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Runaway Global Warning? Was Monday the Day the Music Died?
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Some Real Election Issues
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At the Ramparts, We Watch
Conspiracy Theories
Nuclear War, Population Growth, and Prescription Drugs
Two Quasi-Political Articles
Lagging U. S. Competitiveness?
Are U. S. Automakers Headed for Bankruptcy?
How Congress Gave President Bush More Than the $726 Billion in Tax Cuts and Made It Look As Though It Were Only $300 Billion.
5/22/2003:   Steve Coy's Observations on "The Bush Doctrine: Blueprint for Empire?"
The Second Installment of "The Bush Doctrine". I'm also linking to an article on nuclear warfare
The Bush Doctrine: Blueprint for Empire?
5/11/2003:   The Bush Advisory Staff
5/8/2003:    Karl Rove: Our De Facto President?
5/3/2003:    The Jacques Clouseau of the Sea
5/1/2003:     Where the Nukes Are
4/29/2003:   Afghanistan Revisited
4/25/2003:   Watching The Fall of Every Sparrow (Updated)
4/23/2003:  Watching The Fall of Every Sparrow 
3/29/2003:   Telling It the Way It Isn't
3/28/2003:   The Crescent and the Cross - 2
3/27/2003:   The Crescent and the Cross - 1
3/26/2003:   Prisoners of War
3/25/2003:   The Geopolitical Scene.
3/19/2003:   "Don't ask me! Go ask your Pop."
3/18/2003:   Sidling Up to War

3/16/2003:   Degrading my Passionate, Well-Formed Opinions with Facts
3/15/2003:   More War

3/12/2003:   The Case for Not Invading Iraq.  Updates in carmine.
3/11/2003:   The Case for Not Invading Iraq
3/8/2003:    The Case for Invading Iraq (I'll give the other side of the argument tomorrow.)
3/5/2003:    "It's Not Vietnam; It's Not WWII"
3/4/2003:    Reward Systems
3/2/2003:    Nutmeats and Fruitcakes

2/18/2003:   War with Iraq, and Health Care Costs
2/14/2003:   Preparing for a Terrorist Attack: Update
2/13/2003:   Preparing for a Terrorist Attack: Duct and Cover?
2/7/2003:     More Civil Service
2/6/2003:     "Come With Me to Macedonia (Life in the American Civil Service)"
2/5/2003:     The Space Shuttle Columbia
2/16/2003:   The Economy (Continued)
The Economy
2/4/2003:    Could Walmart Be in Trouble?
Stray Thoughts

1/21/2003:    Politics again
1/16/2003:   An Article
1/1/2003:   .The life and times of Adolph Hitler.
12/30/2002:   .The invasion of Poland - continued
12/29/2002:   .The invasion of Poland in 1939
12/19/2002:   .News Notes

12/17/2002:   .Technology in the Middle Ages
12/16/2002:   ...and the Walls Came Tumbling Down
12/12/2002:   Losing It
12/10/2002:   News Commentary
12/9/2002:      Oh, No! Don't Tell Me I Have to Eat Humble Pie for Supper Again Tonight!
12/5/2002:   On Being Humble
12/7/2002:     More U. S. Foreign Policy
11/29/2002:  Newsworthy News

11/18/2002:   Bad News  As this article shows, the Bush Administration has effectively derailed U. S. stem cell research. A wise science administrator once said that, "Science is a bird that does not sing well when caged." I have wondered if Dr. Jose Cibelli might be the genius behind Advanced Cell Technology's exploits. If so, he's been chopped off at the knees by the Dark Side. Stem cell research will continue elsewhere. You wonder if we'll experience a reverse brain drain.-
11/11/2002: Kim Jong Il
11/10/2002: Ira Chernus' Article on Fear
11/1/2002:   The Culture of Fear

11/2/2002:   The Culture of Fear - 2
11/3/2002:   The Culture of Fear - 3
9/12/2002: Tonight's editorial
8/14/2002: Tonight's disquisition mentions the stock market and two editorials that appeared in tonight's edition of the Huntsville Times.
1-15-2002: Links to Articles
1-14-2002: War of Memes vs. Getting Along with Each Other
1-13-2002:  Disclaimers
1-12-2002: "The Roots of Muslim Rage"
12/13/2001:: John Walker Lindh Warns of Impending Terrorist Attack
12/3/2001:: The United States of Oil
11/27/2001: Our Global Village
11/8/2001: Afterthoughts Regarding Yesterday's Article
11/7/2001:The Mexican and Spanish-American Wars
11/6/2001: The U. S. Approach to Acquiring Land
11/5/2001: Links to Asian Newspapers
10/24/2001:  The Plight of the Afghan People
10/23/2001:  Personal Survival Articles
10-15-2001:  Religion As a Cause for Conflict
10-12-2001:  Osama bin Laden's Goals
10-10-2001 (Later):   Emergency Preparedness
10-9-2001:    I he Politics of Rage
9-27-2001: Are  Terrorists Everyone's Enemy?
9-26-2001: Religions and Muslim Terrorism
9-15-2001: Why did they do it? What did they expect to achieve?
9-14-2001: Humanity is on the verge of prosperity for all
9-11-2001:   Why did they do it?