Intermediate Word:  ukase (a) fermented goat's milk  (b) slim split-leather purse  (c) Czarist decree  (d) three-stringed zither
Difficult Word: - sacher torte  (a) a charge of unlawful trespass  (b) a brief defending against willful negligence  (c) informal discussion  (d) jam-filled, chocolate-iced, chocolate cake

When Copernicus Smiled - SpaceDaily  Left:  This chart shows the various sizes of major Kuiper objects discovered to date, and compared to our own moon. Image courtesy: Sky & Telescope.  Planetary science is awakening to the realization that our solar system contains many more planets than any 20th century textbook ever envisioned. It's not your father's solar system. Rapid-fire volleys began in the 1990s, as myriad discoveries of icy bodies were announced. But it was only this year, with the recently announced discovery of 2003 UB313—a world larger than Pluto—that we have heard the equivalent of the American Revolution's "shot heard round the world."   
B vitamins do not protect hearts  - BBC  Taking B vitamins to ward off heart attacks and stroke does no good and may even be harmful, say experts. Scientists had thought that these drugs might be useful by lowering levels of a blood substance called homocysteine which has been linked heart risk. However, a large study looking at this has found no benefit even though homocysteine went down with these supplement pills. The Norwegian Vitamin Trial (NORVIT) researchers from the University of Tromsø looked at 4,749 heart attack survivors who had been divided into four groups.   

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A Disaster Map 'Wiki' Is Born  - Wired News  Of all of the websites tracking the Katrina disaster, surely one of the most remarkable is Scipionus.com. Visitors swoop down over a map of the Gulf Coast that's awash in hundreds of red teardrops, each denoting information about specific geographical points in the area. That's pretty amazing in itself, but there's more: All of the information on the map has been provided by ordinary citizens, most of whom presumably have come to the site in search of information on the flood themselves. Since Scipionus.com launched Wednesday, it has become a giant visual "wiki" page, attracting tens of thousands of visitors who are collaborating in creating a public document of astonishing detail. "Corner of 1077 and Brewster. Had contact with parents. No water damage." 

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