Intermediate Word:  portiere (a) castle entryway  (b) right-hand exit  (c) porter (Fr.)  (d) beaded curtain
Difficult Word: - sagger  (a) laggard  (b) protective coating of fire clay  (c) major domo  (d) large, canvas, military backpack

oranges Vitamin C 'helps to fight cancer'  - BBC  In the latest study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers conducted laboratory experiments which simulated clinical infusions of vitamin C on a range of nine cancer and four normal cells. In five of the cancer lines, there was a 50% decrease in cell survival, while normal cells were unaffected. A more detailed look at lymphoma cells - which were especially sensitive to ascorbate - showed they were killed completely. The effective dose was around four millimoles, a concentration much higher than an oral dose but easily achievable by intravenous infusion.   
Team America Rocketry Challenge Applications Now Available - SpaceDaily  Teams interested in taking part in the world's largest rocket contest can start their efforts by downloading the application for the Team America Rocketry Challenge. The first 750 teams to submit an application package postmarked on or before Nov. 15 will be allowed to compete in the 2006 event. About 10,000 middle and high school students participated during the last contest, which a team from the Dakota County 4-H Federation in Minnesota won in May. Rules covering the 2006 contest require the team to launch the rocket 800 feet in the air and keep it aloft for 45 seconds.    

Draft US Defense Paper Outlines Preventive Nuclear Strikes - SpaceDaily  Left:  A copy of the draft obtained by AFP urges US theater force commanders operating around the world to prepare specific plans for using nuclear weapons in their regions -- and outlines scenarios, under which it would be justified to seek presidential approval for a nuclear strike. They include an adversary using or planning to use weapons of mass destruction against US or allied forces as well as civilian populations.  A new draft US defense paper calls for preventive nuclear strikes against state and non-state adversaries in order to deter them from using weapons of mass destruction and urges US troops to "prepare to use nuclear weapons effectively." it has not yet  been made official policy. "It's in the process of being considered."  

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