A Rogue's Gallery


    When Tommie Jean and I were planning to be married, her two brothers told me that her deceased husband, Billy Sadler, had provided them with an inverse dowry when he asked for Tommie's hand in marriage. He had given her brothers a milk cow, a sheep, a nanny goat, and a couple of chickens. So what was I going to offer them to reimburse them for the loss of their sister? Thinking fast, I said that I would give them an elephant, a giraffe, and a lion. They seemed to think that that was a satisfactory emolument for their fair sister. So the night before our wedding day, I went to Toys R' Us and bought a stuffed elephant, a stuffed giraffe, a stuffed lion, and the piece de resistance, a barrel-chested, leather-jacketed Tasmanian devil with a red bandana wrapped around his forehead.

    Billy Sadler had been a barrel-chested, leather-jacketed Harley rider with a red bandana wrapped around his forehead.
    Tommie's brothers agreed that they had been suitably reimbursed for their sister's hand in marriage.
    That's still  good for a chuckle around our house.

    If you don't already know, you might have some curiosity about what adults with childhood IQ's above 180 look like. Here is a picture taken at the Vaughn's open house two years ago.

The Notorious Apple Dumpling Gang

From left to right:
            Ronald Penner       Cam Williams           Kay Vaughan             Ewa Britton  Jenni Roscoe  David Roscoe
                                Bob Seitz               Kerry Williams         Ewalds d'Sylva            Fred Britton

    Captured flagrante delicto on film at Fred and Kay Vaughan's Prometheus Society Open House, Federal Way, WA, August 7-14, 2000

    As you can see, this is a pretty motley gaggle of desperadoes.