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  January 11, 2006

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Ocean currents flip out  - Nature  The circulation of the deep oceans reversed abruptly some 55 million years ago, according to a study of fossilized sea creatures. This rings alarm bells about today's climate change, because the reversal coincided with a period of global warming driven by greenhouse gases. Recent studies have suggested that the circulation of the North Atlantic could be weakened by the influx of fresh water from melting polar ice. As this watery conveyor belt also brings warm water northwards from the tropics, some scientists fear that a major shift in the circulation could plunge western Europe into a deep freeze.      
Ophthalmologists Prove Existence Of Geodesic Structures Called CLANs Inside Human Body - Science Daily  Left:  A meshwork cell in the eye.  A team of ophthalmologists at the University of Liverpool has become the first in the world to image geodesic structures called CLANs inside the human body.CLANs is an acronym for Cross-linked Actin Networks. They are formed from the components which maintain the structure of individual cells and are known to change the shape, function and life cycle of cultured cells. CLANs cause cells to become rigid and prevent them from working as they should – there is a strong possibility that they could play a part in glaucoma.

CONDOR's First Look At The Universe - Science Daily  Left:  The first CONDOR (CO N+ Deuterium Observation Receiver) observations were performed on the APEX (Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment) telescope. Currently, APEX is the only telescope with a mirror larger than 5 m that can observe terahertz frequencies. (Image: Arnaud Belloche)  The CONDOR detections are the first 1.5 THz-frequency observations acquired with a large telescope (12 m diameter). The observations reveal several surprises, and the expectation that THz astronomy would yield valuable scientific results has been met. "The CONDOR observations are done at the highest frequencies that APEX expects to ever reach," explains the APEX project manager, Dr. Rolf Güsten. "At even higher frequencies, the Earth’s atmosphere becomes opaque until one reaches the infrared wavelengths."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/11/2005: Ophthalmologists Prove Existence Of Geodesic Structures Called CLANs Inside Human Body  - Science Daily
1/11/2005: New cat family tree revealed
  - BBC
1/11/2005: Marine reserves 'good' for reefs  - BBC
1/11/2005: Primate TV: Czech gorillas get reality show  - BBC
1/11/2005: Slovak abortion move worries EU  - BBC
1/11/2005: Women 'set to put family on ice'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
1/11/2005: Ocean currents flip out  - Nature
1/11/2005: Green light given to eco-friendly vehicles ...  - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Gov. seeking 90% cut in mercury emissions by 2009 ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Whalers, Greenpeace resume battle ... - FirstSciences
1/11/2005: Fossils point to ancient global warming ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Climate change will be bad for your health ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Hottest Australian year boosts global warming worries ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: China water company wins pollution suit ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Australia urged to prepare for 'climate change' refugees ...  - ABC
1/11/2005: Population size 'green priority'  - BBC
1/11/2005: Kashmir could 'face more quakes'  - BBC

1/11/2005: Gates Opens CES With Scorn  - Wired News
1/11/2005: Screwing Around With Xbox  - Wired News
1/11/2005: Putting iPod in the Picture  - Wired News
1/11/2005: Download Songs From MySpace  - Wired News
1/11/2005: Virtual Paxman TV's first studio session from inside a computer game  - BBC
1/11/2005: World of wonders: Hi-tech fair under way in Vegas is a gadget lovers paradise  - BBC
1/11/2005: Cars, stars as Page takes stage
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Photos: Google's Larry Page
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Video: Page takes the stage
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Blog: CES Insider
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Photos: Scenes from CES
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Videos: TV tech at CES 2006
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Photos: Emerging tech at CES
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Mac world awaits what Jobs has up his sleeve this year
 - Seattle Times
1/11/2005: Apple's Jobs unveils new Intel-owered iMac
 - Seattle Times
Live Q&A: Technology at CES 2006 - Seattle Times

1/11/2005: Verizon launches wireless music service
 - Business Week
1/11/2005: Calling from abroad on the cheap
  - C/Net


1/11/2005: • Slide Show- Computers Beyond the Box - Business Week
1/11/2005: Dell shows off speedy game PC  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Google opens online video store  - BBC
1/11/2005: Yahoo steps out beyond browser  - BBC
1/11/2005: Big business' eye on blogs  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Google entering video-on-demand business  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Microsoft rushes out Windows fix  - BBC
1/11/2005: Intel eyes entertainment market  - BBC
1/11/2005: Yahoo on Your Phone, TV, PC... - Business Week
1/11/2005: • For Gates, It's Entertainment - Business Week
1/11/2005: Newsmaker: Microsoft: We're in 'fighting shape'  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Video: Bill Gates' view of the digital future  - C/Net

1/11/2005: N.Y. governor wants drivers to fill up with ethanol or biodiesel  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Transplant success 'race divide'  - BBC

1/11/2005: Child cancer centre provides hope for future treatments (video)  - BBC

1/11/2005: Turkey deadly bird flu confirmed  - BBC
1/11/2005: Masked mourners: Turkey faces new uncertainties after first bird flu deaths  - BBC
1/11/2005: E.coli outbreak 'handled well'  - BBC
1/11/2005: Cerebral palsy 'infection link'  - BBC

1/11/2005: Drink dangers: Dave Corefield's boozing put his life at risk  - BBC
1/11/2005: The demon drink: Stigmatised, but treatable. A look at the issue of alcohol abuse  - BBC

1/11/2005: Why One Physician Office Uses Quest Diagnostics ... - FirstScience
1/11/2005: Why sufficient vitamin D in pregnancy is good news for a baby  - BBC
1/11/2005: 'I rely on my camouflage'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
1/11/2005: Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled  - BBC

1/11/2005: The Dream Factory  - Wired News
1/11/2005: File This Under Data Overload  - Wired News
1/11/2005: Crowded Earth Antarctic chief urges focus on global population  - BBC
1/11/2005: Million-dollar man: A brainwave has made a student rich. Read his tips on creativity...  - BBC
1/11/2005: Newsmaker: Wikipedia's co-founder eyes Digital Universe  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Video: Bill Gates' view of the digital future
1/11/2005: Styling at the LA Auto Show  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Protein may regulate depression  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
1/11/2005: CONDOR's First Look At The Universe  - Science Daily
1/11/2005: Resonance: A Life of Music, Physics, and Faith ...
  - Physics Org
1/11/2005: Fairy Tale Physics: Myths and Legends Explained ...
  - Physics Org
1/11/2005: Chemists probe combustion process ...
  - Physics Org


1/11/2005: Reporter's notebook- Lego Mindstorms no kids' toy  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Space probe breaks laser record  - BBC
1/11/2005: Pluto moon 'has no atmosphere'
  - BBC
1/11/2005: Stardust Entry Path To Be Visible In Northwest
 - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: New Horizons Remains On Course For January 17 Launch To Pluto
 - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: Mars Rovers Still Going Strong ...
 - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: Stardust Spacecraft Heads Home with Comet Samples ...
 - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: Space Fan Over Moon ...
 - SpaceDaily

1/11/2005: Sony Reader targets book lovers  - BBC
1/11/2005: Pfizer fights fake Viagra with RFID  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Photo: Viagra RFID takes aim at counterfeits  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Photos: Submersibles explore the deep  - C/Net


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