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  January 11, 2005

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Analysis: Tsunami Tragedy Was Inevitable - SpaceDaily  Left:  Digital Globe satellite image set of Banda Aceh that bore the brunt of the tsunamis unleashed by the Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake December 26, 2004. The upper image was taken June 23, 2004, and the lower image was taken after the Tsunamis had hit Dec 30, 2004.   The problem is tsunamis are so rare in that part of the world there has been no sense of urgency to install a sensor array or establish a warning network. Even Thailand, which participates in the Pacific network, operates ocean buoys that can detect tsunamis only off its eastern coast in the Gulf of Thailand. The last time a tsunami struck the Indian Ocean was in 1883, when the Krakatoa volcano exploded in Indonesia. Along with obliterating the mountain and its surrounding island, the event generated a series of large tsunamis, some reaching a height of more than 120 feet. the Indian Ocean basin nations apparently lacked the sense of urgency felt by the Pacific Rim countries.
Analysis: US-Russia Teamwork Unraveling - SpaceDaily  Russia's announcement this week that U.S. astronauts will get no more free rides on Russian rockets to the International Space Station was not motivated by cash concerns alone: It reflects the beginning of what is likely to be a rapid and alarming freeze in U.S.-Russian relations. From 2006, we will put U.S. astronauts into orbit only on a commercial basis, Anatoly Perminov, head of Russia's Federal Space Agency announced Tuesday. Ever since the American Columbia Space Shuttle disintegrated in flames during reentry over Palestine, Texas, two years ago, Russia's reliable, old Soyuz-booster systems have been the only way U.S. astronauts could reach the $95 billion International Space Station.  America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration with its $16 billion or more a year budget -- handsomely protected by President George W. Bush despite the agency's miserable record in safety and manned exploration in recent years -- had to rely upon the Russian space program even though it could only operate on less than 10 percent of the budgetary resources of the American one. Today, Putin is said to be fuming in the Kremlin at the defeat of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych 

India-Malaysia To Develop A Satellite Neighbourhood For Asia-Pacific - SpaceDaily  Left:  MEASAT's C band beam. The JV Co will leverage capacity from both the high powered Indian and Malaysian, MEASAT, satellite fleets to provide commercial satellite services across the wider Asia-Pacific region.  By pooling agreed capacity from these neighbouring satellites in the strategically located orbital slots of 93.5 degree East longitude and 91.5 degree East longitude, the JV Co will be able to provide C-band satellite services to over 70 percent of the world's population, and Direct-to-Home (DTH) quality Ku-band satellite services to over 160 million TV households across South Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Indo-China.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

1/11/2005: Magnetic device weeds out damaged sperm from IVF samples  - BBC
1/11/2005: Proteolysis: Degrading research
  - Nature
1/11/2005: Genome project chimp dies unexpectedly - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Seabirds ingest bellyfuls of plastic pollution - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Big bird brains make for healthy males - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Sperm magnet to help infertile men
1/11/2005: Cloners set their sights on rare cats

Climate, Environment:
1/11/2005: Analysis: Tsunami Tragedy Was Inevitable - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: Text messages aid disaster recovery  - BBC
1/11/2005: Wave warning: Is a tsunami early warning system enough to save lives?  - BBC
1/11/2005: Checking disease How experts aim to contain diseases after the tsumani  - BBC
1/11/2005: Cosmic Log: Tsunami blame game - MSNBC
1/11/2005: Tsunami redrew ship channels, ocean floor - MSNBC
1/11/2005: UN surveys ecological ravages of tsunami  - Nature
1/11/2005: Tsunami's salt water may leave islands uninhabitable - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Displaced dangers complicate tsunami rescue work - New Scientist
1/11/2005: European trading in carbon-emission permits begins - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Scale of tsunami tragedy complicates DNA matching - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Satellite imagery helping tsunami relief effort - New Scientist
1/11/2005: 2005 preview: Kyoto to go live - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Environmental information laws slipped quietly into place - New Scientist
1/11/2005: A most precious commodity - New Scientist

1/11/2005: Fun anyone? Casual gaming set to explode in the next 12 months  - BBC
1/11/2005: Joining Forces, Digitally, in Vegas - Business Week
1/11/2005: The Honeymoon with Digital Continues - Business Week
1/11/2005: TV in your hand  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Breaking free of cable's stranglehold
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: TiVo subscribers want mobile upgrade sooner
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Nobody's sweeping us out
  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Ultrawideband shows its potential at CES
  - El. Engr. Times


1/11/2005: University plans super computer  - BBC
1/11/2005: Apple suit foreshadows coming products  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Lenovo to expand beyond China  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Hackers creating 150 zombies per week  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Sony vague on PSP American launch  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Killing of Baghdad governor shown over Net  - C/Net

1/11/2005: Microsoft debuts security tools  - BBC
1/11/2005: Gates unveils his digital vision  - BBC
1/11/2005: A new hope for BitTorrent-  - C/Net
1/11/2005: 'Xenon' the code name for Xbox 2  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Microsoft offers free security program  - CNN




1/11/2005: Mandela's eldest son dies of Aids  - BBC
1/11/2005: Canada confirms its second case of BSE - New Scientist
1/11/2005: BSE and vCJD - New Scientist


1/11/2005: Drug research openness promised  - BBC
1/11/2005: Secrecy penalises cancer patients  - BBC
1/11/2005: Negative drug research 'withheld'  - BBC
1/11/2005: Half premature babies 'face risk'  - BBC
1/11/2005: 40% of teens want plastic surgery  - BBC
1/11/2005: iPods store medical images  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Premature births lead to wide-ranging disabilities  - Nature
1/11/2005: Deafness: Making the connexin  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
1/11/2005: King Tut mummy undergoes CT scan - MSNBC

1/11/2005: Analysis: US-Russia Teamwork Unraveling - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: India-Malaysia To Develop A Satellite Neighbourhood For Asia-Pacific - SpaceDaily
1/11/2005: Poverty fight 'neglects science'  - BBC
1/11/2005: Straight talking: How taking the time to listen can help resolve relationship problems  - BBC
1/11/2005: Gates touts TiVo deal  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Interview with Bill Gates  - C/Net
1/11/2005: TiVo to create DVR sans cable box  - C/Net
1/11/2005: To hire a son, woo his parents  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Power users, ready for a refill  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Fighting patent terrorism  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Diamonds in the rough - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Born under a wandering star - New Scientist
1/11/2005: Present and Correct - New Scientist

1/11/2005: Antibiotics 'block nerve damage'  - BBC
1/11/2005: Spotting autism Even GP Sylvia Bond missed the signs in her young son  - BBC
1/11/2005: Terror shows only in the eyes  - Nature
1/11/2005: Cognition: Paying attention to choline  - Nature
1/11/2005: Neuroprotection: antibodies to the rescue?  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
1/11/2005: Physics goes in search of 'cool'  - BBC


1/11/2005: Getting back to nature  - C/Net
1/11/2005: Robo-powerlifting championship  - C/Net


1/11/2005: Skiwear that sings  - C/Net


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