Intermediate Word:  druid -  (a) tree spirit  (b) pagan priest  (c) stone circle  (d) transcendental
Difficult Word: - nix  (a) water sprite  (b) zit  (c) obstacle  (d) early computer vacuum tube

Researchers Help Sort Out The Carbon Nanotube Problem - SpaceDaily  As described in the current issue of Physical Review Letters,* their analysis reveals that, during mixing, carbon nanotubes suspended in viscous fluids can be encouraged to sort themselves by length. The team found that, under common processing conditions, shorter carbon nanotubes will flow toward the walls of mixing equipment, while the longer tubes tend to congregate in the interior. The results did not suggest a "magic bullet" for getting nanotubes to align uniformly in the same direction--also critical to reliable processing of high-quality nanocomposites.    
The Next Giant Leap - SpaceDaily  Imagine, for example, if the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity could have been made as small as a beetle, and could scurry over rocks and gravel as a beetle can, sampling minerals and searching for clues to the history of water on Mars. For example, nanotubes have 100 times the tensile strength of steel, but only 1/6 the weight; are 40 times stronger than graphite fibers; conduct electricity better than copper; can be either conductors or semiconductors (like computer chips), depending on the arrangement of atoms; and are excellent conductors of heat. 

The Unfolding Space Telescope - SpaceDaily  A novel suitcase-sized telescope could revolutionise the way we see the Earth and other planets. ESA has supported the work of a group of students in developing the Dobson Space Telescope, being tested this month aboard ESA's parabolic flight campaign aircraft. This experimental prototype launches in a compact configuration and then unfolds to provide a cost-effective space telescope. It could lead to fleets of low-cost telescopes, bigger than the Hubble Space Telescope. Dobsonian telescopes are often comprised of two mirrors, held the correct distance apart by long poles.    

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