Dr. Moravec's Robotics Timetable Appears in Sci-Fi Story

    A science fiction story, "Agape Among the Robots", by Allen Steele (p. 114 in the May, 2000, issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact) is evidently based upon Dr. Hans Moravec's timetable and computing requirements for automatic vacuum sweepers and humanoid robots, as given in the "Here Come the Robots" article in the February issue of Ubiquity Magazine. The story is presumably set in the 2010-2015 time frame, when commercially-marketed, robotic vacuum cleaners and security robots possess a mouse-like intelligence level that is putatively achievable with about 60 times the 1.6 gigops processing speeds of today's fastest chips. In the story, the company is developing a humanoid robot that will utilize the new 3,000-gigops "Oz" processor chip, that will endow it with the intellectual capacities of a chimpanzee. (The story is actually written from a vantage point ten years beyond that.)