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How Does It Feel to Be Super-Intelligent? "What do you people think about?"
Characteristics of the Hyper-Bright: (Tentative, and subject to discussion) (The following characteristics are frequently cited):
  High levels of energy
  Hunger for high-level conversation
  Can dwell in their worlds-of-the-mind
  Introverted (though this may mean focused on subjects other than people, rather than turned inward).
  Enhanced sensitivity to noises, sensations (presumably biologically based)
  Enhanced sensitivity to emotional affronts? Withdrawing easily?
  Seeing beyond those around them.
  Highly individualistic and non-conformist (May conform but only on the basis of logical decisions).
  More guided by logic and reason than average?
  Strong sense of justice and fair play
  Strongly developed sense of humor
  Cynical in some ways, gullible in others?
  Large vocabularies, linguistically fluent, avid readers, quick to understand and to spot trends.

Psychologist Fritz Perls defined three levels of BS:
Chicken ____   Idle palaver about the weather, "Warming up today"; "I'm fine. How about you?"
Bull____   Discussions about the economy, foreign policy, "I think the Fed is going ro raise interest rates until it brings the economy to its knees."

One way to describe it might be to say that our gifted are equestrian horses, and our hyper-gifted are thoroughbred race horses, as opposed to plow horses. And of course, we need plow horses, we need  riding horses, and we need thoroughbred race horses. If we didn't have plow horses and riding horses, our thoroughbreds would have to do the plowing (which, I fear me, happens all too often).

The Importance of the Genetic Component of Intelligence Increases into Adulthood
Non-Gaussian Distribution of IQ's: Ratio IQ versus Deviation IQ
Validity of IQ Tests
Heterogeneity of Aptitudes
Most Prodigies Don't Become Adult Leaders in Their Fields
Some Leaders in a Field Were Child Prodigies
Average IQ's of World-Class Geniuses Estimated at +3 to +4 S. D.
20% of All Contributors Contribute 80% of Contributions: J-Curve
Development of a Conventional High-Range IQ Test or
  extensions of existing tests: e. g., WAIS Test for Digit Recall, Test for Alphabetical Recall
  Utilization of various Eysenck test items to build a high-range composite test

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Power Tests
Cross Correlations
Standard Deviations  Cattell
Scaling Laws

Childhood precocity doesn't predict adult intelligence.
Childhood IQ scores don't predict adult intelligence very well.
   Different maturation rates
   Different environmental influences
Adult productivity

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