Intermediate Word:  nosology  study of  (a) wines  (b) weights and measures  (c) tariff structures  (d) diseases
Difficult Word: - webster  (a) spider  (b) net maker  (c) weaver  (d) game skinner and dresser

Virgin Pendolino train Tea at a tilt: Life at 125mph on board the new high-speed trains  - BBC  It is possible to run trains at 125miles an hour, for at least part of the way to Manchester, cutting the fastest regular journey time from 2hr 41min, to 2hr 6min. The run was billed as a chance to show what the new trains are capable of, and to show off the tilting mechanism which allows them to take the tight turns on 19th century railways at high speeds. Within eight minutes of leaving Euston the train had reached 125mph and the tilting mechanism was engaged. The ride was smooth, by the standards of most intercity trains. The tilt is undetectable to passengers.
Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Development Linked To Ocean Temperatures And Co2 - SpaceDaily  Southern Ocean temperature data exhibits a rapid 7 degree cooling of surface waters around 14 million years ago and suggests a strengthening of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in response to changes in the geometry of Earth's orbits. As a result, Antarctica became increasingly isolated from tropical heat and moisture sources. Records of Antarctic ice volume indicate that following this cooling ice sheets expanded rapidly to near present-day size, which suggests that changes in the Southern Ocean directly influence the size of the Antarctic ice sheet.  

Proving Shape-Shifting Robots Can Move It - SpaceDaily  Left:  A self-reconfiguring robot consists of a set of identical modules that can dynamically and autonomously reconfigure in a variety of shapes, to best fit the terrain, environment, and task. A Molecule robot (above) consists of two atoms linked by a rigid connection called a bond. Each atom has five inter-Molecule connection points and two degrees of freedom. One degree of freedom allows the atom to rotate 180 degrees relative to its bond connection, and the other degree of freedom allows the atom (thus the entire Molecule) to rotate relative 180 degrees relative to one of the inter-Molecule connectors at a right angle to the bond connection. (Photo courtesy : Dartmouth Robotics Lab)  A walking robot used for search-and-rescue operations would transform into a snake-like form to slither through small spaces in a collapsed building.

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