Intermediate Word:  freebooter -  (a) pirate  (b) carefree person  (c) rebel  (d) equestrian
Difficult Word: - porgy  (a) someone who is overweight  (b) black male  (c) menhaden  (d) groats

Physicists Entangle Photon And Atom In Atomic Cloud - SpaceDaily  Left: Physicists have just reached an important milestone in the development of quantum communications networks by entangling a photon and a single atom located in an atomic cloud. This is the first time an entanglement between a photon and a collective excitation of atoms has passed the rigorous test of quantum behavior known as a Bell inequality violation. Alex Kuzmich, Georgia Institute of Technology Full size image  Quantum communication networks show great promise in becoming a highly secure communications system. By carrying information with photons or atoms, which are entangled so that the behavior of one affects the other, the network can easily detect any eavesdropper who tries to tap the system.     
Nanoparticles Nanocell's double hit on cancer  - BBC  A nanocell that can burrow into a tumour, cut off its blood supply and detonate a lethal dose of anti-cancer toxins has been developed. The double-action therapy, which comes packed in a tiny double chamber, leaves healthy cells unscathed. It has proved safe and effective against melanoma and a form of lung cancer in mice. Previously, the dual strategy has proved difficult as chemotherapy could not be delivered to tumours if the supply line - the blood vessels - had been cut. Also, the drugs required are delivered on different schedules - blood vessel-destroying anti-angiogenics over a prolonged period, and chemotherapy in cycles. 

Wreckage of bus

Beta-blockers 'blot out memories'  - BBC  Cornell University psychiatrists are carrying out tests using beta-blockers, the journal Nature reports. The beta-blocker propranolol has been found to block the neurotransmitters involved in laying down memories. However there are concerns that a drug which can alter memories could be misused, perhaps by the military who may want soldiers to become desensitised to violence. Studies have shown that rats who have learned to fear a tone followed by an electric shock lose that fear if propranolol is administered after the tone starts. The Cornell University team are reported to be seeing similar results in early studies in humans, Nature reports.  

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