Intermediate Word:  epigone (a) visible manifestation  (b) sharpest angle  (c) exterior of a polyhedron  (d) inferior imitator
Difficult Word: - Tartarus  (a) Roman general  (b) the abyss below Hades  (c) Roman Asiatic province  (d) founder of Tartary

Neurons Supercomputer's key to the brain  - BBC  "We haven't had the computing power to really address the complexity of the brain. Now, Blue Gene, a commercially available supercomputer, will help scientists to peer into the most inscrutable part of ourselves. Markus Baertschi from IBM, which makes Blue Gene, says: "We've got 8,000 processors all working in parallel, talking to each other. "Every processor can simulate one neuron and they can communicate among each other to get to the result of thinking, essentially." The simulation will first build up, neuron by neuron, a working model of a part of the brain called the neocortical column.  
Image of drug Stimulant drug 'dulls the brain'  Left:  The drug appears to change brain volume.  Methamphetamine users had bigger brain areas involved in attention, motivation and the control of movement. They also fared worse in tests of brain function, the University of California, San Diego team found. Each volunteer had a brain scan taken and completed a battery of tests that examined cognitive skills such as learning and recall, verbal fluency, information processing and motor functioning. All of the abnormalities were linked to poorer performance on the cognitive tests. The researchers said these alterations and impairments could cause problems in every day life for the individual.

BBC photo, Tales from the Green Valley

Past times: Lessons our 17th Century ancestors can teach us about life  - BBC  For a year five experts ditched theory for practice, running a Welsh farm using 17th Century methods. What lessons for modern living did they learn? 1. Know thy neighbors. Farm folk were interdependent.  2. Share the load. Family and hired help must be multi-skilled.  3. Fewer creature comforts have some benefits. No rugs meant no dust mites.  4.Eat seasonally. Unseasonable foods are "forced products".  5. Tasty food comes in small batches. Today's mass-produced cheese is degraded so it tastes the same year-around.  6. Reuse and recycle. It wasn't a throwaway society.  7. Dress for practicalities. Dress code was designed for working comfort.  8.  Corsets, not bras. Corsets support your back and don't leave red welts.  9. Biodiversity protects against unforeseen calamity. Crop failure could kill.  10. No pesticides, means richer variety of life. 

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