by the December 26th tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/12/2005:†Researchers Produce Robust Tau Aggregation In Human Cells - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Foreign Fruit Fly Suppression Program Grows In Hawaii
 - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Epilepsy gene identified in dogs  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Nose more complex than jet wing  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
1/12/2005:†Satellite Images Boosting Asian Tsunami Aid Efforts - SpaceDaily
1/12/2005:†Recently Discovered Reef Is Deepest Known Off Continental U.S. - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Scientists Discover Liquid Carbon Dioxide 'Champagne' Bubbles At Hydrothermal Vent - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†NASA Finds Polluted Clouds Hold Less Moisture And Cool Earth Less - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Icebergs in New Zealand waters for first time in 57 years - SpaceDaily
1/12/2005:†Beware tsunamis and climate  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Warning about bogus aid appeals  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Cautious giving urged by watchdog  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Tsunami aid: The command centre combating the spread of disease  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Web photos capture tsunami's impact  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Photos: Tsunami's devastating force  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†SMS to the rescue  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Games win for Blu-ray DVD format  - BBC
1/12/2005:†The gaming world in 2005  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Viruses become part of Sims 2 life  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Little green men and butt-massaging easy chairs  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Dialing for $ on the Web
  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Urge to merge could hit small cell phone companies
  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Radio days for chipmakers  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Apple unveils iMac Mini  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Massive Supercomputer Resources To Drive Advances In Combustion, Astrophysics And Protein Structure Research - Science Daily
1/12/2005: Apple to make $499 Mac, $99 iPod
  - CNN

1/12/2005:†File-swappers ready new network  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Downloads overtake single sales  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Insecurity complex  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†AOL testing free 100MB storage locker  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Gates pitches products at CES - Seattle Times
1/12/2005:†Year in review: Still waiting for Longhorn  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Bill's blog?  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Intel-backed thin-film battery company raises $16.5 million - Silicon Strategies

1/12/2005:†Mayo Clinic Researchers Find PDAs Okay With Pacemakers - Science Daily


1/12/2005:†An Unusual RNA Structure In The SARS Virus Offers A Promising Target - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†New Herpes Vaccine May Be Ready For Human Trials - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Doubt over superbug measures  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Fighting stigma: Will the death of Mandela's son boost the fight against Aids?  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Gene determines risk of HIV/Aids  - BBC


1/12/2005:†Minimally Invasive Procedure Effective Alternative For Uterine Fibroids - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Researchers Debate Recreational Use Of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Substance In Urine Predicts Development Of Preeclampsia - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Organic milk 'is better for you'', say researchers  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Appeal for disabled Kenyan baby  - BBC
1/12/2005:†UK sick culture branded a 'myth'  - BBC
1/12/2005:†The great outdoors: How walking can dramatically increase your fitness levels  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

1/12/2005:†The State Of Weapons Proliferation In 2004 - SpaceDaily
1/12/2005:†Homes Need More Protection Against Falls - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Credit reports are free, but not easy - Seattle Times
1/12/2005:†Tomorrow's TV: New technologies give viewers control of future television  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Bill on Bill: Analyst Bill Thompson on Bill Gates' communist jibe  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Gates Still Aims for TV Stardom - Business Week
1/12/2005:†A Call from Your Favorite TV Show - Business Week
1/12/2005:†Vaporware phantom haunts us all  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Looking over the quarterback's shoulder  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†TiVo surfs Internet for new service  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†DirecTV Machine Will Compete With TiVo  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Study: TV to play bigger role in home networks  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†SMS to the rescue  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Open-sourcing the news  - C/Net
1/12/2005:†Homeward bound  - C/Net

1/12/2005:†Very Shy Children May Process Some Facial Expressions Differently - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†How The Brain Tunes Out Odors - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Two Atypical Anti-psychotic Drugs May Be Associated With An Increased Risk Of Diabetes For Patients With Schizophrenia - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Scots tolerant of mental illness  - BBC
1/12/2005:†On the couch: More of us are seeking therapy, but does it make us needy?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:


1/12/2005:†Hubble Robot Repair Deal Given to Canadian Firm -

1/12/2005:†Parachuting Into Titan - SpaceDaily
1/12/2005:†Comet probe prepares for lift-off
  - BBC
1/12/2005:†Craft Closes In on a Saturn Moon, and on Clues to Life's Beginnings
  - NY Times
1/12/2005:†Blasting Into the Core of a Comet to Learn Its Secrets
  - NY Times
1/12/2005:†The Challenge of Recognizing Life
  - NY Times
1/12/2005:†Space News Headlines for January 12, 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
1/12/2005:†To Strike a Comet: Astronomers Eager for Deep Impactís Cosmic Collision

1/12/2005:†All-silicon laser makes its debut - PhysicsWeb
1/12/2005:†Nanowires form atomic switch - PhysicsWeb
1/12/2005:†Optical Sensors Help Farmers Find High-Quality Wheat - Science Daily
1/12/2005:†Aussie RocketCar To Use SpaceDev Rocket Motors - SpaceDaily
1/12/2005:†Nano-propellers sent for a spin  - BBC
1/12/2005:†The daring visionaires of fringe aviation  - C/Net


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