Intermediate Word:  importune  (a) beg  (b) tease  (c) mislead  (d) argue
Difficult Word: - Guarnarius  (a) port near Padua  (b) Roman general  (c) Roman poet   (d) violin

Glowing Results: Rampant Star Birth Left Universal Imprint - Space.com  There's an intriguing glow across the universe that astronomers have been trying to pin down for years. Recent observations appear to have found the source: compact galaxies in the early universe that were generating stars at a furious pace. In this case, it is a wavelength of radiation half a millimeter long that straddles the high end of the radio spectrum and the low end of the infrared. 

Australia To Acquire New Longer Range Cruise Missiles - SpaceDaily  Left:  "The greatest advantage is its safety of aircrews. It means that weapons can be dispatched further away from the target. That's the trend these days." (Boeing File image of it's Cruise Missile - SLAM-ER)  Australia announced plans Thursday to acquire long-range cruise missiles that will give its defence force the "most lethal capacity" for air combat in the region. Defence Minister Robert Hill said the air-to-surface missiles would have the capacity to destroy air and sea targets up to 400 kilometres (250 miles) away and would enter into service between 2007 and 2009.

Using Proteins To Develop Nanoparticles To Aid Environmental Remediation - SpaceDaily  The researchers have been exploring how these nanoparticles can be used in environmental remediation, such as helping to transform toxic metals in lakes, rivers or streams, and in groundwater for easier cleanup. "The protein we use to make these particles is ferritin, which is a protein we carry around in our blood," says Daniel R. Strongin, Ph.D., professor of chemistry at Temple. "For example, there are certain oxidation states that would make the metals precipitate in solution, or fall out of solution so they can't be carried downstream or by groundwater," explains Strongin.

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