Intermediate Word:  nubile (a) of marriageable age  (b) negroid  (c) Egyptian  (d) 
Difficult Word: - mina  (a) the bottom  (b) small bucket  (c) short shift  (d) Greek, Asiatic one-tenth-penny

New Microprinting Technique Improves Nanoscale Fabricatio - SpaceDailyn   Left:  A demonstration of microdisplacement printing, in which a weakly bound film is displaced by contact stamping with molecules that bind more strongly to the substrate. This process leaves a patterned film with regions of strongly bound molecules (where the weakly bound molecules were displaced) and regions of the remaining weakly bound molecules.  Scientists will announce next month a new technique called microdisplacement printing, which makes possible the highly precise placement of molecules during the fabrication of nanoscale components for electronic and sensing devices. The new microdisplacement technique is based on a widely used patterning method known as microcontact printing - a simple way of fabricating chemical patterns that does not require clean rooms and other kinds of special and expensive environments. Both methods involve "inking" a patterned rubber-like stamp with a solution of molecules, then applying the inked stamp to a surface.  
Russia, China Launch First Major Wargames Amid US Concern - SpaceDaily  Longtime adversaries Russia and China launched their first-ever joint wargames Thursday in a show of military might they insisted was not aimed at any other country after the United States expressed concern. Washington, which has indicated unease over the pace of China's military build-up, is not attending as an observer but said it is closely monitoring the drills, warning they should not undermine regional stability. China faces challenges from separatists in its Muslim-populated Xinjiang region in the northwest, and Russia from Muslim separatists in Chechnya.    

Some black holes gobble up the remains of the stars from which they collapsed about a day after they are born (Image: NASA/GSFC/Dana Berry)

Black holes born through a brutal labour - New Scientist  Black hole births are messy, chaotic events that take place in fits and starts and can take up to a day, suggest new observations from NASA's Swift spacecraft. The research surprised astronomers, who expected the objects to burst forth fully formed in single explosive events. Black holes are forged in extreme violence, such as when stars more massive than about 25 Suns run out of nuclear fuel. Their cores collapse into black holes, which devour the stars innards and shoot out high-speed jets of matter and radiation. Most astronomers had thought the births lasted only as long as the GRBs and were followed by fading afterglows produced as the jets rammed into surrounding material.    

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