Intermediate Word:  corpulent  (a) fat  (b) dead  (c) pertaining to the body  (d) relevant to
Difficult Word: - magdalen  (a) Jewish women's name  (b) reformed prosttute  (c) veil  (d) votive candle

Cubesats: Tiny Spacecraft, Huge Payoffs - Space.com  Experts say the big news in spacecraft building involves ultra-small CubeSats. These petite but powerful satellites are spearheading a hands-on revolution around the world. And what fist-sized CubeSats bring to space could mimic innovations sparked by the personal computer here on Earth. Peep inside a CubeSat and you’ll spot off-the-shelf circuitry in the familiar form of microprocessors and modem ports, and other microchip devices..
Scientists See Exotic Matter In Neutron Star - Space.com  Left: Close-up view of the neutron star in EXO 0748-676. Gas from its companion star crashes onto the surface of the neutron star close to the speed of light, creating thermonuclear bursts of X-rays that last from one to two minutes and can occur several times an hour. (Image credit: NASA/GSFC/Dana Berry) Scientists have obtained their best measurement yet of the size and contents of a neutron star, an ultra-dense object containing the strangest and rarest matter in the universe. The measurement may lead to a better understanding of nature's building blocks - protons, neutrons and their constituent quarks - as they are compressed inside the neutron star to a density trillions of times greater than on Earth.      

Anti-cancer Compound In Vegetables Found To Block Late-stage Breast-cancer Cell Growth - Science Daily  A well-known anti-cancer agent in certain vegetables has just had its reputation enhanced. The compound, in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, has been found to be effective in disrupting late stages of cell growth in breast cancer. "This is the first report to show how the naturally occurring plant chemical sulforaphane can block late stages of the cancer process by disrupting components of the cell called microtubules. We were surprised and pleased to find that SUL could block the growth of breast cells that were already cancerous."

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