Intermediate Word:  recalcitrant  (a) brittle  (b) has been overheated repeatedly  (c) resistant to authority  (d) pliable
Difficult Word: - dowitcher  (a) northern sea bird  (b) midwife  (c) elderly witch   (d) divining rod

Future Flyers: Pushing Forward for Personal Aircraft - Space.com  Ask science fiction fans about the future and no doubt they'll tell you it's full of flying cars. The Personal Air Vehicle Exploration (PAVE) program at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia, for example, is working to develop easy-to-use aircraft that may one day (2009) take you from your garage to the airport and on to your destination, saving time - and hopefully dollars - that would otherwise be spent on a public flight.
Alien Vs. Predator: What's Really Out There - Space.com  of course, for an intelligent species with technology capable of interstellar travel, predation is oh-so Stone Age. Even today, humans (who are a long way from being able to make sporting trips to other star systems) don’t rely on predation much. We farm our food, and soon we’ll manufacture it. Killing just for the fun of it, as the Predators do, is no longer considered socially acceptable in most circles. Real Predators have presumably moved beyond this.   

Space Houses On Earth - SpaceDaily Left:  A proposal for the new German Antarctic Station Neumayer-III based on the SpaceHouse architectural concept. The objective is to provide a unique 3000 m2 infrastructure with the most modern and environmentally friendly materials and processes, previously used in space. The Neumayer-III station will replace the existing Neumayer-II and should be operational by 2008. The model shows one third of the complete station which will have 12 legs.  "The initial objective was to use the same ultra-light CFRP (carbon-fibre-reinforced-plastic) composites that ESA uses onboard its spacecraft for large self-sustained structures, antennas and solar panels, to make a self-supporting lightweight shell-like structure able to withstand severe earthquakes."  

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