Intermediate Word:  meiosis (a) understatement  (b) chromosome-doubling cell division  (c) seeking to avoid the limelight  (d) downsizing
Difficult Word: - fomite (a) object that transfers infections  (b) strong, edge-stabilized foamed plastic  (c) plastic explosive  (d) fire extinguisher liquid

Planets Scientific struggle Harold Evans on Bush's hostility to science  - BBC  "I used to get mad at the way it was left to America to bring to full fruition fine achievements by Britain's scientists, inventors and engineers. Take Alexander Fleming's penicillin, Frank Whittle's jet engine, Alan Turing's computer and Robert Watson Watt's radar. All these breakthroughs found their fullest exploitation in the United States. Indeed, they all contributed to America's pre-eminence in science-based manufacturing and services. Think of the personal computer and wonder drugs, of the jumbo jetliner, video games and the pacemaker, the laser that counts your groceries, or [GPS]."    
JAXA SUPERSONIC JET Japan to resume supersonic jet testing - MSNBC  Left:  Artist's rendition of a supersonic aircraft, piggybacked on a rocket, that can carry 300 passengers at twice the speed of sound.  Japanís space agency plans to launch an arrow-shaped airplane at twice the speed of sound high over the Australian outback as early as next month in a crucial test of the countryís push to develop a supersonic successor to the retired Concorde, making the run from Tokyo to Los Angeles in about four hours. It will also underpin a June agreement between Japan and France to jointly research such a plane over the next three years. 


        Based on satellite data, these images show Arctic sea ice in 1979, at left, and in 2003. The ice cover shrunk by 9 percent a decade over that time, NASA says

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