Intermediate Word:  cordillera (a) lightly twilled fabric  (b) rope used to signal between the tiller and the bridge  (c) principal mountain range  (d) thin cigar
Difficult Word: - brachycephalic  (a) shaved-down cylinder heads  (b) wide head  (c) water-on-the-brain  (d) type of ancient mollusk

Coil Coil can cut aneurysm risk  - BBC   Treating burst aneurysms by blocking them with platinum coils could offer patients better long-term survival than major brain surgery, researchers say. Tests of the technique in an international study were halted early in 2002 because results were so good. Now a longer-term follow-up confirms it does boost the chances of patients - who risk a stroke without treatment - surviving without disability. The coiling treatment is performed by making a tiny puncture wound in the groin and feeding the coil through the blood vessels to the brain.  
Burning peatland, RGS Asian peat fires add to warming  - BBC  Peatlands in South-East Asia are being burnt in fires started with the intention to clear forest, but in dry periods they can rage out of control. The peatlands, which contain up to 21% of global land-based stores of carbon, could be destroyed by 2040, she added. It has been calculated that in 1997, 2.67 billion tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide were released through burning of these peatlands. This is equivalent to 40% of one year's global fossil fuel combustion, Dr Page says. That year was unusually high, however; the intermediate estimate is one billion tonnes, about 15% of fossil fuel combustion for a year.    

Remembering The Maine In Iraq - SpaceDaily  When the Iraqi insurgency reared its ugly head shortly after the collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reassured the home front this was like the harassment of allied positions in Germany after the collapse of Hitler's Third Reich. Just a few rearguard actions, the kind we dealt with in the immediate post-war days. By accident of birth, some of us served in World War II, and recall no such insurgency in Germany. A German insurgency? A Nazi underground that targeted U.S. troops? That killed Germans cooperating with American occupation forces? No such animal. Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz, ordered all German forces to cease-fire May 8, 1945    

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