Intermediate Word:  elan  (a) with style  (b) African antelope  (c) decorative military cord  (d) to unhorse
Difficult Word: - macerate   (a) finely divide  (b) mix with vinaigrette   (c)  soften by soaking  (d) utterly destroy

NASA Engineers Free Robonaut with Wheels, Leg - Space.com  Robonaut B, a robot built with human-like hands and television camera eyes, now has the option of rolling around Earth on a modified two-wheeled Segway scooter or grappling the International Space Station (ISS) with what researchers call a "space leg." The second in the robonaut series, Robonaut B is a self-contained robot controlled remotely by a human operator. Future incarnations of the mobile robot could prove vital.  
'Super Earth' Discovered at Nearby Star - Space.com  In a discovery that has left one expert stunned, European astronomers have found one of the smallest planets known outside our solar system, a world about 14 times the mass of our own around a star much like the Sun. But this is no typical Earth. It completes its tight orbit in less than 10 days, compared to the 365 required for our year. Its daytime face would be scorched.  

Shepherding The Lightweight World - SpaceDaily  Left: Prometheus and Pandora are often called the "F ring shepherds" as they control and interact with Saturn's interesting F ring, seen between them.  Saturn is the only planet less dense than water (about 30 percent less). In the unlikely event that a large enough ocean could be found, Saturn would float in it. Viewing this strange world up close, one's picture of how a planet should behave- with a solid surface and - has to be turned upside down. Like Jupiter, the action on Saturn is mainly in the atmosphere. Near the equator, easterly windspeeds reach velocities of 500 meters a second (1,100 miles an hour). Both Jupiter and Saturn show stormy bands of gas turbulence and charged clouds.

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