Intermediate Word:  barrister (a) buccaneer  (b) railing separating the jury box from the court  (c) superior court lawyer  (d) wide-topped, heavy railing bordering a flight of stairs
Difficult Word: - calipash (a) turtle's upper shell  (b) gourd shaped to be long-handled liquid container  (c) edible interior of gourd  (d) paste from which opium is derived

Aspirin Aspirin 'cuts bowel cancer risk'  - BBC  Taking aspirin or other painkillers  regularly for over 10 years does reduce the risk of bowel cancer, a study which looked at almost 83,000 women has suggested. Among women who regularly used aspirin - or other NSAIDs - there was a 23% reduced relative risk of bowel cancer compared with those who did not take the drugs regularly. However, significant risk reduction was not observed until more than 10 years of use. The benefit appeared to be related to dose - the biggest benefit at higher doses. Also effective is keeping a healthy bodyweight, being active and eating lots of fibre and fish and less red or processed meat.   
The Story Before The Story Of Extrasolar Planets - SpaceDaily  Most extrasolar planets discovered so far are "hot Jupiters," gas giants orbiting close to their parent stars. But according to current theory, such planets should form much farther from their stars, where temperatures are cold enough for water and other volatiles to freeze. Finding these planets close to their stars is like finding snowmen close to a furnace. You might wonder how they got there.  Dr. Charles Beichman and his team will use NASA's SIM PlanetQuest, a very precise space telescope scheduled for launch in 2011, to observe young stars on the verge of igniting.  

Airborne Drones, Mimicking Gulls, Alter Wing Shape For Agility - SpaceDaily  Left:  On Aug. 11, 2005, Rick Lind, a University of Florida assistant professor of aerospace engineering, examines a prototype of a tiny surveillance airplane that can change shape during flight. Mimicking seagulls, the plane’s wings can turn up, level out, and turn down, enabling it to become more agile or more stable as desired. The plane is a step toward tiny military drones that can soar over cities and dive between buildings to shoot surveillance photos, test for chemical or biological weapons or perform other tasks.  "If you fly in the urban canyon, through alleys, around parking garages and between buildings, you need to do sharp turns, spins and dives," said Rick Lind. "That means you need to change the shape of the aircraft during flight."   

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