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  January 10, 2004

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Quarry in Tow, Stardust Begins Long Journey Home - Space.com  Stardust is on its way home with its quarry -- comet particles some 4.5 billion years old -- in tow. After a five-year journey covering nearly 3.2 billion kilometers, the NASA sample-grabber finally closed Jan. 2 on the object of its pursuit, the Comet Wild 2 (pronounced “Vilt 2”). At 2:40 P.M. EST, the 5.4-kilometer wide comet zoomed past Stardust at nearly 22,000 kilometers per hour, passing within 300 kilometers of the spacecraft.
Mars, Nasa Bush proposal to send man to Mars  - BBC  President George W Bush will announce proposals next week to send Americans to Mars, and back to the Moon. Senior US officials say he will also reveal plans for the construction of a permanent lunar space station. Correspondents say Mr Bush had been expected to propose a bold new space mission as part of his re-election campaign. The president's father proposed men be sent to Mars when he was in office in 1989 but the project went nowhere due to cost. Sources say George W Bush will encourage scientists to prepare for the mission in a decade's time, allowing the costs to be spread over a number of years.


Fresh fears over men's fertility  - BBC  Men's sperm counts have fallen by almost a third since 1989, one of the largest studies of its kind has found. The findings add to the evidence which suggests a growing number of men may have problems fathering children. Researchers in Aberdeen said their findings, based on 16,000 semen samples taken from 7,500 men, "cause concern". Scientists said that while the fall may be a result of more men coming forward for treatment, further investigation was needed. They are now carrying out studies to find out if there has been a similar decrease in sperm quality, which can significantly reduce a man's chances of having children naturally.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
1/10/2004: More Sensitive Test Norms Better Predict Who Might Develop Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily
/10/2004: Neuroscientists Pinpoint Midlife Crisis In Brain Circuitry As Key To Brain Aging And Onset Of Alzheimer's Later In Life - Science Daily

1/10/2004: With Diseased Animals, Disposal Isn't Simple  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Tomato Seed From Seed Bank Found To Be Genetically Modified
 - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Scientists Pinpoint How Fish Save Energy By Swimming In Schools - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Running Afowl: Researchers First To Measure Energy Used By Leg Muscles - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Researchers Find Key Gene In Production Of Egg And Sperm - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Parasite's Enzyme Structure May Lead To Effective Drug Development - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
1/10/2004: Multiplication Problem Threatens Stock of Sturgeon  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Christmas Greens  - NY Times
1/10/2004: New Study Suggests El Nino-related Fires May Be Significant Source Of Greenhouse Gases - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Ozone Standards Pose Health Risk, Scientists Report - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Steel Dust Generated By New York City's Subway System Affects The Amount Of Iron, Manganese And Chromium That Commuters Breathe - Science Daily



1/10/2004: New Light-emitting Transistor Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry - Science Daily


1/10/2004: Web service to pre-empt 'phishing' scams - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Internet 6.0  - Technology Review




1/10/2004: Metastasis Of Colon Cancer Cells Reversed In Vitro - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Vegetables That Prevent May Ultimately Cure Some Cancers - Science Daily
1/10/2004: University Of Pittsburgh Studies Broccoli-derived Chemicals To Prevent Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Move Over Tomatoes! All Vegetables -- Especially The Cruciferous Kind -- May Prevent Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
1/10/2004: BRCA Mutations Not Associated With Colorectal Cancer Risk, Studies Suggest - Science Daily

1/10/2004: WHO confirms SARS case in China - New Scientist
1/10/2004: The Doctor's World: Belatedly, China Acts on Civets  - NY Times
1/10/2004: China And WHO Confirm SARS Case In Guangdong Province - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Enzyme Fully Degrades Mad Cow Disease Prion - Science Daily 

1/10/2004: Placebo-controlled Clinical Trials Put Children With Asthma At Risk - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Long-Term Coffee Consumption Significantly Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk - Science Daily

1/10/2004: Slim Pickings: Looking Beyond Ephedra  - NY Times
1/10/2004: At the Dentist's: Land of the Toothless No More  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Nursing Shortage Forces Hospitals to Cope Creatively  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Persistently Abnormal Liver Function Tests: Marker Of Occult Hepatitis C? - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Genetic Change In Vascular System May Contribute To Psoriasis Susceptibility - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Race in Medicine  - Technology Review

History, Anthropology:
1/10/2004: At Trading Crossroads, Permafrost Yields Siberian Secrets  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Discovery May Bring New Clues Into Peopling of the Americas  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Professor Works To Unravel Mysteries Of Khipu- Colored, Knotted Strings Used By The Ancient Incas - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Endurance Of Plants Under Quartz Rocks Possible Model For Life On Early Earth, Mars - Science Daily

1/10/2004: Fresh fears over men's fertility   - BBC
1/10/2004: How to boost male fertility  - BBC
1/10/2004: Big fall in sperm counts revealed in UK - New Scientist
1/10/2004: American footballers endure 'car crash' blows - New Scientist
1/10/2004: US fingerprint checks get mixed response - New Scientist
1/10/2004: On Crime as Science (a Neighbor at a Time)  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Reliving 9/11, With Fire as Teacher  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Graphic: Recreating the Fires  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Pushy, Pushy, Pushy  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Researcher Links Rising Tide Of Obesity To Food Prices - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Study By UCSD Gives New Insight Into How Anthrax Bacteria Can Evade A Host's Immune Response - Science Daily

1/10/2004: New Study Suggests Methamphetamine Withdrawal Is Associated With Brain Changes Similar To Those Seen In Depression And Anxiety - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
1/10/2004: Star Is a Near Twin of the Sun, Scientists Say  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Study: Universe Lifeless After Big Bang
  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Dance Of The Molecules- New Method Tracking Single Atoms May Lead To Improved Drug Design
1/10/2004: Old Equation May Shed New Light On Planet Formation - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Star May Be Biggest, Brightest Yet Observed, Astronomers Say - Science Daily



1/15/2004: Bush proposal to send man to Mars   - BBC
1/15/2004: Why the need for a new vision?  - BBC
1/15/2004: The knowledge to take us to Mars   - BBC
Ion Engine Design Passes Key Test - SpaceDaily
Quarry in Tow, Stardust Begins Long Journey Home - Space.com
1/10/2004: Images begin planning for Mars rover's travels - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Mothership is last chance for Beagle 2 - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Mars rover's first colour image released - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Space station springs an air leak - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Inquiry Follows Loss of Pressure at International Space Station  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Scientists in 'Awe' of Color Photos of Mars  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Rover Snaps Sharpest Picture Ever of Mars  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Mars Orbiter Fails to Make Probe Contact  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Essay: In Search for Life on Mars, Machines Can Boldly Go Where Humans Can't  - NY Times
1/10/2004: Stardust Spacecraft Passes By Comet, Makes Great Catch ... Heads For Touchdown - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Healthy Rover Shows Its New Neighborhood On Mars - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Mars Team Energized About 'Sleepy Hollow' Near Rover - Science Daily
1/10/2004: Color Picture From Spirit Is Most Detailed View Of Mars Ever Seen - Science Daily

1/10/2004: Using Satellites To Automatically Direct Civil Engineering Machines - SpaceDaily
1/10/2004: Swedish flight simulator adds G forces - New Scientist
1/10/2004: Researchers Develop First Sonar For Marine Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance - Science Daily


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