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2/11/2003:   More on Moore's Law
2/10/2003:   Technology
    Will We Ever Marry Robots?
1/29/2003:   Another Look at 2050 has been updated and slightly extended.
  Intel promises 15 more years at the current rate of progress!
  I'm reducing type sizes because I'm realizing that a lot of viewers are using 800 X 600 displays, and this appears huge on such displays. It's still legible on 1,600 X 1,200 displays.
    Tonight's discursion is Another Look at 2050, and it's discussion of two competing futures: one in which human beings behave much as they have always behaved, and the other, Dr. Moravec's robotically- dominated world. Hope you enjoy it.

26/2003:   I've modified three previous articles: Computer Technology Forecast, Here Come the Robots - Again!, and Cancer Prevention Nutriceuticals?, and have color-coded the changes.
24/2003:   I have extended the Computer Technology Forecast through 2030, with today's updates in green. Also, here is a Commercialization Feeler article that I just found on Dr. Moravec's website. 
1/20/2003:    Robotic Vision.
19/2003:     How might we create sentient robots?
17/2003:    I hadn't intended to discuss computer technology further, but it's the cornerstone of IT, AI and robotics technology. I've compared the forecasts I made in 1997, and have updated them from the vantage point of 2003.  
1/15/2003:   .Age of Robotics - 12:  The Long-Term Roles of Robots (continued)
  .Age of Robotics - 11:  The Long-Term Roles of Robots (continued)
  .Age of Robotics - 10:  The Long-Term Roles of Robots (continued)
   Age of Robotics - 9:  The Long-Term Roles of Robots
 . Age of Robotics - 8:  What Could Robotics Mean to You?
   Age of Robotics - 7:  Required Hardware Cost Vs. Time
     Age of Robotics - 6:  What Do We Expect an Intelligent Robot To Be Able To Do?       
Age of Robotics - 5:  Can Computers Become Fast Enough and Cheap Enough Soon Enough?
      Age of Robotics - 4:  Computer Technology Forecast for Robotics
     Age of Robotics - 3:  IBM/Sony/Toshiba's "Cell"

   Age of Robotics - 2:  Here Come the Robots - Again!
     Age of Robotics - 1: Dr. Hans Moravec has just announced the successful completion of his three-year quest to develop an effective robotic visual navigation platform

More Computer Technology Forecasting

11/13/2002: The Next Fifty Years - 1
11/14/2002: The Next Fifty Years - 2 
11/15/2002: The Next Fifty Years - 3.
11/16/2002: The Next Fifty Years - 4
11/17/2002: The Next Fifty Years - 5
11/9/2002:    How about a little Computer Technology Forecasting?
10/11/2002: Here Come the Robots!
9/26/2003:   $199.95 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
9/24/2003:  "What Will the Future Be Like?"