The Ascent of Man The Watcher - Part I 5,000,000 B. C. to 500,000 B. C.
The Watcher - Part II   400,000 B. C. to   12,000 B. C.
The Watcher -Part III    11,000 B. C. to     3,000 B. C.
An attempt to provide a top-down view of pre-history.
The Neanderthals     
The Emergence of 

In 4000 B. C., in the cradle of civilization that was the Tigris-Euphrates Valley, the kindness and familiarity of small towns may have prevailed. Then began the long climb to civilization, to depersonalization and barbarism, to class stratification into priests, warriors, god-kings, slaves, and peasants­--a devolution that would plague humanity until the 19th century. This section (just updated)discusses the decline and recent reestablishment of public compassion and kindness

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It is the Year of Our Lord 1198