Intermediate Word: 
  (a) property of being traceable back to an ultimate source  (b) phase shift introduced by a transparent object   (c) spiral count (turns per meter)  (d) left/right handedness
Difficult Word: - tragus   (a) ear flap protecting the ear canal  (b) baptismal fount in the chapel of a monastery  (c) loose rock on a mountainside  (d) impurities left behind by molten metals

Nanotechnology To Supercharge Internet - SpaceDaily  Canadian researchers have shown that nanotechnology can be used to pave the way to a supercharged Internet based entirely on light. The discovery could lead to a network 100 times faster than today's. In a study published recently in Nano Letters, Professor Ted Sargent and colleagues advance the use of one laser beam to direct another with unprecedented control, a featured needed inside future fibre-optic networks. "This finding showcases the power of nanotechnology: to design and create purpose-built custom materials from the molecule up," says Sargent, a professor at U of T's Edward S. Rogers Sr. 
Technology Already Exists To Stabilize Global Warming - SpaceDaily  Left: "The alternative to acting now is to watch the experiment happen and then find out how accurate we were"   Existing technologies could stop the escalation of global warming for 50 years and work on implementing them can begin immediately, according to an analysis by Princeton University scientists. The finding counters the common argument that a major new technology needs to be developed before greenhouse gasses can be controlled, said professors Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow, who conducted the study.

Robot Sent To Chile's Atacama Desert To Attempt To Seek Life - SpaceDaily  Carnegie Mellon University robotics and life sciences researchers will demonstrate Zoe, an autonomous rover being groomed to seek and identify life in hostile environments, at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 12, at the former LTV site off Brownfield Road in Pittsburgh. The researchers, who are part of a team that includes scientists from NASA's Ames Research Center (Mountain View, Calif.), the University of Tennessee and Universidad Catolica del Norte (Antofagasta, Chile), will soon be accompanying Zoe to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, where it will perform experiments focused on seeking and identifying forms of life. 

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