Intermediate Word:  paladin (a) detective  (b) romanticized cowboy  (c) champion  (d) keeper of the king's crown
Difficult Word: - nawab  (a) Hindu turban  (b) leftenant-equivalent in Indian Army  (c) Indian primate  (d) governor of India under British

U.K. academics invent form of "spintronic" logic  - El. Engr. Times   This latest research has the potential to develop a chip that combines the storage capability of a hard drive with the low cost of memory cards, potentially increasing memory capacity by 200 times from an average of 500-Mbyte to around 100-Gbyte, Imperial College said. "This technology has the potential to transform mobiles into fully functioning video cameras, in addition to a range of other applications," said lead researcher Russell Cowburn.    
Astronomers Find Infant Version of our Solar System - Space.com   New observations of a young star and its surroundings are like a snapshot of our own solar system when it was forming, astronomers announced Friday. The star, just a million years old, is surrounded by a disk of dust, the sort of "protoplanetary" disk from which planets formed around our Sun, according to theory. In the disk is a gap that astronomers say likely was formed by one or more giant gas planets.   

Study Suggests Titan May Hold Keys For Exotic Brand Of Life - SpaceDaily  Scientists have considered it very unlikely that Titan hosts life today, primarily because it is so cold (-289 degrees Fahrenheit, or -178 Celsius) that the chemical reactions necessary for life would proceed too slowly. Yet previously published data, along with new discoveries about extreme organisms on Earth, raise the prospect that some habitable locales may indeed exist on Titan. "One promising location for habitability may be hot springs in contact with hydrocarbon reservoirs. "There is no shortage of energy sources [food] because energy-rich hydrocarbons are constantly being manufactured in the upper atmosphere    

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