Intermediate Word:  rampion (a) plunger used to pack powder in muzzle-loaders  (b) salad plant  (c) folding ramp  (d) fruit tree
Difficult Word: - madrepore  (a) tropical reef-building coral  (b) brightly striped awning fabric  (c) market stall  (d) head docent at a madrassa

Inflation Factor: Bigelow Readies Test Module - Space.com  A test of an inflatable Earth orbiting module is slated for liftoff early next year, bankrolled by a go-it-alone, do-it-yourself entrepreneur keen on providing commercial space habitats for research and manufacturing, among other duties. Bigelow Aerospace of North Las Vegas, Nevada is readying a test prototype of the firm’s expandable habitat design and looking to launch the hardware in the first quarter of 2006.     
New Mexico Spaceport Plans First Rocket Launch - Space.com  New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson, is announcing today the inaugural rocket launch in a series of space liftoffs planned for that state’s Southwest Regional Spaceport. When completed, the New Mexico spaceport—situated near Upham (roughly 45 miles north of Las Cruces and 30 miles east of Truth or Consequences)—will cover some 27 square miles. “It’s a historic moment for New Mexico... "    

Windmills in the Sky - Popular Science  Instead of erecting wind turbines on the ground, float them in the jet stream, a screamingly fast current of air that circles the globe, fluctuating between altitudes of 15,000 and 45,000 feet. As Roberts envisions it, huge squadrons of airborne FEGs will hover in the jet stream like giant kites. Winds of up to 200 miles an hour will spin rotors on the FEGs, generating an electrical current that’s transmitted along superstrong tethers to ground stations.     

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