Intermediate Word:  ambageous(a) of questionable authenticity  (b) pusillanimous  (c) twisting  (d) spontaneously combustible
Difficult Word: - moniliform  (a) shaped like a string of beads  (b) wedge-shaped  (c) existing in solid and gaseous, but not in liquid form  (d) slipper-shaped

Wireless World: Anti-theft RFID Clothing  Electronic anti-theft devices have been installed in vehicles cars for years -- such as the LoJack, which gained fame during countless TV commercials. Soon, similar technology will be used in the clothes you and your children wear. A fashion designer in California is debuting sleepwear for small children that contains RFID -- Radio Frequency Identification -- tags, providing some peace of mind to parents, who might fear that their young ones may be abducted while they sleep. Other clothing makers are eyeing RFID tags, too, and are expected to hide them unobtrusively in labels on their designer items, hoping to prevent counterfeiting.
Nano World: Nano Silver Fights Infections - SpaceDaily  Silver nanoparticles could help fight hospital-related infections that afflict 2 million patients and lead to 90,000 deaths in the United States each year, experts told UPI's Nano World. Roughly half of all hospital related infections are linked with catheters and other medical devices that pass through the skin. These devices provide surfaces where microbes can grow slimy fortresses called biofilms that serve as stepping stones for invasions deeper into the body. Such infections cost $2 billion in added hospital charges in the state of Pennsylvania alone, Gibbins added.    

Nuke Crisis Looms With Iran - SpaceDaily  Iran was preparing Sunday to defy the European Union by restarting an ultra-sensitive nuclear activity that could plunge talks with the EU on its atomic programme into crisis and risk UN Security Council action. A source said Iran would inform the UN nuclear watchdog on Monday that it would immediately resume uranium conversion activities, a dramatic move that heightens the risk Tehran will be hauled before the Security Council for possible sanctions. The move came after Iran demanded that the European Union deliver its latest proposals in a mooted nuclear deal by Sunday, a call that was only answered by expressions of astonishment and fury by the countries involved.    

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