Intermediate Word:  musteline (a) musty  (b) streamlined  (c) pertaining to a ferret  (d) a member of the musk ox family
Difficult Word: - painter  (a) mountain lion  (b) ship's lighter  (c) brightly colored butterfly  (d) painter's coverall

Warning over herbal medicine  - BBC  Potentially dangerous herbal medicines could be on sale in Britain, the drugs regulator says. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency warned consumers not to buy a range of unlicensed products it suspects has reached the UK market. Serious problems such as kidney damage, convulsions and coma have also been reported. Many of the products we suspect to have entered the UK may contain mercury, arsenic and lead. Among them are Karela tablets and capsules, Yograj Guggal tablets, Sudarshan tablets, Shilajet capsules, SAFI liquid, and Mada-Sudarshan Chuma Powder.    
Asteroid's Near-Miss May Be Home Run For Scientists - SpaceDaily  Left:  Apophis is one of more than 600 known potentially hazardous asteroids and one of several that scientists hope to study more closely. In Apophis' case, additional measurements are necessary because the 2029 flyby could be followed by frequent close approaches thereafter, or even a collision.  Scientists predict a near-miss when Asteroid 99942 Apophis passes Earth in 2029. An asteroid flies this close to the planet only once every 1,300 years. The chance to study it will help scientists deal with the object should it threaten collision with Earth. Only about three Earth diameters will separate Apophis and Earth when the 400-meter asteroid hurtles by Earth's gravity.   

'Silent aircraft' design launched  - BBC   Left:  The flying wing design of the new aircraft makes it silent in the sky.  Plans for the world's first completely silent aircraft have been unveiled by Cambridge University engineers. The new aircraft is basically a flying wing and would be inaudible once it left the airport. Cambridge's engineering department has gone even further to dampen noise and the solution is to mount the engines on top of the aircraft so much of the noise would be generated upwards. The initial prototype design should be finished within 12 months and it is hoped test models might be made within the next decade.

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