Intermediate Word:  discursive (a) can't stop talking  (b) critical  (c) absent-minded  (d) rambling
Difficult Word: - jakes  (a) a privy  (b) suspenders  (c) overalls  (d) brakes

Nanotube sheets come of age  - Nature  Large, transparent sheets of carbon nanotubes can now be produced at lightning speed. The new technique should allow the nanotubes to be used in commercial devices from heated car windows to flexible television screens. nanotubes have gone into warp drive. Baughman's team can churn out up to ten metres of nanoribbon every minute, as easily as pulling a strip of sticky tape from a reel (see video ). This ribbon can be up to five centimetres wide, and after a simple wash in ethanol compacts to just 50 nanometres thick, making it 2,000 times thinner than a piece of paper. The ribbons are transparent, flexible, and conduct electricity. Weight for weight, they are stronger than steel sheets, yet a square kilometre of the material would weigh only 30 kilograms.
Image of lab samples Umbilical cord 'stem cell' hope  - BBC  Dr Colin McGukin and Dr Nico Forraz from Kingston University in the UK, working with colleagues at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, have identified cells within human umbilical cord blood that appear to be very similar to embryonic stem cells. However, they have not yet demonstrated that these cells do indeed have the potential to become any type of cell - the hallmark of a true stem cell, which is called pluripotency. They plan more work to see if they can make liver and pancreatic tissue from the cells to transplant into people with diseases such as diabetes.   

Company plans video-playing tombstones  - C/Net  A new company plans to unveil new high-tech tombstones with embedded flat screen monitors that would allow visitors to play memorial videos of the deceased, according to a report. Joe Joachim, who says he wants to be the Walt Disney of the funeral business, plans to show the Vidstone this year at the annual funeral directors convention. The solar-powered Vidstone will play a video of the person's life at the touch of a button. It will not have speakers but a jack to plug in headphones at cemeteries. Some cemeteries are open to the Vidstone but others said it could offend people. "It could be offensive to some. I don't think it's appropriate or it's been tried enough on the grounds."   

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