Science News_Current
April 26, 2001 - May 2, 2001

4/28/2001: Flynn and Dickens, In Their Own Words
4/28/2001: Mega Steps Toward the Nanochip
4/28/2001: First Production of Orderly Arrays of Nanotubes
4/28/2001: IBM breakthrough could lead to smaller chips
4/28/2001: Human race 'just lucky'
4/28/2001: Major New Work on the Pacific Isles Buries the Enduring Myth of Human Paradise
4/28/2001: The Greening of Mars
4/28/2001: The C6, a device for 360 degree immersion to display synthetic environments
4/28/2001: The day-care scare, again
4/28/2001: Is DSL Headed for a Meltdown?
4/28/2001: Why computers fail as teachers
4/28/2001: Software for kids
4/28/2001: Kurzweil's Future Coming Fast
4/28/2001: Peru Site Birthplace of Civilization in Americas  
Astronomers View Violent World of Planet Formation 
Little green fraudsters  
Scientists Find Novel Way to Subvert Anthrax Germ 
U.S. Team Gets Mouse Stem Cells to Make Insulin  
Researchers use cloning technology to produce embryonic stem cell lines from adult mice
4/28/2001: Fuel cells hold promise as power source for portables
4/28/2001: How climate change kills societies
4/28/2001: Oldest evidence of city life in the Americas reported in Science, early urban planners emerge as power players
4/28/2001: Mouse code is read
4/28/2001: Spleen Cells Eradicate Helicobacter Pylori Infection
4/28/2001: AI - Bergers Brainware
4/28/2001: More Leaps in Stem Cell Research

4/27/2001:Robotic lawn mower cuts a swath–and a few tulips
4/27/2001:Palm Pilot Robot Kit
4/27/2001:Toy Robots Initiative
4/27/2001:Teaching robots to feel like humans
4/27/2001:Are you there, God?
4/27/2001:Going to work can improve your IQ
4/27/2001:Intel getting into micro-machines
4/27/2001:Big Blue's Big Brother Lab
4/27/2001:As the Stem Cell Turns
4/27/2001:Sitting Pretty: How Baby Bells May Conquer Their World
4/27/2001:Congress: DSL competition in jeopardy
4/27/2001:Slow DSL rollout frustrates many
4/27/2001:High-grade DSL gains momentum
4/27/2001:Liposuction may harvest stem cells
4/27/2001:Paper: Bush Admin. Cancels Stem Cell Research Meeting
4/27/2001:Countering the bodys own harmful response to stroke
4/27/2001:Behind BlueEyes
4/27/2001:Interactive Energy Map
4/27/2001:The Alternative Power List
4/27/2001:Corporations Seek Green Power
4/27/2001:Genetic test may help forecast oral cancer
4/27/2001:Plugging Into Electric Cars
4/27/2001:Proteomics Offers Clear Look At Cellular Proteins
4/27/2001:Chip makers will add Personal Video Recorder functions to set-top chips

4/26/2001:The Quest For A Superkid
4/26/2001:What Kids (Really) Need
4/26/2001:What Ever Happened To Play?
4/26/2001:How Much for That Student?
4/26/2001:Augmented Reality Nears Actuality
4/26/2001:Hot new gadgets
4/26/2001:A Science Fiction Writer Discusses the Future
4/26/2001:First Direct Optical Resolution of a Stars Disk
4/26/2001:Man-made man
4/26/2001:Interactive Tour of Bill and Melissa Gates' House
4/26/2001:Most Important Greenhouse Gas Way Up In Last 50 Years
4/26/2001:Blood markers found for autism and mental retardation
4/26/2001:Prima donna pop stars could soon be on the way out - the virtual sort are far more appealing
4/26/2001:Viewpoint: Life in the Fourth Millennium
4/26/2001:Mars or Europa: Where Does Life Exist?
4/26/2001:Getting Human Nature Right
4/26/2001:Crisis of faith
4/26/2001:"Synthetic Life" -- Scripps Research Institute Scientists Make Bacteria Do What Nature Doesn't
4/26/2001:Key Mechanics of Cell Membrane Fusion Revealed
4/26/2001:Human Brain Genes Are Extremely Active Compared to Chimp
4/26/2001:Solar Cells Suck It Up
4/26/2001:The Engine That Drives Our Planet
4/26/2001:Lab Rat: Let's play with Microsoft
4/26/2001:Natural Selection Moving Women To Have Kids Earlier
4/26/2001: Study Clarifies Brain Mechanisms Of Cocaine's High