Extra! Extra! Doomsday Ahead! Earth on Collision Course with Andromeda Galaxy!

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    And you thought you had problems! Using the new IBM "Blue Horizon" teraflops supercomputer, University of Toronto astronomer John Dubinski has shown that in only 3,000,000,000 years the Milky Way Galaxy will collide with the Andormeda Galaxy in a colossal display of celestial fireworks. Dr. Dubinski has produced a downloadable computer animation of this titanic event, available at ftp://holstein.cita.utoronto.ca/pub/tflops.mpg/. Advance tickets to this stellar event are available at the University of Toronto box office.
    "At some point three billion years hence, the night sky will be completely filled by the approaching Andromeda galaxy and when the two galaxies intersect there will be two bands of light arching overhead - looking like two Milky Ways, says Dubinski. With the merger, two possible fates await the sun and Earth - we could be flung into the depths of intergalactic space and escape the galaxy forever or hurled into the centre of the merging pair where new stars will be formed.
    "And for those on Earth, it will be a spectacular display of galactic fireworks, he says. Massive stars near the sun will be exploding as supernovae at such a rate that the night sky will be bright enough to read a newspaper."
    So stick around another three billion years, all you sports fans, and catch this galactic spectacular.