Schooling of the Hyperbright

   One fact that's being driven home at every turn is that for those with ratio IQ's above about 150, (WISC IQ's above 140), public schooling becomes a disaster. The more precocious the individual, the more certain this becomes. And no wonder! Dr. Linda S. Gottfriedson, "The General Intelligence Factor", Scientific American Quarterly "Exploring Intelligence", Fall, 1998, pg. 28, has observed that "Similarly, in school settings, the ratio of learning rates between 'fast' (IQ's of 115 to 120?) and 'slow' (IQ's of 80 to 85?) students is typically five to one." Imagine the situation for "ultra-fast" learners, with learning speeds at least 5 times the learning speed of "fast" learners and at least 25 times the speed of "slow" learners! Generally, these individuals teach themselves, and are at levels years ahead of their age peers. We're faced with the ironic situation that up to a certain intelligence level, children tend to perform better as their IQ's rise until we reach a point of diminishing returns. Above a certain level, boredom, meaningless confinement, and persecution by other, envious children derails the very individuals who should be best qualified to find cures for cancer, bring prolongevity to the world, solve the human equation, etc. Equally ironically, since these children's grade-level scores on scholastic achievement tests typically approach their mental ages, these children already have years of education beyond their chronological ages under their belts. They don't need to be taught or to attend school since they already know what they're supposed to know, at least as measured by scholastic achievement tests. (Note that Child J has a Stanford Achievement age of 14 years, 4 months, at a chronological age of 7 years, 7 months, and Child I has similarly advanced SAT scores.)
    Arguments that bright children need to stay with their chronological peers for socialization reasons may apply if their IQ's are 125 or so, but tends to lead to anti-socialization if their IQ's are 175 or so. And you can see why. Imagine us being institutionalized with the severely retarded and forced to learn the same simple words over and over and over again!