Intermediate Word: 
  (b) early embryonic sphere  (b) fibrous benign tumor  (c) crater left by a bomb  (d) funnel for pouring molten tin
Difficult Word: - ecce homo   (a) the philandering male  (b) made by human hands  (c) atrributable to human (as opposed to divine) purpose  (d) Christ wearing crown of thorns

Howling at the Moon: Space Entrepreneurs See Red Over Mars Favoritism - Space.com  entrepreneurs believe the U.S. space agency's preoccupation with Mars is eclipsing in importance our closest celestial neighbor: the Moon. It is apparent that there are forces within NASA solely fixated on Mars. And there's a huge fear in the Mars community, Mendell said, that once on the Moon...game over, with humankind never progressing to Mars and beyond. 
Wild Fire rocket (Image: Da Vinci Project) Second team goes for space prize   - BBC  Left:  The rocket will be hot on the heels of Spaceship One.  A Canadian team has said it will challenge SpaceShipOne for the Ansari X-Prize by sending its privately-funded craft to space on 2 October. The da Vinci Project is vying with Burt Rutan's craft, and 23 other teams, to win the $10m (5.7m) prize. It rewards the first team to send a non-government, three-person craft over 100km into space, and repeat the feat in the same craft in two weeks. Burt Rutan has predicted that mass space tourism for thousands could happen within 10 to 15 years, for around the same price of an US-style SUV vehicle - about $30,000 (17,000).

Climate: The Vanishing Solar Factor - SpaceDaily  Recent scientific evidence indicates solar forcing of climate change actually may be less than previously thought. The sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures, Solanki told the newspaper. This offers a possible explanation for global warming that needs to be weighed when proceeding with expensive efforts to cut emissions of greenhouse emissions, the Telegraph story said. Solanki himself only partially subscribes to this conclusion, however. The sun cannot be the dominant source of this latest temperature increase.

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