Intermediate Word:  collage  (a) meal of leftovers  (b) to glue together  (c) connective tissue  (d) artistic montage
Difficult Word: - shrieval  pertaining to  (a) Extreme Unction  (b) a tonsure    (c)  a sheriff  (d) an unsecured loan

Twisted Physics: How Black Holes Spout Off - Space.com  First, the puzzle. At the centers of some galaxies are supermassive black holes that can hold more material than a billion Suns, theorists say. From some of these galaxies, focused beams of hot gas shoot into space at more than 99 percent the speed of light. The plasma emits X-rays, radio waves and other radiation, all of which has been widely observed. Researchers assume the material is accelerated by some mechanism related to the black hole. 
X-47B (Northrop Grumman) $1bn to build unmanned fighter  - BBC  Northrop Grumman will build at least three full-scale flight prototypes for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) over five years. The contract win will allow Northrop to continue work on its X-47B combat drone. It is hoped that many unmanned fighters would be networked and controlled from land or from an aircraft carrier. Boeing is already developing another drone called the X-45C under the same operational assessment phase of the Joint Unmanned Combat Air System (J-UCAS) demonstration programme, led by Darpa. 

An artist's impression of multi-dimensional spacetime (Jean-Francois Colonna)

Particle collider edges forward   - BBC  A key decision on the International Linear Collider, one of the grand scientific projects of the 21st Century, has been taken in China. Physicists told a Beijing conference that the multi-billion-dollar project should use superconducting technology to create its particle collisions. These would be high-energy impacts inside a 30km-long laboratory. At the moment, the so-called Standard Model of particles and their interactions provides only a partial picture of the nature of the normal matter we see around us. Researchers know, however, the cosmos is dominated by other material which is invisible to current detection technologies.

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