Intermediate Word:  circumvallate - to  (a) to evaluate after extensive study  (b) encompass  (c) mislead  (d) surround with a defensive rampart
Difficult Word: - cacography  (a) line art  (b) the art of extracting linear features from a visual scene  (c) poor handwriting  (d) early form of hectography

NASA, Industry Partner Test 20-Meter Solar Sail System - SpaceDaily  Left:  Image  NASA engineers look at a 20-meter solar sail and boom system, developed by L'Garde Inc. of Tustin, Calif., after it is fully deployed during testing at NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook facility in Sandusky, Ohio. Red and blue lights help illuminate the four triangular sail quadrants as they lie outstretched in Plum Brook's Space Power Facility -- the world's largest space environment simulation chamber. The sail material is supported by a series of inflatable booms that become rigid in the space environment. The system is extended via remote control from a central stowage container about the size of a suitcase. The deployment, part of a series of tests that began in June, is a critical milestone in the development of solar sail propulsion technology that could lead to more ambitious inner Solar System robotic exploration. (NASA/MSFC)    
Factory in Slovakia, AP Climate of change: The implications of the surprise new climate pact  - BBC  On the surface, there's no conflict between the new Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate and the United Nations process which led to the Kyoto Protocol. In public at least, G8 leaders can say little else. "But I think at the same time it is fair to say it's a serious attempt by the US to deflect attention away from their own profligate emissions - to look at technology for tomorrow rather than at cuts for today - and it may also be timed to attempt to undermine negotiations in Montreal."    

Scuttle the Shuttle Now - SpaceDaily  Left: "The only thing we can get in return for the $25-30B now budgeted for Shuttle operations between now and 2010 is more heartache and more delays in the new space initiative. Every day that Shuttle cancellation is put off, another $15,000,000 is wasted and the return of humans to the moon is delayed by another day." NASA has spent 2.5 years and an estimated $14B maintaining the overall Shuttle program while trying to 'fix' a backlog of faults. And now despite spending billions in federal space funding we are right back where we started, with another Shuttle crew having narrowly escaped another shower of foam fragments. Several of these fragments even came off in almost exactly the same place as that which doomed Columbia.     

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